1. Gari

    California Live Goods Package deal.

    Amazeball, hammer, torch bulk pack. Pickup only at Rancho Cucamonga 91730.
  2. His Coral Highness

    Hammer coral looking bad after water change

    So I did a water change but had a little mishap with my ATO staying siphoned on and adding too much freshwater to the system (about another 3 gallons to my 90-ish gallon system). I thought it wouldn’t be a really big deal if I just gave it a few days to evaporate out and get back to the correct...
  3. F

    Hammer or torch

    Was sold both of these as hammers, I don't belive the one in the right is I thinks she is a torch, help identify these 2 please
  4. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods Gold Hammer

    Gold Hammer - 5 Heads - $80 Local pick up in Woodbridge NJ 07095 - NOT SHIPPING
  5. M

    South Carolina Live Goods Holy grail torch, Goni, yellow tang much much more

    Hey all, we’re moving and need to get rid of all livestock in our Waterbox AIO 65.4 mixed reef. Corals: Acan garden Derasa clam Tuxedo urchin Gumball chalice Holy grail torch Cotton candy torch Rainbow hammer Rainbow plate Bright orange scoly Lightning bolt cynarina Turquoise acantho Space...
  6. J

    Is this euphyllia baliensis?

    Hi guys, recently been seeing these sold as “mini hammers”. Never really seen many till about 3 years ago. Even more common now coming out of bali and maricultured. They have rounder tips, smaller thinner skeletons. They definitely dont look like the normal hammers im used to seeing here in...
  7. Flyingbulldog

    California Live Goods GmKs, splatter acan, flash bounce, torches

    Clearing some space out in the tank! Shipping available for $50 or Free shipping for purchases >$400 GmKs $30 a polyp. Discount for more than 5polyp BSA paint splatter acan SOLD BSA paint splatter single polyp $SOLD BSA paint splatter 2 1/2 polyp $500 FLASH BOUNCE big one $500...
  8. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods TSA HG TORCH, Knick, hellfire, sps, fungus, and more

    Selling a mixture of corals. Pictures are numbered. If there’s something that doesn’t have a number let me know and I can give you a price. There’s only one TSA HG frag available right now Will have more shortly. I also have proof of lineage for it to. Shipping is $50 through ups. I only ship...
  9. C

    40g breeder tank fish feeding frenzy

    Let me know what you guys think! Just getting started but I intend to post videos regularly and constantly improve. Please subscribe and follow along
  10. blksubykid

    California Live Goods FS: RR Mystique Cap, and RRC Goldenrod (SoCal)

    Hey reefers I need to clear some room on my frag racks. These have had at minimum three (3) weeks to heal. Prices are listed below per letter of each frag. Pick up in Cypress (90630) PM me with any questions Thanks! RRC Goldenrod A: SOLD B: SOLD C: SOLD D: SOLD E: SOLD RR Mystique Cap F...
  11. J

    White string

    Hey guys anyone know what this white long string might be going from coral to coral Thanks
  12. A

    EMERGENCY Hammer problem

    So I have been trying James and othe kinda of euphillia and they all die I have other lps and sps doing good it’s only them I don’t know if it’s my parameters or a hitchhiker or fish.
  13. RIPLEYreef

    Build Thread 4 month update celebrated with hammer spawn

    Just an update on my system. Started for the first time using dry rock and live sand. Started the rock in trash cans while I set the tank up. We added our first fish.. a pair of extreme bullet hole clowns on Dec 6th along with some bacteria, just to be safe. Struggled a bit to keep the nitrates...
  14. drewsan

    California Live Goods SPS(Homewrecker, Walt Disney, SC Orange Passion, Golden Rod, Monti), LPS(HG Yellow and Gold Hammer), Softies(Jawbreaker, Gonzo Golden Dragon) and More

    **Photos were taken with yellow filter under AI Hydra 32 and Prime BRS AB+ Preset** SPS-Acro SPS-Monti LPS & Softies JF Homewrecker Orange Setosa Lime Gold Micro Hammer Big R Walt Disney Bubblegum Digi + Green Digi Pack Yellow Micro Hammer SC Orange Passion Juicy Fruit Monti Jawbreaker...
  15. ReefStable

    Reef Stable - NY Knicks Torch Sale (And Other Torches)!

