1. BlackLabelAquatics

    Texas Live Goods SPONSOR Frogspawns

    Pink Tip and Green Frogspawns available. These pieces have been settled in for months and are ready to ship. Visit to view the selection and feel free to reach out to us with any questions!
  2. liddojunior

    ID hard encrustment Frogspawn

    I bought some corals that I’m pretty sure are maricultured. And this frogspawn as these unusual encrust meant that I wonder if it’s flatworm eggs.
  3. rantipole

    Frogspawn Dying and Dissolving - HELP!

    My frogspawn has been doing well for the 15 or so months I've had it. Two days ago, it was retracted. Yesterday, it started to dissolve. Today, it's worse. It could be fighting with the Hydnophora that is above and behind it, but the problem started in the head furthest from the Hydnophora. I...
  4. InvictusReef

    ZOAS and Frogspawn - Free Shipping Available

    0 ill ship to you for FREE. We Hey all I have the some frags ready that I cut a couple weeks back. They're all healthy and ready to grow. Shipping within Michigan is $35 and $50 everywhere else.Standard DOA policy applies. If you spend $250 Ill ship to you FREE. We can also look at bundle deals...
  5. T

    Orange sponge/growth

    Hi I could use some help. I’ve been working on my tank and noticed this orange sponge/growth on my frogspawn. Only on the skeleton and growing over the base wondering if anyone knows what it is and should I be worried?
  6. C

    Is this a pest?

    My frogspawn is shriveled up because I just moved it as I put in some different rock, but I just noticed these white dots on it that look odd. Any ideas if this is something bad? It’s usually in full extension when I don’t tick it off my moving it. Thanks
  7. Smithrz

    How are my coral’s health looking

    Hey folks, My tank is about 3 months old (since cycled), and like many reefers, it’s had ups and downs. I started keeping some coral frags around 4 weeks ago. Now, to my somewhat untrained eye, ai think they all look healthy, but I had a lovely 2 headed green frog spawn die on me in about 10...
  8. P

    Do I have a Frogspawn Issue?

    Hi, I have currently had my tank now for about 6 months. For a while all I had in there was a peppermint shrimp and hermit crab. My parameters have been fine (salinity 1.025, PH 8.2, others in range) and a couple weeks ago I added clownfish. I was worried about adding anything but I was happy to...
  9. Coral Kai

    Torches: Grails, Masters, 24ks | Hammers | Frogs/Octos

    Local pickup in Eagle Rock next to Glendale. Can provide more photos/videos upon request. I have a lot of other torches not listed as well. Coral Kai Reef IG Shipping available for a flat rate of $50. Will only ship Mon/Tue/Wed with FedEx Priority Overnight. Coral goes to whoever sends payment...
  10. Afkomjorgen

    Base of LPS splitting, Frogspawn and now Hammer

    Hello! Just a question to make sure I’m not missing a pest or something. My Frogspawn reached 16+ heads this spring and has looked great the whole time, but it suddenly split down the skeletal base into 2 colonies. Neither seemed bothered by the change. Last night, my Hammer of 25 heads...
  11. jandakay

    Frogspawn becomes inflated/puffy every so often

    Almost every day or every few days my Frogspawn will become inflated/puffy like the picture attached. It usually happens after lights out and only lasts for around 30 mins to an hour, then it will go back to looking like it normally does. It has been splitting into two heads since July and has...
  12. taylormaximus

    Frogspawn open mouth?

    Hey guys, I just got my first euphyllia coral, about a week ago, it was labelled as a neon green frogspawn, although it definitely has more of a blue hue. It had been kind of extending and shrinking back throughout the day and night (I'm not sure if it's a coral that's supposed to close up at...
  13. S

    Large euphyllia

    How much can I get for this euphyllia garden? The pictures consists of a gold hammer with 4 heads, two pink and orange frogspawns both with 4+ heads each, purple tipped hammer with 10+ heads, grey hammer, bicolor frogspawn with over 10 heads, purple tipped frogspawn larger than a soft ball with...
  14. W

    Hole in my frogspawn?

    Yesterday I increased the flow in my tank by adding a Maxspect Gyre 330 as I was having issues with detritus building up on the sand and with cyanobacteria in a few low flow areas. I'm running it on a low setting (no higher than +/- 30% power) and most corals seem fine with it but today my...
  15. AmbivalentAmbiguity

    Florida Live Goods FS - Torch, Frogspawn, and Hammer

    Forgot to put it in the tag, located in Miami! Hi there! I'm getting out of the hobby, life changes pretty fast sometimes. I bought the Frogspawn and Hammer about two to three years ago here on this very forum, they've definitely grown since then. The torch was bought locally, but around the...
  16. gingeramoeba

    Coralline on frogspawn

    I got this frogspawn from the lfs on Thursday. It looks the same way in my tank that it did in the shop. When the lights went out and the polyps retracted, I noticed some coralline algae on the stalk and I’m a bit concerned. It seems really healthy but I’ve read that coralline only grows on dead...
  17. reesehowe

    Frogspawn Growth Question

    My frogspawn colony is on a frag plug and has around 15 heads at this point. It's very full when open but will it continue to fill in? What's typical growth pattern at this stage? Should I frag it to improve growth?
  18. calimako

    California Live Goods LPS frags - kryptonite candy canes, purple tip frogspawn, long lash duncans - simi valley

    had to trim some very large colonies. frags $20-$30 depending on size and how many you buy. got lots of frags of each. pick up only simi valley. 93063 DM if interested.
  19. R

    Recovering Octospawn tips

    I got this octospawn at my local LFS for 10$ earlier in the month because it was having issues with the tissue receding and figured i would take the risk cause it so cheap and if i could help it recover it would be a steal for that price. It hasnt gotten much better but it also hasnt gotten much...
  20. T

    Help! White strings under coral flesh

    Wondering if someone can help. Just saw these white strings under my frogspawn flesh can anyone tell me what’s going on with it? My tank is still new basically a month old. It’s my first tester coral been in the tank for about 3 weeks was doing fine and then I notice the strings. Going through a...
  21. Luke Schnabel

    Ohio Live Goods Euphyllia Pack (Hammers/Frogspawn)

    I have this amazing large WYSIWYG Euphyllia pack for sale. -TWO Heads of Frogspawn -TWO Heads of Highlighter Hammer 3-4 Heads of 24k Hammer Roughly 7-8 heads total in the pack. $265 shipped
  22. T

    North Carolina WTB Anyone have any frogspawn or octospawn for sale?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is selling or knows anyone any frogspawns or octospawns in the NC?
  23. T

    North Carolina WTB Looking to buy frogspawns

    Hi I was wondering if anyone is selling or knows anyone any frogspawns or octospawns in the NC?
  24. Cupcakes

    What happened to my frogspawn?

    I’ve been battling Dinos and ultimately it was becoming apparent that my corals were becoming quite unhappy. I just did a 72 hour blackout which finished last evening. Now this head of my frogspawn seems to be dead? Of note: the lights just came on for the day so still very retracted.
  25. Luke Schnabel

    Ohio Live Goods Euphyllia Pack (Hammers/Frogspawn)

    . Single large head of Highlighter Branching Hammer Two Heads of 24K Gold Hammer Two heads of Purple Tip Branching Frogspawn SOLD