1. GpixL_

    California Live Goods Various Corals for Sale - Shipping Availalbe

    Hi, I am selling a bunch of coral including euphyllia, favia, lobo, zoa, scoly, mushrooms, anemones, and more. For more prices, pics and questions about the coral, feel free to pm me. Thanks! Zoa prices are as follows: Red Hornet: $15pp White zombie: $40pp Chuckies Bride: $27pp Orange zoa...
  2. doughboy

    California SOLD FS 4.5" Yellow Tang $175, Melanurus Wrasse $40, free sixline wrasse and turbo snail - pickup SF South Bay

    Breaking down my tank sale, everything must go. ONLY YELLOW TANG AND MELANURUS WRASSE LEFT Selling the following livestock Hawaiian Yellow Tang 4.5" - $175 RBTA and clown - SOLD Melanurus wrasse - $40 Acan colonies - Red and Green at least 80 heads each - sold Frogspawn colony, at...
  3. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Live Goods Aquaculture Hammers & Frogspawns

    Tons of aquaculture hammers and frogspawns!!! $15/head. Local pickup in Pasadena, MD. I also have another post DOA policy: * $35 MD, VA, DC * $50 elsewhere except HI, AL * Free shipping at $400. * UPS overnight. *...
  4. CoralsAnonymous

    Euphyllia Craze Sale - Up to 70% off select corals - Ends Nov 9!

    Celebrate your Friday and weekend with the return of our euphyllia craze sale and more! Click our banner above to head over to the sale! Free shipping for orders over $299.99 to CONUS! 15% off for Military, medical and first responders as well through Govx ID. DM, call, or email us with any...
  5. T

    EMERGENCY Flesh under torch coral receeded

    Hi guys, I’ve had a torch, frogspawn and a hammer coral in my tank for a while now and the flesh under my torch and frogspawn are receeded. Has anyone else experienced this issue as well? The corals still open fully aswell. parameters: Kh: 9.8 dkh Cal: 430 ppm Mag: 1360 Nitrate: 2 ppm...
  6. alishasreef

    LPS Frogspawn not extending?

    My LPS Frogspawn use to be beautiful and extended flowing in the current, it’s now super withdrawn. Any advice? Parameters PH 8.0 nitrite 0 nitrate 1.1ppm Phosphate INV error (Hanna Instruments: advised it means i’m around 0, phosphates too low for the test to pick up) ammonia 0 alk 8.4...
  7. Mykawl

    Georgia Live Goods Frags Midway, Ga

    I have frags for $15 ea. green star polyps, Frogspawn, and cyphastrea. my email is [email protected]
  8. doughboy

    California SOLD FS Yellow Tang, RBTA and clown, Acros, Frogspawn, Torch - Local pickup SF South Bay

    Selling the following livestock. Hawaiian Yellow Tang 4.5" - $300 Always bubbly RBTA and clown - $50. Frogspawn colony, at least 25 heads - $120 Cali Tort colony approx at least 5" across - SOLD Acro colony approx 4"-5" -SOLD Green Acro colony approx 6" - SOLD Torch coral - $25...
  9. lynn.reef.nerd

    Maryland Live Goods Frogspawn, Hammers, Torches

    Please Pm'ed if you have questions. Thank you. Free shipping at $400. Sorry but NO TRADES. DOA policy: * FedEx priority overnight. * Live arrival guaranteed if shipment received and opened within 2 hours of first delivery attempt. * Picture and/or video of the dead coral(s) in original bag...
  10. lucyretz

    help me figure out why my corals arent happy

    Hi all, Once again i find myself running out of knowledge. My euphyllia corals arent opening fully and I cant figure out why. PARAMETERS: ALK: 8.78 (trident) CAL: 544 MAG: 1407 ORP:200 PH: 7.84 SALT: 35.10 TEMP:77.3 NITRATE: 10.01 (HANNA) PHOS: 0.15 (HANNA) System: 2 Ai primes running david...
  11. Dragonboas

