1. K

    Torch Placement

    Picked up a micronesian torch today and have a question about placement. I put it about midway up the tank maybe a little higher than midway but after doing some reading I’m wondering if I need to move it down in the tank. I currently have a waterbox 20 cube that is 16” deep with an AI Hydra...
  2. A

    Help - Torch Not Doing Well

    Wanted to reach out to get some help for my torch. I have had this for well over a year and it was growing great, always fluffed up and happy. Fast forward to a few months ago I added a percula clown that decided to aggressively host the torch and it started looking very beat up. The clown as...
  3. E

    What is a blow torch?

    Hi ppl, can anyone give me some hint where the name “blow torch” comes from? What is the color code for it? I mean, so far I can tell the difference between hg/master/ds and so on, but blow torch, I can find very little info about it.....
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  5. PBnJOnWheat

    North Carolina Jester Torch Coral $300 (Free Shipping)

    Revised Edition~ Jester Torch Coral!!! Purple base to crimson/rust polyps to grey/white tips. Asking $300(shipping included). Photo filters as follows~no filter, red, green, both.
  6. ItsNiQi

    What’s with my torch?

    I’ve had this torch for over 8 months and it’s been doing amazing but lately it hasn’t expanded as much. The tentacles are fat and wrinkly and look as if they’re twisting off. The color is more vibrant now which I find weird. It’s mouth is closed. It looks like there’s a lot of baby tentacles...
  7. ACF930

    Pennsylvania OG Indo Gold Torch

    This frag is almost a double. It’s brighter than other Indo golds with more yellowish tentacles and aquamarine tips. SOLD Reviews from my previous sales:
  8. TCK Corals

    TCK 2020 ANNIVERSARY LIVESALE Nov 14th and 15th!

    Starting on Saturday 11/14/2020 @ 2PM EST we will begin posting sets of frags all at once every half hour-hour! We will resume on Sunday at 2pm EST until we run out of corals to post. Coral photos will be posted here in this thread also with links to the website to make your...
  9. Zoaologist

    Nevada Indo Master Torch

    Indo Master Torch 3 full heads. $2,500. It’s the torch in the center of the pic. No guarantees on this coral.
  10. Punisher Corals

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  11. ReadySet-Flow


    I got some euphyllia frags today. These were crawling around inside one of the bags. Are they euphyllia eating flatworms?
  12. Shy519

    Torch Tissue Receding/Torn

    Today I woke up to the tissue on my torch looking like it receded or that the tentacles have been ripped. My first thought was brown jelly disease so I immediately removed it and did an iodine dip. Afterward i took a baster to it and sucked off any loose tissue. There wasn't any but then it made...
  13. Nate_Krohn

    Hammer skeleton has a black coating over it

    I just noticed that my hammer has a black fuzzy looking coating over it. I have no idea what is happening. It’s open and happier than ever during the day. Please let me know what I can do
  14. Sick_man

    Torch Coral acting weird

    I've had this torch about a month and it has been doing well up til now. It is usually extended a lot and swaying in the flow. But now, its open but its tentacles are really short. Its been like this for 4 days. I also have a frogspawn thats been acting similar, but it is splitting to grow a...
  15. Legonch


    Tomorrow am, at 8am mst, this torch goes up for sale, in the members only section of!! This torch is a dark stem, neon green center, with baby blue tips and orange/peach colored tips. This coral will be listed with a very attractive discount off retail. We will be...
  16. Legonch

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    Big news this morning! We have added an area for site members only, where every Monday morning at 8 am mst we will post coral for sale with a site member only discount!!! You will need to create an account on, look for the log in icon at the upper right corner of the...
  17. Legonch


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  18. JoshB94

    Confusing Torch Losses and Success Stories

    Hey everyone! Looking for some feedback on your success and failure rate of keeping aussie vs indo torches along with my current situation. So I have 3 tanks that all are flourishing, fairly stable parameters around 8dkh, 36ppt salinity, 77 degrees, higher nutrients (20ish nitrates) and .14...
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  20. J

    Michigan Deep Discounts - AOI Zoas, Space Invader, Raja Pampage, Indo Gold Torch, Bubblegum Digi, Palmers Blue Milli, Blue Starfire, and more

    6 Frags for $50 Pic #1 $10 - Retails $35 ORA Neon Green Birdsnest Pic #2 $10 - Retails $30 Tidal Gardens Purple Stylophora Pic #3 FREE - Retails $25 Tidal Gardens Red Plating Monti Pic #4 $10 - Retails $30 Vivid’s Green/Purple Pocillopora Pic #5 $10 - Retails $40 World Wide Coral Teal Candy Cane...
  21. Legonch

    Livestock New hot batch of corals up on the web page! Wow!! Gotta check these out!

    Just uploaded a bunch of new coral to the web page. These are really worth checking out. Beautiful corals we have had in our system for a month, and ready for new homes. Any questions, please ask. Thanks for checking us out!
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    This update is going to be HOT HOT HOT!!!!

    Just a sneak peak at some of the fire going on our site tonight!!! Don't let these gems slip away!!
  23. NickCage007

    Maryland Maryland Torches for sale

    Hey folks! I have an aquacultured single head of Dragon soul, and an aquacultured head of Ny knicks, for sale. Both are single heads. Also have a 3 splitting head, (6 heads, just not seperated completely yet) indo purple torch with a green mouth, and blue tips. Asking 350 for the Knicks 250...
  24. D

    Zoas are reaching still and other corals are closing.... (long read but noob is in need of help)

    I am getting super disappointed and feeling defeated with my tank I set up in June... Sooo long story short I setup a redsea reefer nano max 20g aio this last June. Set it up and added corals and got fish with marine velvet so went fallow for 60 days and just left the corals in. During that time...
  25. Legonch

    Livestock Rasta Torches!! New big fat rasta torches just posted! 20% off today only!

    We just posted some big nice rasta torches up for sale. They are on sale today only. These babies are nice! 20% off TODAY ONLY! Rasta torches on sale