1. N

    Hammer loosing a head

    I’m desperate what’s happening to my hammer? It was splitting and I woke up to this. Should I remove the flesh?
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  3. A

    New Jersey New York Live Goods Torches, hammers and shrooms

    Broke 2 of my torch colonies and ended up with 4 minis Cant keep track of all the names out here and had this for a long time already pm me if u need a video I never shipped before so this are pick up. Im willing to meet up #1 colony 9 heads. $50 per head
  4. Cole_Voeller

    Euphyllia Flesh Recession

    Hello all. Recently my euphyllias haven’t been doing amazing. They open up wonderfully, but the flesh has been receding on all of them, and the issue doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Calcium was 380, just dosed some more. Magnesium was 1185, did a dose as well. Phosphates are at around...
  5. uniquecorals

    It's that time of the year again, UC Spoooooky Halloween FlashSale coming your way!

    Halloween is almost upon us! Let's get scary up in here with these incredible deals for your tanks! Over 800+ WYSIWYG corals at up to 75% off for this exclusive one day event. SPS, LPS, Softies, Euphyllia, $5 frags, $10 frags, steals, deals and much more!!! All backed by our UC Guarantee...
  6. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods SPS/ Gold Hammers - Woodbridge NJ

    Some frags for sale. Mili colony pic is posted for reference. Gold hammer frags $15 a head. Green Slimmer Acro - $10 for the small one to the left. $25 each for the fully encrusted frags Sunset Millie - $30 for multi branch frag in picture below. Let me know if you have any questions. Local...
  7. His Coral Highness

    Losing Two Heads of a Hammer

    Parameters are good, only think I dose is KH, so there is a little fluctuation with that (maybe a 1.5 swing at most when I dose) and everything else in the tank looks fine. Even the other heads of my hammer look fine. Why would I just be losing these two heads? It’s like these two are totally...
  8. C

    What’s on my hammer Coral? Please Help a noob!

    Hi there, my husband set a reef tank up a little while ago but I do a lot of the day to day with it. I’ve noticed over the last few days the hammer coral has got little raised white spots on the head of some tentacles. Can anyone help identify them please? Please don’t ask me about water...
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    Absolutely INSANE LPS Hitting Our Site Soon!!

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  10. N

    Florida Live Goods Cheap corals Orlando ($60 gold torch)

    Need to trim corals Gold torch - $60 a head Forest green octospawn - $40 a head Gold hammer - $30 a head WWC Pink Passion mini colony - $75 Seasons Greetings chunky montiporas - $20 Lots of zoas at $10 a frag. Bam bam, rastas, la Lakers, scramble eggs, orange mandarins Clove polyps for $10...
  11. Art Calde

    Florida Live Goods Torches and hammers for sale

    Four head Rapunzel HG $600 (pics 1-5), Two head NY Knicks $300 (pics 6-7), Three head GC Hellfire $540 (each head is splitting to multiple heads) (pics 8-10), Malaysian Banana $180 (pics 11- 12), Four head cotton candy $240 ($60 per head) (pics 13- 15) also have a double for $120, and rainbow...
  12. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods Gold Hammers $20/head - Woodbridge NJ

    I have some more gold hammer frags available in various sizes ranging from singe heads to 4-5 heads. Asking $20 per head. If you get multiple heads (over 4) in total we can work on the price a bit. Pick Up ONLY in Woodbridge NJ 07095 NO SHIPPING - sorry! Message me with any questions!
  13. S

    Large euphyllia

    How much can I get for this euphyllia garden? The pictures consists of a gold hammer with 4 heads, two pink and orange frogspawns both with 4+ heads each, purple tipped hammer with 10+ heads, grey hammer, bicolor frogspawn with over 10 heads, purple tipped frogspawn larger than a soft ball with...
  14. AmbivalentAmbiguity

