1. Evan28395950

    Show Off Your Frogspawns!!

    This coral has to be my favorite. Love the way it looks. Can’t wait to see others! :)
  2. Evan28395950

    Let’s see your LPS Corals!

    Bored at the moment, so let’s see your LPS Corals! :)
  3. Evan28395950

    What’s on my frogspawn?

    what is tbis
  4. Evan28395950

    Frogspawn Head

    Hello all, I’ve have had this frogspawn for around 2 months now. It’s very happy, but one smaller head hasn’t been getting much light since the bigger tentacles block it. I tried positioning it different, but it didn’t help. What should I do? I do occasionally spot feed mysis shrimp and other...
  5. Brian Goldstein

    California Want to buy: Lemon lime Octospawn

    Hey Reefers- I am looking to buy a lemon lime octospawn. Cherry corals has this piece up frequently but they always sell out. :( I’ve been trying to get this piece for months. Let me know! Thanks, BG
  6. Brian Goldstein

    California Looking to buy Euphyllia! (octospawn,frogspawn)

    Hello Reefers- I'am looking to buy a lime green octospawn colony or frag. Feel free to post any colorful Euphyllia though; I'am looking to buy a few different colonies/frags. I loveeeee frogspawn. Thanks, BG
  7. quicksil328

    Is this a hammer?

    Hi guys, I want to get your opinion on what I was told was a Hammer a few months ago at my Lfs. I have since noticed the ends of the polyps are not singular. Instead, many of the polyps have more than 1 polyp branching the main. What do you think?
  8. KMench

    Think I killed my frogspawn

    Hi. I was just doing a water change and accidentally sucked my frogspawn coral up into the hose. It basically has removed all the fleshy tissue from the coral minus a bit that’s left at the base :( is there any hope?
  9. Cole's Coral Shack

    WTB Bright Euphyllia Coral (Naples/Fort Myers Area)

    Looking for Hammers, Torches, and Frogspawns. Preferably in the Naples and Fort Myers area.

    Livestock Blue Morph Frogspawn Frag from Coralust Reef Solutions

    Very unique neon yellow/green Frogspawn frag with blue morph from Coralust Reef Solutions. The pictures, one white light and one actinic, are WYSIWYG. This frag can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free to browse our website...
  11. beyer

    Frogspawn in trouble?

    The past few days I’ve noticed my frogspawn retracted and now today I’ve noticed it looks pale or more white than usual. Could this be because of splitting or is there an issue I should deal with. Here are some pics as well as my parameters. Ph - 8.3 Ammonia- 0 Mg - 1300 Alk- 11.3 DKH Ca...
  12. M

    Damaged frogspawn head

    So i got a frag of frogspawn about a week ago and I accidentally damaged it. I was in a hurry at the time so I just put it in the rock work thinking it was okay. I finally got the chance to put the frogspawn where i wanted it to be. When I put in the spot, i realized that one of the heads was...
  13. Schmitty

    Build Thread SCHMITTY's 40g Nuvo Build

    Well, well, well... Here we go! I got a new 40 gallon Nuvo tank from IM and so far Im so impressed! I bought 30lbs of cured live rock, 40lbs of sand, and a Tunze 9004 protein skimmer. Gutted my old tank and moved over the Mp10, a couple key pieces and most of the coral frags(Birds Nest...
  14. beyer

    Dry to Live rock stage? + coral question

    I've cycled my new tank using dry rock from BRS. I don't have an exact start date but have got to be nearing the 6 month mark. Green Algae has formed on the outside of the rock receiving light. There is also many small brown spots but I'm unaware of them. I was hoping to find out what the brown...
  15. rantipole

    Nano Build Frogspawn in Evo 13.5

    I'm running a Fluval Evo 13.5 tank it as is, plus a FluvalSea mini protein skimmer. Do any of you think that I can add a frogspawn coral without adding any additional equipment? Current stock: 2 ocellaris clowns 1 Rainford's goby 1 Sinularia large frag 1 green polyp leather frag 1 Palau...
  16. beyer

    Can I support a Frogspawn?

    I did my research and found that with the placement in my tank from the surface and the PAR readings of my light (Current USA orbit marine), the frogspawn would receive anywhere from 80-100 PAR. Is there anyone who has tried this (or any other euphyllia corals) with the same light setup?
  17. A

    Seeking a specific LPS coral

    Hello everyone maybe someone can help me out im looking for a bicolored frogspawn ive seen it sold in canada but cant seem to find one in the usa...anyones help would be appreciated thanks in advance
  18. The Kahnasaur

    Frogspawn issue

    I have a Branching Splatter Frogspawn that is releasing full heads while at the same time budding 20+ "babies" along its entire 6" skeleton. It has dropped 6 full heads over the last 3 weeks, each in under 24 hours. The released heads even open up somewhat for the next couple days until my pet...
  19. Dalton Hunter

    Build Thread My 100 Gallon Mixed Reef

    100 Gallon reef tank Foxface, Platinum Clown, Sapphire Clown, Ocellaris Clown, Spotted Mandarin Goby, Snowflake Eel, Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish, Yellow Tail Damsel, Red Firefish. Combination of LPS/SPS Rock flower anemones X10 Mini Maxi x2 Rainbow bubble tip x2 Assorted ricordia/yuma Iron man...
  20. jwhann6

    Nano Build Jwhann's 15 gallon Nano Reef

    So I've been a member of R2R for awhile now, but never got around to creating a tank thread. Maybe I was scared, but I figured that I wanted a place to keep a journal of my tanks progression. My set up it unorthodox in ways, but I want to share it in hopes that it might help someone else. So...
  21. haleyf1024

    Frogspawn with brown jelly!

    My frogspawn didn't respond well to a dip in ca/mg/alk (although my zoas are doing better, go figure) and now has brown jelly disease. It's spreading quickly, so I'm on my way to Lowes for some Bayer insecticide. Does Bayer actually cure/treat brown jelly specifically? Or is iodine the only...
  22. SBlisters

    Branching frogspawn has white spots

    My branching frogspawn has been growing, but also has whitish spots on it. The spots have me rather worried. Is this bleaching? An illness? Or could it be completely normal? I'm a total newbie to salt water and finding my way. Parameters: 29 degrees Celsius, 1.025 salinity, 8.2pH. Low flow...
  23. rodrigo123

    Build Thread Small 5 gallon Nano tank at work

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  24. M

    xenia hurt

    So yesterday I just got xenia and frogspawn in my tank. Most of the polyps on the xenia was already open and the frogspawn was a little bit close but everything was alright. Unfortunately, I think I may have put the xenia way too close and the frogspawn attacked it overnight. I woke up and saw...