    Reef Stable is a small business focussed on educating and providing the best coral for beginner reef keepers. SALE ON NY KNICKS TORCHES! NY KNICKS TORCHES - $149.99! OTHER TORCHES! BLACK PANTHER TORCH - $149.99 DRAGON SOUL TORCHES (2 Heads) - $199.99 UNKNOWN INDO GOLD - $99.99 SEE ALL THE...
  16. ThePhoReefer

    California Live Goods Bay Area: Zoas, chalice, hammers, torches, indophylia

    No Shipping Sorry Pickup in Sunnyvale Utter chaos zoa frags 1 polyp $10, 2polyps $15 BamBam zoas frags $20 each 2x Watermelon zoas $20 each 2x, $10 1x Coral Exotics Zoas unbounced but potential to bounce $40 each 8x frags Branching green star polyp $60 for whole colony. Superman mushroom $10...
  17. liamelias

    Is my new hammer frag dying?

    I got my new hammer about 2 days ago. Dripped acclimated then did a revive dip and rinse. Coral opened up with the light yesterday. Seemed to be doing good. Today I wake up to this. 1/3 of the coral has “fallen from the plug.” Does anyone know what caused this and if there is anyway for me to...
  18. Coral Love

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Hellfire & Gold Finger $80/head

    Back with more LPS: Goldfinger torch - 80/Head Hellfire torch - 80/Head Indo Gold Hammer - 40/Head Indo Rainbow Frammer - 40/Head Anemones GBTAs - 25 EA
  19. Master of Cloak

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Coral and Fish for Sale - Orlando, FL - Local Pickup

    Prices are listed below.
  20. C

    Live Goods SOLD Zoa Colonies

    WYSIWYG. Pictures have not been doctored and don’t do justice to the color of these zoas. Some very nice zoa colonies here. Intended for someone who wants to appreciate more than the typical one or two polyp frags. Have had these for over a year and a half and have produced generous frags...
  21. AviL

    Illinois Live Goods $10 hammer and Acro frags!

    See pics! $10: Green speckled hammer. Yellow-blue hammer. TSA Exquisita stag. $100: 5" Chalice colonies.
  22. AviL

    Illinois Live Goods $10 Acro and Hammer Frags

    Hey! See pics. $10 TSA Exquisita Stag frags $10 Green speckled and Yellow/blue hammer frags. Multiple heads! Lots of other coral for sale, too. In Chicago. Pick up only. Avi
  23. OldMoonBoots

    Michigan Live Goods Yellow/Orange Branching Hammer and Purple/Yellow Green Tip "Indo" Torches

    I have several frags for sale of each coral. Yellow branching hammer coral and purple with yellow stripe with green tip "indo" torches. I travel south to Zeeland, MI from Montague , MI for work so I can possibly deliver them. Pick up is an option as well. $50 for each hammer head and $75 for...
  24. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Live Goods Tsa HG Torches, sps, monties, Duncan’s, nems, etc

    Selling a wide variety of corals, pics are lettered with each coral for sale. Also have multiple pics if you need a better shot. Will start shipping as long as the weather allows it where you live. Shipping is $45 to the lower 48 states. To ship buyer must spend $200 min. Free shipping for...
  25. C

    My LPS aren't doing well. Need some help with my first tank.

    I'll get the tank stats out of the way first. 20 Gallon Cube AIO with AI Prime 16HD running on David Saxby preset. It's about 6 months old (not including the cycle), and for the first few months everything was going well, corals were completely open and growing, and now pretty much all of my...