1. G

    Help me ID this torch?

    So I have this torch and i dont know what type of torch is it or what exactly is it? Help?
  2. G

    Help me ID this torch?

    So I have this torch and i dont know what type of torch is it or what exactly is it? Help?
  3. Danny's Aquariums

    HELP! What happened with my Holy Grail?

    Hi all, I need your help. I recently bought this torch from a store (picture 1) before they shipped it I asked for another picture of the torch. Then they sent a torch that’s almost closed up (picture 2). Not a big deal I thought since they might’ve moved it. Then when it got here I noticed...
  4. Nazarite01

    Florida Indo Gold/NY knicks Torches for sale

    I have several indo Gold torches for sale. I will sale them for $250 per head but i will hear offers. If interested PM me. Good fortune to you.
  5. N11morales

    Texas WTB Euphyllia

    Looking for frogspawn/torches/hammers packs or Texas area for pick up. Or colony
  6. L

    Torch identification

    Hey! Anyone able to help identify this torch? Look like a grail?
  7. Art Calde

    Florida Hellfire Torch

    Selling a Double head of Gator Coral’s Hellfire Torch $300 From the colony on the first picture top right Jupiter Florida pickup only
  8. GinoGino

    Illinois NY Knicks Torch

    New York Knicks Torch - 2 heads - 500 free delivery in the Chicagoland area
  9. B

    California [Local Pickup Only] Torches, Zoa, Stylo and Shrooms

    Hi, I have the following for sell for local pickup only around the Torrance area. Green Torch (2 heads) - $200 Grim Reaper/Purple Green Torch (3 almost 4 heads) - $300 Rainbow Infusion colony (35+ Polyps) - $350 Forest Fire - $65 “Sunburst”/Orange Ricordea (2 on the disc 5 mouth in total) -...
  10. J

    What kind of torch is this???

    So I got this torch at my lfs and I’m new to the hobby and was just wanting to try and identify it a little more if anyone knows! It has purple tentacles the turn to gold than with a light blue tip and the end. It has 7 heads could some tell me what this is worth as well
  11. PBnJOnWheat

    North Carolina South Carolina THC Holy Grail

    Hey everyone, Ive mentioned these around a bit but I’d officially like to list them on here for you guys! They don’t have any lineage so I just named them after my aspiring coral shop. The pictures after are the colony of the souls/hellfire and following are some flesh pictures of the HG’s. I...
  12. Sarabeth3412

    Need help identifying red spots on torch

    Hi! Can anyone help me identify the red spot on the skeleton of my torch coral? They’re hard and won’t scrape off with my fingernail. We dipped the coral and it won’t come off either. Any help would be appreciated. It’s nowhere else within the tank and/or on other corals. Hoping it’s...
  13. GinoGino

    Illinois New York Knicks Torch

    NY Knicks Torch - from an established mother colony - splitting into two heads - $500 - free delivery in the Chicagoland area
  14. David Calzada

    Texas Gold Torch!

    1 Head nice size gold torch $135 plus shipping $44.99. Standard 2 hour DOA Message me for any details
  15. GinoGino

    Illinois New York Knicks Torch

    Single head of the great NY Knicks Torch - established piece came from mother colony that was in system for years - 300 free delivery in Chicagoland area
  16. m2004a2005s

    Livestock Garden Torch pack

    I have one nice pack for $450 include overnight shipping and freebies too, pack will include 1- Nice one head splitting Indo Gold Torch 2- 2 head Green Torch ( connected ) 3- 3 head purple with neon tip torch ( connected ) 4- 3 head Dark Torch ( connected ) I offer 1 hour DOA and 10 30am ups...
  17. PBnJOnWheat

    HG Torch ID

    I need an ID on this HG Torch.
  18. J

    Is this a Torch or Cristata?

    Anyone can tell me if this is a torch or a cristata? The tentacles are really short. Looks like less than an inch.
  19. T

    Torch coral ID

    I was sold this as a ‘gold and green’ torch from a local store. The colours were a lot less vibrant since settling in my aquarium. It is definitely more of a yellow than gold... or close to a 24k Aussie? But has a green/turquoise base to it. I have Indo and Aussie HG in the tank but to me feels...
  20. corresnake

    Torch dead, but what's this?

    So I moved my tank from work to home. Everything survived the move except my torch. Not really sure what happened. Had this torch for a few years. Within a week it was practically gone, but it started growing this white film like thing over it over it. Should I just toss it or is it possible it...
  21. G

    Clownfish dead

    I have had clowns in my tank for about 8 days now. I got two clowns they were doing find for the first two days in the tank. Then on the third day we notices he had been swimming in to my torch coral. Then the next day he was swimming side ways. He continued to swim like that until today when...
  22. P

    Torch losing tissue

    Hey everyone hows it going Ive started my Reef tank about 3 months ago, let it mature a little bit and decided to add some torches. The tank is a fluval evo 13.5. The first one i put in was doing absolutely fine and extending a lot, a week or two later i bought a jade torch with 4 heads and put...


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  24. james-vader

    Arizona NY Knicks 2 heads splitting torch Available

    Hello everyone, I have a 2 head splitting frag of my NY Knicks colony available! Asking $450 buyer pays shipping. I am located in Phoenix AZ. Standard 2 hour DOA shipping. I am not responsible for shipping delays. PM me if interested :)
  25. R

    Torch Turning Dark- loosing color.

    Hi guys! Got a question. I have had this torch for over 3 months. The first picture is how my torch looked 2 weeks ago. it is hard to tell in the photo but it had red, yellows, and greens. The last 7 to 10 days it’s been much darker. Still seems to open up as much as before but no color...
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