1. InvictusReef

    Michigan ZOAS and Frogspawn - Free Shipping Available

    0 ill ship to you for FREE. We Hey all I have the some frags ready that I cut a couple weeks back. They're all healthy and ready to grow. Shipping within Michigan is $35 and $50 everywhere else.Standard DOA policy applies. If you spend $250 Ill ship to you FREE. We can also look at bundle deals...
  2. Torch Town Reefer

    Florida ⚠️TANK BREAKDOWN SALE⚠️ TORCHES!— Jester's Court, Sun Devil, Jeepers Creepers, Medusa, Firefly: OBO - MUST SELL!

    TANK BREAK DOWN SALE TORCHES: MUST SELL! —————————————————— —SOLD—  #1: Firefly Torch— rich vibrant green tentacles with bright yellow tips. — single head — asking: $120.00 OBO  SOLD —SOLD— #2: Sundevil Torch— some what rare and hard to find, high end torch, deep burgundy purple tentacles...
  3. uniquecorals

    New Year FlashSale! Jan 20th & 21st two days Sat & Sun 9am-3pm pst

    New year, new coral! Join us for our first Reef2Reef FlashSale of 2024! We have over 1000+ corals lined up for you all at up to 80%+ off ! Two day exclusive event, 1/20/24-1/21/24 Saturday and Sunday from 9am-3pm PST. SPS, LPS, Softies, Clams, Anemones and more! Aquacultured corals all backed by...
  4. ReefStable

    Live Goods Hammer Coral for Sale! Yellow Hammers, Coppertone Hammers, Hologram Hammers, Simple Hammers

    I have a bunch of hammer coral ready to go! Check out some hammers and get your hammer garden started :) To buy / see prices, just click the image or title of the hammer Hologram Branching Hammer Yellow Tip Hammer Coppertone Hammer Coral Purple Tip Green Branching Hammer Green Tip...
  5. ReefStable

    Live Goods Torches for Sale - NY Knicks, Indo Gold, Goldfinger?

    I have a bunch of torches for sale! To buy/look/see exact prices, click the image or title :) If you click the links, I have videos for most torches on the site! NY Knicks Torch Indo Gold Torch (I was Told They Are Goldfinger) Faded Glory Torch (Indo Gold)...
  6. K

    Indiana Assorted Hammer Corals

    Looking to make some space in my tank for some new corals. 5 Hammers up for grabs. Happy to sell all together or separately. Local pickup only 40205. Prices negotiable if buying more than one TSA Grafted Hammer 2 heads $75 Green splatter wall hammer $60 Gold hammer from TSA 2 heads $50...
  7. Epic Aquaculture

    Epic Aquaculture's Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!!!
  8. NoAhoysLeft

    To clown or not to clown?

    So around a year ago I saw some awesome clownfish videos where the clowns were bouncing around in anemones and even Euphyllia. Those videos were a pretty big motivator for me to want my own clowns. Those bright orange fish bouncing up and down in the beautiful flowing corals or anemone was...
  9. Djalexchang

    Florida Huge Colorado sunburst anemone 7-8”

    Hey all, I have a 7-8 in elite reef Colorado sunburst anemone. It almost takes up the entire nem box! Asking 600 shipped or you can pickup locally in Orlando
  10. Art Calde

    Florida Double head GC Hellfire Torch

    Double head GC Hellfire Torch Jupiter Florida pickup only 3 doubles left
  11. uniquecorals

    !1600+ Corals at up to 80% off! - ends today - Nov 4th & 5th two days celebration FlashSale! Sat & Sun both days 10am-6pm

    Wow it's November already, where did the year go? As we enter the Holiday shopping season, let's get this started riiiiight. Join us November 4th and 5th for a special 2 day Flashsale event! We have over 1600+ colorful, healthy aquacultured corals lined up at up to 80%+ off for all of you...
  12. uniquecorals

    It's that time of the year again, UC Spoooooky Halloween FlashSale coming your way!