    North Carolina Live Goods Multi-color bi-color frogspawn

    Fantastic bi-color frogspawn 4 heads available, cutting to order or not if someone wants the whole colony. 1 head - $100 2 heads - $190 4 heads - $360 Shipping is $39 or can arrange local pickup around Gastonia/Charlotte NC
  12. Mykawl

    Georgia Live Goods GSP $ Frogspawn Frags

    I have some Green Star Polyps and Frogspawn frags in Midway, GA
  13. Davileet

    Virginia Live Goods Frogspawn corals

    Local pickup in Northern VA available. Feel free to text with questions/want to order. 540-908-63twoSix Frogspawn $15 a head. Have large colonies available. Message for bulk pricing and shipping Bubblegum digi with pink polyps attached - $150 shipped
  14. B

    EMERGENCY What happen to my frogspawn?

    Hi, Lately my frogspawn is not as opened up as previously. I just notice on the back of it there is some white stringy/foam like stuff. Any one has any ideas what that is? How should I help it? Parameters (salifert): PO4: colorless NO3: very very light ALK: 8.0 CAL: 480 MAG:1280
  15. W

    Frogspawn has bubble?

    I just noticed my frogspawn has one large bubble. I've never seen this before. Should I be concerned? Thanks! Wayne
  16. J

    Coral pest ID?

    What is this on my frog spawn ? Should I remove it? Or dip it?
  17. kennedysherman

    Weird White Strands Growing From Frogspawn

    Does anybody have any idea what that white stuff is growing on my frogspawn? Should I be worried? I’ve had it for about a month and a half and it seems to be doing great and it’s growing too. The stuff looks and feels like thread..
  18. Afkomjorgen

    Frogspawn Exposed skeleton!

    Hello! We noticed that the skeleton is exposed on one side of our frogspawn! We got this frogspawn about 2 weeks ago. It has been looking good. Coming out every day & coloring up. We noticed the exposed skeleton today when the wave maker was on. It looks like it’s being ripped off it’s...
  19. CtrlFeq

    Frogspawn receding and pin holes

    Hey everyone, my frogspawn doesn’t seem to be doing well and appears to be peeling. I also noticed holes in the skeleton and they keep growing. I’ve also noticed it up closer to their flesh there are now Holes
  20. CtrlFeq

    Weird growth on frogspawn

    Hey everyone, bought this frogspawn a few weeks ago and today I noticed this weird growth that wraps around the right side. When it’s open, it almost looks like soft teeth.
  21. Kaykay101

    Frogspawn head closing up

    One of the heads on my frogspawn I’ve had in the same spot for a little over a year is closing up and the center is white. All the other heads are looking good and the gum line is too. There also hasn’t been any change in flow recently. Any idea what could be causing this?
  22. Cuse89

    Frogspawn not well

    So I’m not sure why or how to troubleshoot but I have a 2 frogspawn both decking in health everything else looks good in tank Params aren’t bad either not sure on where to start on troubleshooting. It’s a mixed tank along with torches and hammers that are all doing completely fine, so why just...
  23. ReefChasers

    Veteran's Day Sale! Save 15% off all Live Stock

    ✨ Today we honor all those who have bravely served our country to protect our freedoms. Thank you to all our past, present, and future Veterans for their sacrifices and service. ✨ Use code "VETERANSDAY" at checkout to save 15% off all livestock Nov. 11-12. Sale only applies to our website...
  24. Lylelovett

    Target feeding individual heads/mouths?

    Hi all, Dendros, Acans, Favia, Duncan, Frogspawn, Hammer, etc... When target feeding, do you have to feed each individual coral mouth/head for every parts to grow? Or will feeding one "distribute" the food to the entire colony? Thanks!
  25. Diveks

    Polyp bailout and brown jelly?

    So it’s been awhile since i got some new lps after going after sps, although i wanted to get some movement in my newest build (5 months old). Well i got a frogspawn thats not doing so well now (not sure if its just in my tank or in the guys tank too). It was a little suspicious when i asked for...