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Large euphyllia


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Jun 29, 2021
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How much can I get for this euphyllia garden? The pictures consists of a gold hammer with 4 heads, two pink and orange frogspawns both with 4+ heads each, purple tipped hammer with 10+ heads, grey hammer, bicolor frogspawn with over 10 heads, purple tipped frogspawn larger than a soft ball with nearly 30 heads, neon green wall hammer, torch with 10 heads, ect. This is 3+ years of growth, what can I realistically get for all of it? Thank you for any help.

ED930685-C6FA-4D7D-AA0E-8C1FAFE12CDA.jpeg AC9F32D4-92D5-4BBC-B492-20F10F17FE4C.jpeg AFEEEADE-D20D-408B-929A-4643473A5382.jpeg

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