1. AquaLocker

    HAMMER TIME! WYSIWYG Hammer Corals in all Shapes, Sizes & Colors

    Check out our selection of WYSWIYG Euphyllias here: 10% off on orders of $199+ (code: 10%off) or $50 off on orders of $299+ (code: 50off)
  2. K

    Georgia Sweet Tooth Torch 3 Heads

    Hello folks, I am selling the sweet tooth below, it has three heads and is very healthy, I am asking for $300.00 + shipping:
  3. TopShelfAquatics

    HOTTT Torch Update!!

  4. SVP

    Florida Euphyllia packs, Acro pack, indo and aussie torches, indo and aussie hammers, indo frogs and octos 4 sale

    I have reached the point that I've realized you can have too much Euphyllia! My 3 tanks are packed. So to make room to buy more Euphyllia I'm doing some mid summer spring cleaning. If your interested in a pack I have 3 made up with 4 nice pcs of Euphyllia each 500 shipped(CC ***** yella...
  5. CUSE1315

    New York Euphyllia Pack (Torches & Hammers)

    $380 shipped (lower 48) for 9/10 heads of euphyllia! 5 head torch 2 head torch 2/3 head hammer (buyers choice of the 3 Frags pictured below) Photos are shown under Radion Gen4 Pros blue (with orange gel filter). Second set is shown under 14k with no filter used!
  6. Yuri Prigodich

    Livestock Gold Tipped Torch

    Large Gold Tipped Torch For Sale! Free Shipping Nationwide!
  7. Lotus Reef

    New Release Posted On The Site! LOTUS Golden Lemon Drops - 2 Available - New Customers Save 30% Off

    Two New Torches Posted On The Site! Our newest release from the Lotus coral farm. The LOTUS Golden Lemon Drop - We have 2 Available - New Customers Save 30% Off Use code WELCOME and 20off at checkout on our website. LOTUS Golden Lemon Drop Torch – 5 Heads $1,250.00...
  8. ChaosAquaculture

    Fire in the Hole!!

    We are updating the website almost daily. Click the photos or links to be directed. At Chaos Aquaculture, we are swinging for the fences. Go big or go home. A warehouse full of 8ft raceways fully powered by Ecotech Marine and Vertex ensures we have the equipment to get the job done. With a...
  9. Lotus Reef

    Purple Tip Hammers - $40 - 4 left - New Customers Get 30% Off!

    Purple Tip Hammers - $40 - 4 left - New Customers Get 30% Off! Sorry I know the picture is not the best.. but not altered, colors are wysiwyg.
  10. Lotus Reef

    Green Hammers $40 - 4 left - Plus 30% Off For New Customers

    Green Hammers $40 - Plus 30% Off For New Customers
  11. YourReef

    Weekend Website Sale- Up to 20% OFF (including sale items)

  12. Blinkdo

    Florida TGC Indo Dragon Soul Torch Euphyllia Aquaculture

    The torch was originally purchased from TGC as the holy grail from Indo but looks much closer to the Dragon Soul rainbow. These exact ones were selling at Reefapalooza for $600-$800 a head. Fully aquaculture and grown from 2 heads. Get yours as prices keep going up due to the Indo ban. $500...
  13. YourReef

    Website Update- Amazing Torch, Scoly's, Micromussa's & More!

    Just uploaded over 120+ new WYSIWYG corals to the site. Some amazing livestock! Head over to the website to check it out- We will also post some of the new items below.
  14. WWC

    WWC TimeSplitter 2019 LIVE SALE! 2,500+ WYSIWYG Corals, 200+ $5 Frags!

    2 days of corals discounted up to 70% off or more, Over 200 $5 frags, raffle prizes, and tons of fun! There will be 2500+ frags, etc offered up during the sale, which is our most ever! Sale starts Saturday, May 18th at 10 A.M. est and goes on for 14 hours straight until Midnight EST. The sale...
  15. AquaNerd

    Parasitic Euphyllia Eating Polyclad Worms

    Polyclad worms are a type of flatworm that can wreck havoc on our prized corals. In this article we are going to take a look at a particular type of parasitic flatworm that some aquarists may be unfamiliar with. Keep reading.
  16. H2Ocooled

    Getting polyp extension Euphyllias?

    I have a couple of different Euphyllias and I seem to get good polyp extension on some but not others, the torches are getting good extension but the frogspawn and hammers do not. Is there a trick to getting this or am I missing something? Tank is a 66g, I have 2 gyre xf 330, I have them set...
  17. Brian Goldstein

    Brown Jelly Disease - is the coral doomed?

    Hey Reefers- Been battling BJD for about 3 weeks now on one of my Australian yellow hammers. It's been slowly losing flesh for a few weeks and looks to be coming to it's last days. This will be the 2nd yellow hammer I've lost to brown jelly. Weirdly enough, it's only been the yellow hammers...
  18. SM_Reef

    Nebraska Looking for high end SPS and Euphyllia

    As the title states I'm looking to purchase high end SPS and also looking for rare torch corals or just rare pieces in general including mushrooms, zoas, and other lps. I'm looking for large frags to colonies, payment is ready just let me know what you have. Please PM me a pic of the WYSIWYG...
  19. ACF930

    Pennsylvania Sky Blue Hammer & Purple Tip Hammer Pack

    Beautiful hammer pack available for those Euphyllia lovers and collectors. Includes an Indo Sky Blue Hammer and Aussie Purple Tip Hammer. They have been aquacultured for almost 2 years. The Sky Blue Hammer has 3 heads and is a rare and marvelous hammer from Indonesia. I was fortunate to get...
  20. Kodane

    Louisiana Looking for Torch Colony's

    Looking to buy any high end torch colony's for a reasonable price plus shipping to me in louisiana (70791). Please direct message me and let me know what you got!
  21. NewGoby

    Merge thread - RedSeaReefer 250

    About 2 weeks ago I merged my 3 tanks into 1, namely a Red Sea Reefer 250. Equipment: 1x 200W heater. (thinking about adding a secondary heater.) 1x Jecod DXP 5000 (as a return, lowest setting) 1x TMC Reef-Skim 1.000 1x (temporary) Propeller Pump from Jecod 1x EasyLed 438mm 1.0 with a 1.0...
  22. nautical_nathaniel

    Tips on Putting the Gold Back in my Gold Torch

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks to get the gold color back in my Gold Torch. It's looking more like a plated gold torch with the plating coming off :confused: It acts healthy and receives food like a champ. I may have had it under too much light but I recently toned down my...
  23. Brian Goldstein

    I need your opinion on a YELLOW HAMMER CORAL I just purchased.. Green?

    Hey Reefers! So I just purchased an Australian yellow hammer. It was labeled as "FLORESCENT NEON HIGHLIGHTER YELLOW AUSSIE ULTRA YELLOW BRANCHING HAMMER" . (What a mouthful ) I just dipped the coral and its starting to open up... However, I am a little concerned. It doesn't look nearly as...
  24. tcmfish

    Omaha Zoo Sulawesi Beach Exhibit

    The Sulawesi Beach Exhibit is cared for by myself, Tim Morrissey, at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The tank is roughly 20 foot wide and 3 foot deep at the front. The display is about 10,000 gallons and the reserve is as well, making for a total near 20,000 gallons. A wave enters the...
  25. Mordie101

    16 gallon biocube

    So i started my first saltwater aquarium in July. I have debated on doing this but hey why not. R2R has helped me a lot in the short time and maybe doing this will help others and maybe me too! So i have a biocube 16g. Nothing to special. I have always loved tropical fish and now that I’ve got...
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