    Florida Live Goods FS - Torch, Frogspawn, and Hammer

    Forgot to put it in the tag, located in Miami! Hi there! I'm getting out of the hobby, life changes pretty fast sometimes. I bought the Frogspawn and Hammer about two to three years ago here on this very forum, they've definitely grown since then. The torch was bought locally, but around the...
  15. david_ma

    Michigan Live Goods SOLD Corals, cheap, local only Novi MI

    Text 313-268-3195 Toxic hammer colony 10-15 heads $150 Frogspawn colony 10 heads $100 Gold hammer $40 Rainbow hammer $40 Palythoa colony 6” $100 Orange candy mushroom 3” each $50 for colony of 5. Tyree toadstool $60 Inferno anemone 3.5” $200 Platinum clownfish adult pair 2.5” each $80 Coral...
  16. Q

    Too much flow for my hammer ?

    Hello Was wondering if my hammer have too much flow ? It feels like he is very open almost too much. What are you thought ? Thanks in advance :)
  17. Luke Schnabel

    Ohio Live Goods Euphyllia Pack (Hammers/Frogspawn)

    I have this amazing large WYSIWYG Euphyllia pack for sale. -TWO Heads of Frogspawn -TWO Heads of Highlighter Hammer 3-4 Heads of 24k Hammer Roughly 7-8 heads total in the pack. $265 shipped
  18. Luke Schnabel

    Ohio Live Goods Euphyllia Pack (Hammers/Frogspawn)

    . Single large head of Highlighter Branching Hammer Two Heads of 24K Gold Hammer Two heads of Purple Tip Branching Frogspawn SOLD
  19. nycfreshreef

    Small new mini hammer heads all over hammer stalk/skeleton & posting cool pics possibly

    Happy Friday , Happy Weekend Everyone Just wanted to post an interesting photo in one of my tanks Got this hammer several months ago as a smaller 2 head frag , it has since split once and then started growing little mini heads all over its stall , so far I can count 9 all around looks to be...
  20. rsoethe

    Arizona Live Goods God Beast Colony, CC Super Nova, High end Hammers

    8+ polyp God Beast $1000 CC Super Nova small $250 2 head Willy Wonka Knock off $250 2 head Rainbow Hammer $150 Addt’l Zoa and LPS available for add-on UPS Next Day Shipping $50, free at $500 DOA claim required 2 hrs with photo that clearly documents DOA.
  21. B

    Minnesota Live Goods High end beautiful coral pack - Chalice, hammers, and gonis

    I'm tearing down both my systems and selling everything that's sellable.Please, no trades as I am getting out of the hobby :-( Looking for good homes! My miami chalice chunk, WWC kablamo goni colony (pink and purple), tsa Laffy taffy goni, ASD Gold collectors addition hammer (multiple heads)...
  22. CoralsAnonymous

    4th of July Clearance Sale - Up to 80% off select corals - Ends July 12!

    We're kicking off 4th of July with our annual clearance sale here at Corals Anonymous - loads of new invertebrates, fish, and euphyllia among many others now available and on sale. Check out our collection by clicking our banner or collage above and follow us on IG for the latest WYSIWYGs and...
  23. Queen City Corals

    Live Goods SOLD SPONSOR Holy Grail Frammer

    You've probably seen tons of Holy Grail corals but this truly is the Holy Grail of Frammers, this incredible piece is definitely the nicest we've ever gotten our hands on! This coral has a neon green center, bright gold tentacles, and teal tips that make it stand out in even the most stacked...
  24. tylr9m482

    New Jersey Live Goods Gold Hammer

    10+ heads with large flesh bands - $200 Sorry NO SHIPPING Local pick up Woodbridge NJ 07095
  25. B

    Minnesota Live Goods Sold Rare coral pack super beautiful LPS and softies hammers, shroom, goni, and more!

    All these corals sold together in one large pack, shipping included in the price! There are 4 hammers all together, 2 large multiple headed golds, 1 large two tone hammer and a smaller gold. Also there is: Ultra orange and blue Yuma, a 1 foot long patch of GSP, Oulophyllia, Laffy taffy goni, and...