1. nanonøkk

    why’s my frogspawn not very puffy

    so i was looking at my frogspawn but why is it not very puffy as other frogspawn i see it’s got low to medium flown and medium to high lighting dose anyone have any ideas of what i can do i’m new to frogspawn corals
  2. nanonøkk

    will they fight

    ok so i wanna move my frogspawn here but i’m worried it will sting the goniapora and shade my bubble coral underneath or shade my kenya tree is it ok to put it up there or should i put it somewhere else but right there has moderate light and moderate flow
  3. ReeferWarrant

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Multiple Coral Frags (Euphyllia, Candy Cane, Birdsnest, Zoas, Mushrooms)

    Editing: Pictures and Prices to follow) Zoanthids, Green Birds Nest, Blue Candy Cane, Green Frogspawn, Discosoma, GSP, and Xenia for sale Zoanthids: Toxic Shock $15 Blood Sucker $15 Purple Monsters $15 Red Hornets $15 Punk Rockers $15 (Colony of over 20 polyps) Rastas $10 Green Bay Packers...
  4. B

    Frogspawn polyp bailout

    Hi all, Would someone please help me identify what could have possibly caused my Frogspawn to bailout. I thought that everything seemed to be pretty healthy but I'll include some pictures of the rest of the tank and corals for reference. One head ejected 8/7 and one last night/this am 8/10...
  5. Art Calde

    Florida Gold Hammer And Gold/blue tip Frogspawn for sale

    Gold/Blue tip Branching Octospawn $60 and Gold Branching hammer for sale $60 price is per head Pickup in Jupiter Florida ( Saltwater Tank Aquarium Coral euphyllia )
  6. J

    Help! Crack in hammer coral skeleton

    I noticed my hammer not opening up all the way like it used to since a couple weeks ago. Last night, 4 hours after the lights turned off, i went down to look in the tank when the corals have all shrunk to see if i can see anything. And i noticed a a 3-way crack in my hammer.Its all shrivelled in...
  7. MJV15

    Frogspawn / octospawn babies bailout? Ideas help

    So looking to get some help or ideas from you smart people out there. I’m about 7 months into the hobby and I’m at a research dead end. My frogspawn/octospawn (what ever you want to call it) is, from what I can tell happy. It gets nice and fluffy every day. It’s heads have split from 2 to now...
  8. SunsetReefing

    Frogspawn splitting or dying

    I have a fairly large piece of FS and just noticed it looks like the skeleton is visible and or the head is splitting...any ideas? My tank has been up and running since January, parameters seem good, temp is 78-80. New to salt and am still very much in the learning phase.
  9. N11morales

    Price and ID?

    Someone locally was selling these just as Euphyllia. Not sure exactly what type they are. To me they seem like a mix between frogspawn with a torch? Some of the tentacles have multiple heads to them. That’s why I think it’s a mix between the two. Any idea how much these are worth? Srry if the...
  10. Reefer37

    What's on my Frogspawn?

    Found this weird white growth? Worm? On my frogspawn. Honestly not sure what it is. Attaching some pics. Any ideas?
  11. N11morales

    ID? Hammer or frogspawn

    Was sold to me as a hammer coral. But not 100% sure kinda looks like frogspawn to me also. I’m new so just wanted to see what people thought.
  12. Reefer37

    Frogspawn Show Off Thread

    I'm a big fan of really all euphyllia in general, but recently I've been really impressed with some of the Indos I've been seeing. I picked up a really cool frag of an Indo frogspawn I hadn't seen before. Green tips with like a gold mouth. Anyway, figured I'd post a Frogspawn show off thread...
  13. Reefer37

    Birdsnest Fell on Frogspawn

    So yesterday came home with some new frags and placed them in the sandbed before lights out. Well I guess at some point my conch knocked over this new birdsnest I got on top of a really nice frogspawn. Now it looks like there's recession and brown spotting where the birdnest had fallen on. Any...
  14. L

    Frogspawn polyp migration?

    I did some tank maintenance yesterday and temporarily got rid of my frag rack, moving my coral frags on to the rocks in the mean time. This morning I woke up and noticed the frogspawn had not opened (not surprised or worried, it probably doesn't like its new spot), however I did notice what...
  15. diverdown

    Michigan LOWER PRICES Frankenstein, Ghost, OG, Sunkist Bounce, Magic Carpet / Fire, Gumdrop Mushroom, Bozo's Birthday other Zoas, Rainbow Dynamite Chalice

    Lower Prices from original posting - listed in pictures. Trying to adjust for the current market with all the disruptions going on. Mushrooms include OG Bounce, Frankenstein Bounce, Ghost Bounce, Sunkist Bounce, Magic Carpet/Fire, and Gumdrop. Zoa colonies include Bozo's Birthday, Pikachus...
  16. MontanaReefer406

    Unhappy frogspawn, but happy hammer???

    Hi, I have been having troubles with my frogspawn. I was hoping to grow a big colony but the heads on some frags seem to be receeding. The tentacles barely extend and stay very short. However my hammer coral is doing very well and extends well too. This is in my low tech nano tank. I am good...
  17. Frogspawn AM

    Frogspawn AM

    morning view
  18. ruegaroo

    Should I Be Concerned About My Frogspawn?

    I just cut off the powerhead to feed the corals and this is what I notice. It looks like it is ripped away from its base. Flow is pretty relaxed in the tank and it has been extended the most I've ever seen it the past few days along with the rest of my euphyllia. This is the first time I've...
  19. Duncan and frogspawn

    Duncan and frogspawn

  20. Brian Goldstein

    California Selling Corals (Ultra Gold Torch) - Leaving Hobby

    Hey all- Moving to a new city for a new job and I just won't have the time for the hobby at this point in time. Selling everything in my tank. I prefer local sales in the SoCal area. Here's what I'm selling: (I'll put up more pictures of everything tomorrow) Ultra Aussie Gold Torch- 2...
  21. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Gold Hammer and Orange Frogspawn

    Indo Orangeish Gold Hammer (2 heads) $150 Orange Frogspawn (fat head) $125 Plus shipping. Standard 2hr DOA applies.
  22. Evan28395950

    Thought I would share my new tank additions

    So today I went coral shopping, I ended up buying a decent sized birdsnest frag, 3 frogspawn hammer mix heads, and 2 ricordea mushrooms. All came in very healthy condition, and they look amazing!
  23. Evan28395950

    Frogspawn Not Good

    Hey all, so my original frogspawn was my first coral, about 4 months ago it started to not extend fully and led to all heads bailing out, could never figure out the reason. So about one month ago I got another one, 2 weeks in all was well, as of a week ago it started to not extend and one has...
  24. Evan28395950

    Frogspawn Heads

    So, I have some frogspawn heads just laying on the sand (jumped out of skeleton), would it work to just glue them onto a rock?
  25. Evan28395950


    hi all, while I was doing work in my tank a few days ago I accidentally hit the powerhead and didn’t realize it. Today I saw my frogspawn was getting way too much flow and some of smaller heads were almost off their skeleton. I moved the frogspawn to the sandbed where it is now getting very low...