    Halloween is almost upon us! Let's get scary up in here with these incredible deals for your tanks! Over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off for this exclusive one day event. SPS, LPS, Softies, Euphyllia, $5 frags, $10 frags, steals, deals and much more!!! All backed by our UC Guarantee...
  13. Djalexchang

    Florida Holy Moly Torch (SOLD)

    Hello, have a ton of frags of tsa holy moly torches (greener ones) I need to get rid of. Willing to do some crazy deals locally for the frags or ship at buyers expense. Asking 100 a head on the bigger frags, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions!
  14. BlackiceClowns

    Euphyllia Choice

    I'm hoping to add some Euphyllia to my tank as its a bit more on the mature side now. Out of hammers, torches, and all other Euphyllia which is the easiest to keep alive,
  15. taylormaximus

    Frogspawn open mouth?

    Hey guys, I just got my first euphyllia coral, about a week ago, it was labelled as a neon green frogspawn, although it definitely has more of a blue hue. It had been kind of extending and shrinking back throughout the day and night (I'm not sure if it's a coral that's supposed to close up at...
  16. His Coral Highness

    Losing Two Heads of a Hammer

    Parameters are good, only think I dose is KH, so there is a little fluctuation with that (maybe a 1.5 swing at most when I dose) and everything else in the tank looks fine. Even the other heads of my hammer look fine. Why would I just be losing these two heads? It’s like these two are totally...
  17. S

    Large euphyllia

    How much can I get for this euphyllia garden? The pictures consists of a gold hammer with 4 heads, two pink and orange frogspawns both with 4+ heads each, purple tipped hammer with 10+ heads, grey hammer, bicolor frogspawn with over 10 heads, purple tipped frogspawn larger than a soft ball with...
  18. T

    Florida Tank Teardown SALE - Oviedo, FL

    No shipping, local pickup only.
  19. Torch Town Reefer

    Anyone ID this torch, please?

    i know names, nowadays, are pretty much irrelevant and insignificant, but mostly out of curiosity— can anyone, maybe, ID this specific torch? or maybe what it most closely resembles? the vendor had created their own name for it, calling it a "fat boy torch". but im just curious as if its...
  20. Torch Town Reefer

    Live Goods TANK BREAK DOWN: Cherry Corals 21 Tails Torch— FREE SHIPPING!

    I'm in the process of breaking down a small nano tank from my office and am getting rid of most of the coral. I've got a single head of Cherry Corals 21 Tails Torch! It's beginning to pinch in the middle in the process of splitting. Asking: $220.00 Free overnight shipping! It's been healthy...
  21. Torch Town Reefer

    Dragon Soul Torch vs. Hellfire Torch

    I'm doing a little research and after owning nearly every torch and variant there is under the sun, I'm wondering... What are the main differences that separate a Dragon Soul Torch, and a Hellfire Torch?
  22. N11morales

    Euphyllia Dominant tank lighting

    What lights would y'all recommend for a Planet Aquarium 70 Reef (36 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 25 1/2). I plan to just have Euphyllia covering the tank. Currently have a G3 Radion xr30 on the tank (came with it). Was wanting to upgrade the light since I found out while cycling the light seems to not cover...
  23. taylormaximus

    What's your coral dipping and acclimation method?

    Hi! This will be my first time posting in the coral threads as I currently run a fish only system, but I'm planning on introducing some coral soon. I've been doing loads of research on coral dips, so I thought I would ask what dip (or series of dips) you use to feel confident adding a new frag...
  24. Salty Sea Flowers

    What would your choice be between these two torches?

    Just a little context— I'm a torch obsessed collecting reefer. :D My tank is all LPS and softie (zoa) dominated, with about 75% of the coral stock, being torch corals. I've been given the choice of either getting a 24K Torch, or a Hellfire Torch. I'm having a difficult time deciding. What...
  25. A

    Euphyllia eating flatworm, survive without euphyllia corals..?

    I had a bad problem with euphyllia eating flatworm, which ended up killing all my euphyllia corals. It’s been about 6 months, and the rest of my non-euphyllia corals are all healthy and I would love to get some torch corals again, maybe some hammers too. My question: is the flatworm still in...