1. Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    For sale Great Deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Hammers!!!!! Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach, CA

    I have the following up up for sale as local pick up and cash for pick up. I will not hold corals unless you are on your way to pick them up. I have several 1, 2 and 3 head white tip torches with bright green tentacle. $75 a head. I have a several gold Hammers 2, 3 and 4 heads. $65 a head...
    $30.00 to $250.00
  2. Jersey Corals

    Torch Tuesdays is LIVE!!! 50% Off 12PM - 6PM EST! Starts NOW!

  3. Indo Gold Torch (Dragon Soul)

    For sale Indo Gold Torch (Dragon Soul)

    Hello! I recently cut up my mother colony and made a handful of frags. I am selling a single headed Dragon Soul torch for $150. Local Pick Up Only in Bergen County NJ
  4. Indo gold torch

    For sale Indo gold torch

    4 single head torch looking for new home, pickup in East Orlando
  5. Hellfire Indo Torches

    For sale Hellfire Indo Torches

    Single head Hellfire Indo torch $180, double $300
    $180.00 to $300.00
  6. K

    Torch coral growth identification

    Does anyone know what this is growing on the torch body? It's hard to the touch so don't think it is a sponge. TIA
  7. ReefChasers

    Aussie Import just landed

    Hey Reef2Reef! We got our first import order directly from the source (Australia) and boy was it a good one. We've got a ton of beautiful meats -- Scolys, Lobos, Trachys and Symphyllia + all kinds of torches, hammers, gonis & blastos. I guess you can say our hands are full and so is our "Meat...
  8. Torch Corals (Green Tipped Aussie)

    For sale Torch Corals (Green Tipped Aussie)

    I have some beautiful Green Tipped Aussie Torches available. $60 each. Can ship for $45 anywhere in the lower 48. Local pickup available as well. Please PM me If interested. Can ship mid next week.
  9. Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    For sale Amazing deal on Torches, Frogspawn and Gold Hammers. Local Pick up only. 92107

    I can meet at Union Bank parking lot in Ocean Beach, CA 92107 for local pick up only. I will not ship. I fragged the torches and Frogspawn about 5 weeks ago and the hammer about 4 weeks ago. If buying multiple then I would offer a discount. Item 1. Green Torch with pink tips - $40 a head. 3...
    $25.00 to $120.00
  10. nellyore24

    Florida WTB I want to buy some Bounce mushrooms, Goni, and torch/hammer/octo

    I’m looking to buy a pack. Really interested in bounce mushrooms, high end gonis, and euphyllia! Local - or not works. Pm me what yal have available. I am Looking forward to some nice corals. Thanks
  11. Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    For sale Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    Both light and tank is in good condition, local pickup only located East Orlando near downtown
  12. C

    Good flow for my torch?

    Is this flow looking good for my torch? Added about 4 hours ago
  13. GoNextLevel

    ReefDreamz Lineage Dragon Tamer Torch Coral

    Hello everyone new seller here in R2R I bought this off a fellow reefer as a dragon tamer from ReefDreamz lineage. Truly a rainbow torch. here is the original it came from. Mine has been cooking for the past couple months and is starting to color up nicely. double headed asking for roughly...
  14. Indo Gold Torch

    For sale Indo Gold Torch

  15. ReeferHendrix

    Torch id

    Help identifying this torch it was a small shop and they had no clue. Has 2 heads got it for $85
  16. M

    Are those Hammer / Torch babies?

    A few weeks earlier i noticed these little corals on my living rock. Are they babies from my torch or hammer? Never saw that before
  17. GoNextLevel

    EMERGENCY New York knicks receding majorly help

    Hello I have no idea why this is happening I have other torch corals in my tank but this is only happening to my NYK torch. I also noticed this strange thing on the bone structure of the torch you can see in the picture. I keep my corals under heavy blues ramping up and down throughout the day...
  18. Bd.reef

    Florida Stunning Torch

    Finally fragged this huge splitting head a few weeks back. The contrast between the purple, gold, and green is crazy. $450 shipped. Pm for any questions! Blues and full spectrum pics attached!
  19. Sakudo4

    California Gold torch fs.

    1 head of gold torch fs 160$ Location is Anaheim No shipping at the moment
  20. wsoldier

    California FS: Torch, elegance, nepthea, zoas

    Local pickup in Burbank 91502. Can be flexible on meeting place around OC/IE depending on purchases/location. Torch (Dark green w/ light green tips). Large trunk around 2" in diameter with 3 heads - $120 Elegance (aqua green w/ pink tips). Around 8-9" inches fully open. Has tripled in size...
  21. PBnJOnWheat

    True NATURAL Grafted Torch

    I found this crazy torch in which they had probably 200+ heads of this green tipped torch. However I noticed this one is a true graft. I wanted to ask (wrong forum) how much is it worth? And just thoughts and opinions on true natural grafted euphyllia! I’ll have to add pictures of the base...
  22. 2manyideas

    15$ torch? Coral ID

    I would like some help identifying this coral. To me it looks like a very small torch. Picked it up at the lfs. Price said $15 but I scored it for $10. As you can see my urchin has picked it and a monti cap up. Little bugger
  23. RedSeaReefer1

    What’s a reasonable price per head for torch corals?

    Around this time of year I usually go on a coral haul and I wanted some new torch colonies or single head torches for that matter? As you all know prices on coral have skyrocketed with people dropping $600* per head on some torch corals…I want to know what you all think is reasonable price wise...
  24. ryshark

    RRU Holy Grail V3

    I got this torch directly from RRU as a single head early 2020. Here is a link to RRU’s website of a wysiwyg single head frag he has right now. What I’m selling is pictured below. It has 3-heads with the 3rd head starting to split into a 4th...
  25. S

    Red Sea 450 White

    I am relocating and need to sell my pride and joy my Red Sea 450 reef tank. I’ve had this tank for two years and is in great shape. It comes with custom mesh/acrylic top, protein skimmer (reef octopus 150 in), all custom plumbing (blue BRS) and ATO. This tank is loaded with high end coral and...