1. TCK Corals

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED

    4th of July Sale | All WYSIWYG 30% Off | 122 NEW WYSIWYG UPLOADED Teasers of the new products
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    InSaNe EUPHYLLIA Update and MORE at

    Happy humpday to all you happy people out there! We just loaded up a wonderful selection of euphyllia and other LPS to our website. We were lucky enough to be able to offer up a few varieties of euphyllia that we haven't seen in years. Head on over and take a look! CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW...
  3. ReefAddiction34

    Florida WTB 24k Holy grail torch

    Looking for 24K HG torch. Either cash or trade or partial trade and cash. Willing to drive a bit as well. Looking for one preferably somewhere in Florida... Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville is preferred, Miami is a bit too far but willing to do shipping. Please let me know what you got or if you...
  4. N11morales

    Euphyllia Bubble

    Hello I have threee of the same Euphyllia in my tank and one of them has a bubble in the middle of it? Anyone have any idea what it could be?
  5. D

    Help with torch coral

    I've been dealing with a few tank problems lately and I suspect they largely contributed to my torch's recession. That said, I could be missing something. Pics: I'm just getting over a huge bacteria or phytoplankton bloom with help from an UV sterilizer. My tank was a "pea soup" color and...
  6. BReefer13

    Georgia NY Knicks and Hellfire Torches + Cheap Hammer

    Hey everyone! I have these beauties available, check it out! Shipping is flat $45.00. All pictures were taken under T5 Blue Plus bulbs with Polyplab filter. Toxic Green Hammers Hellfire Torch, the red square is what I will sell, it's a head splitting into three, pretty much half way split...
  7. N11morales

    Price for torch corals

    I was interested in buying a highlighter torch. In my area it seems everyone is selling around 100$ a head. Is that overpriced? How much do torches usually go for. Also is there any that are lower priced.
  8. L

    Torch (ID) identification

    Hello everybody. Who can help me with this torch? I dont know what type of torch is
  9. ACF930

    Pennsylvania 2 Headed Dragon Tamer Torch

    2 Headed Dragon Tamer Torch with direct lineage to Reefdreamz. $1500 Shipped Reviews on my previous sales: 2 heads (that can be cut from my colony)
  10. ACF930

    Pennsylvania 4 Headed Indo Gold Torch SOLD

    Indo Gold Torch with 4 heads. This variant can develop long skinny tentacles and is very pretty. Not the typical Indo Golds you normally see. Great mini colony. $900 Shipped Reviews of my previous sales: 4 Headed Indo...
  11. TeresaM1376

    Does someone have a name for this???

    I know it’s in the torch family but no one seems to know what it is. It’s gold with I believe is a little purple & then a teal like color on the tips. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  12. Reefer40b

    USA WTB Acro Pack Must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney

    looking for a Acro Pack deal to add to my collection and get some more variety, it must include SC Orange Passion and Walt Disney. Let me know what else you have feel free to PM me a stock/price list if you have a bunch, Thanks and happy reefing!
  13. SR Reefing

    New York DRAGON SOUL TORCH 3 HEAD $450

    HI, I have a dragon soul torch 3 head that is start to split into 4. Story: Pick up from a local reefer, inspect it and dipped, then brushed it clean, healthy. Now no longer a fan of it. No shipping at the moment as i believe should get picked up very soon. Meet at NYRA in Queens for CASH...
  14. Sr5_Reef

    California Indo Pink Tip Torch, Uranium Bounce, Forest Fire Rhodactis.....

    Hi everyone. I have some more things for sale from my frag tank. Everything has been grown out in my systems for a minimum of 5 years, very healthy and happy corals. Shipping is $50 FedEX Priority overnight by 1030am. Your normal DOA applies. Picture of dead coral within 2 hours of receiving...
  15. N11morales

    Torch damaged?

    Hello I noticed on my torches today they have like these black markings on them is it dying?
  16. ecexotics

    finally got my berghia nudibranch breeding !

    been trying to breed these little buggers for months , they finally took off. started of with 5 just collected 95 last night. the level of joy collecting them was like nothing i've expiercened before. even more excited to see TONS of egg sacks. will absolutely be posting in the market place in...
  17. N11morales

    Price and ID?

    Someone locally was selling these just as Euphyllia. Not sure exactly what type they are. To me they seem like a mix between frogspawn with a torch? Some of the tentacles have multiple heads to them. That’s why I think it’s a mix between the two. Any idea how much these are worth? Srry if the...
  18. C

    Need help with coral id

    Hey hey! Need help with an ID on the torch Gold and blue stems with green tips
  19. ReefAddiction34

    Florida WTB HG torch

    Looking for what’s available in the Florida area, Or close to that to reduce stress of shipping. PM me what you have. Thanks for looking.

    Identify this indo torch

    Looking to identify this indo
  21. JBulk09

    Did my torch get stung?

    Got a few chalice frags and put them on a magnetic rack above the torch last night and got home from work with the torch looking like this. Is this what a coral sting may look like?
  22. TrillBill

    What’s a fair price?

    I have a 2 splitting into 3 head purple torch with white tips. I was wondering if you guys could help me find a fair price to try to sell thus guy. Only reason I’m selling is because I’m going to be getting a dragon soul torch and am afraid they won’t play nice.
  23. Wen

    Florida Toads, Torches, Setosa +++

    Making some room...pick up ONLY in Naples, Fl. Green pavona 2” $10 Setosa 3” $30 Green/purple toadstools single 3” $20, double 4” $50 Purple/green stylo 2” $15 Yuma large orange/purple $50 10+ eye echinata $50 3 head green/purple torch $200
  24. Stu_Tanks

    Dragons Soul Torch help

    I just got this dragon soul torch 5 days ago. I’ve kept it in the same spot on the sand bed getting light to medium flow and lower light. It only really opens up partially and it’s tentacles are slightly transparent. Do I need to put it in more light or flow? Should I try to feed it some reef...
  25. D

    Torch went from healthy to dying in less than 2 hours?

    Here are some pictures: I have no idea what happened. I looked at the tank a few hours ago and the coral looked very happy. Checking params now. Any help appreciated! Thanks!
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