1. Kaykay101

    Frogspawn head closing up

    One of the heads on my frogspawn I’ve had in the same spot for a little over a year is closing up and the center is white. All the other heads are looking good and the gum line is too. There also hasn’t been any change in flow recently. Any idea what could be causing this?
  2. Cuse89

    Frogspawn not well

    So I’m not sure why or how to troubleshoot but I have a 2 frogspawn both decking in health everything else looks good in tank Params aren’t bad either not sure on where to start on troubleshooting. It’s a mixed tank along with torches and hammers that are all doing completely fine, so why just...
  3. ReefChasers

    Veteran's Day Sale! Save 15% off all Live Stock

    ✨ Today we honor all those who have bravely served our country to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all our past, present, and future Veterans for their sacrifices and service. ✨ Use code "VETERANSDAY" at checkout to save 15% off all livestock Nov. 11-12. Sale only applies to our website...
  4. Lylelovett

    Target feeding individual heads/mouths?

    Hi all, Dendros, Acans, Favia, Duncan, Frogspawn, Hammer, etc... When target feeding, do you have to feed each individual coral mouth/head for every parts to grow? Or will feeding one "distribute" the food to the entire colony? Thanks!
  5. Diveks

    Polyp bailout and brown jelly?

    So it’s been awhile since i got some new lps after going after sps, although i wanted to get some movement in my newest build (5 months old). Well i got a frogspawn thats not doing so well now (not sure if its just in my tank or in the guys tank too). It was a little suspicious when i asked for...
  6. Idaknow15

    Strange mark on frogspawn stalk

    Frogspawn coral looks happy enough but I noticed this strange pinkish with white outer mark on the stalk this morning. Just wondering if it’s anything anyone had ever seen before and if it is something I should be concerned about?
  7. T

    EMERGENCY My Frogspawn base tissue is whitening, is it normal?

    Hello, I got a frogspawn 2 weeks ago and I observed recently that the tissue near the base is getting white, is it normal? I am worried that maybe it’s a disease, or it’s not happy, or maybe my shrimp is biting it. My parameters are normal. any help is much appreciated
  8. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Many Corals For Sale...

    Green Splatter Hammer two large head splitting $60 Large Kenya tree frag 4-5" in diameter-$20 Very Bright Green Lepto on 1 1/2" frag disk-$25 3-heads or green and purple Frammer -$45 Green and purple tipped Frammer (4 heads Splitting into 8) $85 Space Invader Pectina 2-3" (3-4 eyes each)...
  9. 99gtbaby

    What is my frogspawn doing?

    What is the swollen area on my frogspawn? I have multiple frogspawn in the tank and a couple of them have this swollen area on them?
  10. nanonøkk

    bjd antibiotic treatment

    dose anyone know the dose for a 15 gallon tank worth of water for the dosing in this thread i have a 20 gal and i just ordered some cipro i want to dose beforehand and see if it can hopefully prevent it or i can just have a dose mixed up now in case it shows up...
  11. Timich

    Candy cane help! Please!

    Please help me who knows what might be going on. So I had this candy cane next to my hammer for several months. No problems. Hammer didn't grow as much as the candy grew almost triple since I first bought it. The skin of the candy is like dissolving. At first I thought it was splitting. But it...
  12. Timich

    Candy cane help! Please!

    Please help me who knows what might be going on. So I had this candy cane next to my hammer for several months. No problems. Hammer didn't grow as much as the candy grew almost triple since I first bought it. The skin of the candy is like dissolving. At first I thought it was splitting. But it...
  13. nanonøkk

    damaged frogspawn from shipping

    ok so i decided to order a frogspawn online for the first time and it said it had 4 heads fast forward today when it arrived this is what i got no four heads of frogspawn and alot of tissue damage also i’m researching heavily on bjd so if anyone has any more tips with that i would...
  14. M

    Build Thread New to Reefing- 4 Month Cube journey - Build Thread

    Note: Please ignore the Ikea light that used for lighting the tank for the pic. Hi All. I am new to reef aquarium and this is my first reef tank that I setup last week. Planning for mainly zoas and easy corals and probably will move to hammers later. That’s all. Plan is to kickstart tank...
  15. Dragonboas

    North Carolina South Carolina Torches, Reverse bleeding apple scoly, frogspawn, and more

    Neon Green torch pink and blue tips $80 single head *Sold* $120 pinched double head two mouths *Sold* Reverse Bleeding Apple Scoly crazy bright *Sold* Frogspawn neon bright nubs *Sold* Green Stylophora Colony $75 1st Acro Colony Sold 2nd Acro Colony $150 JF Raja Rampage frags $55 (roughly 1"...
  16. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  17. zdubz86

    Florida FS: Frogspawn 2 heads

    For sale: Double headed frogspawn $100 Local pick up only (Orlando) WYSIWYG
  18. kkircher

    Is this coral spawning?

    I walked into my living room and found this frogspawn shooting out a cloud of something about every 30 seconds or so. Is this coral spawning?
  19. theocorals537

    Massachusetts Indo torches , dragon soul, cotton candy , Todd’s

    Hey reefers! Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. Making some space in my display tank. Here’s some torches , 1- indo dragon soul 2 mouths splitting into 2 heads $225 2- indo dragon soul 3 mouth splitting into three heads fat knuckle $350 3- cotton candy splitting to 3 heads...
  20. theocorals537

    Making room! Frags available soon!

    Been so busy at work lately that my torches are growing on top of one another. fragging my ny knicks, dragon souls , cotton candy and some green indo torches. I’ll post them in the market place once they are all healed up!
  21. jackalexander

    Frogspawn Brown Jelly Syndrome

    I have had my frogspawn for about 2 months now and it’s been super healthy, the flesh and polyps look happy and very extended but I noticed a possible spot of brown jelly on it probably about a month ago but never thought anything of it. this is the frogspawn today, any thoughts or suggestions...
  22. nanonøkk

    frogspawn coral pulling skin away from buds

    ok so when i added my frogspawn to my tank i accidentally left it in high flow for the first night and now it’s pulling the tissue away from the buds are they gonna survive or should i just let them be for now and it’s not opening up as often and as happy as it used to is it just getting used...
  23. L

    Octospawn dying???

    I’ve been struggling with this colony for nearly 3 weeks now. About a month ago, these heads were beginning to split, which they did. But seem to have never recovered, and now I’m worrying about polyp fallout. When I feed about 2 days ago, the bottom head perked back up and looks half normal...
  24. keb10d

    Dying Toadstool & Duncan?

    Help! I was out of town for the holidays (~10 days, never again!) and came back to an angry tank. I lost a peppermint shrimp, cleaner shrimp, yellow tang and lawnmower blenny (my first & all time favorite :( ). I brought a water sample to the local aquatic shop and they said everything was fine...
  25. MangoB

    Frogspawn parasite or growing?

    Have had my frogspawn for about 4-5 months now and it’s been fine it’s even gained some heads since I got it. I recently noticed this tube type thing stick off from the skeleton. It’s the thing to the left in the first two pictures. It’s hard so my first though was the skeleton was growing but...
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