1. R

    Overflow plumbing- did I do it ok?

    This is a 90 gallon corner flo I’ve never done plumbing and I’ve never had a salt tank, I’m tanking this slowwwwly to save money and headache: I have plastic hose clamps coming to replace the metal ASAP, most of this isn’t glued-just pieces that won’t need to be changed. Before I continue, do...
  2. J

    Sump Question

    Good evening everyone! I am building a budget sump setup for a 75 gallon tank. I found this ADHI sump at my LFS for $50, but it didn't come with bulkheads. Does anyone know where to get them and what sizes they may be? Also looking to plug the hole on the bottom with something as I will be...
  3. Lex_510

    Gluing pvc to sump bulkhead??? Yes or no

    Is it a rule to glue The PVC to the sump bulkhead on the top side? is there any pros and cons? And what about the bottoms side
  4. Arcu2


    Does anybody have any idea where I can get 25mm to 3/4 unions other than from coralvue? I'm trying to convert my waterbox plumbing and these things have been out of stock for 2 months. If there's an alternative that anybody knows of please let me know!
  5. Cjshank0

    L shaped tank! Plumbing help!?! Closed loop???

    I am thinking of purchasing an L shaped tank! This thing is awesome and happens to replace my current 5’ tank perfectly with the bonus of the “L” Shape adding another dimension when you are in my fish room. It would end up being a 210 gallon mixed reef. For the price I think I am going to snag...
  6. Darkshadow1500

    Manifold return

    Hello so I purchased a core 20 pump to replace my Vectra S2 as a return pump. I’m going to remove the manifold thats inline my current return that feeds my reactors and have the cor pump as only a return. And my vectra I will plumb so it only feeds the reactors. I plan to just have it...
  7. Lex_510

    Plumbing return line with hard or soft plumbing

    So I’m going back and forth on plumbing a 75 gallon tank for return lines, my 1inch drains x3 overflow will be PVC, so it ok to soft plumbing for the return. What’s the durability? any leaks to be worried about? I want to plumb 2 -3/4 returns on each side
  8. Lex_510

    Plumbing for 2 returns, 1inch or 3/4

    Plumbing a 75gallon display tank and I have a 1500gph pump and 1 inch drains. My question would be, is it best to do 1inch or 3/4 drain with 3/4 bulkhead lock line. Trying to have the best flow less pressure loss
  9. SteveG_inDC

    Are SCH80 fittings just to look cool?

    I mean, we hardly ever need the pressure rating, but I'm feeling the peer pressure to be one of the cool kids with grey fittings to go on my colored furniture grade pipe. Someone please tell me it's ok to use white schedule 40 fittings everywhere. They are cheaper and much more available in...
  10. M

    Build Thread Upgrading! 30x30x30 Cube

    Hello everyone, I am new to the community so excuse my ignorance. I found my love for reef tanks in my teens, but my minimum wage job at 16 couldn’t dream of keeping up with the hobby, so I gave up on it. Now that I make adult money, and still don’t have children to feed, I can try again. I...
  11. biggie4jets

    Plumbing a 80G RR Tank

    Hey everyone So I finished the return line for the 80G RR tank, what do you guys think? Now, I’m trying to plan out the return line. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  12. harley628

    Internal vibration thoughts

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the effects of internal pump vibration on corals. Recently plumbed an external DIY filter using a power head and it caused corals to Immediately close. (Already went through the steps to find the issue) after much experimentation with flow rates, different...
  13. harley628

    Internal vibration thoughts

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the effects of internal pump vibration on corals. Recently plumbed an external DIY filter using a power head and it caused corals to Immediately close. (Already went through the steps to find the issue) after much experimentation with flow rates, different...
  14. Amantijt

    Sump Level Issue

    So recently i set up my new 120gal tank, plumbed it all myself. Drain hole drilled called for a 1 1/2" but hole was cut wrong had to use 1 1/4" for my drain piping which the bulkhead was almost impossible to find by the way. The return was correct and is 3/4". My issue is that even though i have...
  15. harley628

    pvc Loop connected = corals close

    7.5 gallon with 1 gallon fuge over 8 months old. About 20 lbs live rock. Bare bottom . Tank inhabitants include 1 O. clownfish 2 acan colonies (about 10 heads) two hammer frags (2 heads) assorted zoas. I plumbed a filter loop using a power head and an inline water filter housing. Allowed to...
  16. keithIHS

    Spa flex not safe for potable water?

    I was planning to plumb drains and returns with spa flex, but then I saw this at under "Description": "Same Size as Sch 40 PVC pipe, Available in White, black or gray. White is NSF 51 rated (but not for potable water) Our main product." Another website...
  17. Cjshank0

    Maryland Plumbing HOB Overflow boxes

    Sorry I just saw this. Need to clean them all up. I have one Aqua-lifter and some tubing I can include also. Prices do not include shipping. CPR CS90. Newer, purchased after posting this. I was using on a frag setup. (600 GPH)$100 CPR CS50 It will need a new bulkhead unless you want to plumb...
  18. SteveG_inDC

    Return pump recommendation?

    Planning a 240g DT with 1.5" full bean overflow to 100g tank configured as sump. Returns: overflow has two 1" holes for return line. Standard sump configuration with refugium. No reactors or UV planned (may come later?) I want to run submersible. The sump already has a 1" bulkhead (currently...
  19. Yogi192

    Plumbing a Ecotech L2 pump to a Reefer 900 3XL

    I thought I could connect the return Y connector to the Ecotech L2 pump with barb fittings and flex tubing. But the Y connector barb fitting is sitting below the barb fitting for the return pump. The barbs are 1". Any suggestions of what i can do? Is there a better solutions for this?
  20. TheReefArchitect

    DIY Drilling & plumbing

    I've recently purchased a 600x400x400 optiwhite nano tank and plan on drilling the tank myself. I haven't ordered and plumbing or started drilling the tank so i thought i best check with someone more experienced than myself. What is the best design / setup to run. I had ideally wanted to...
  21. Reefacist

    Build Thread Pharmacist Reefer...First Timer 120gallon build...let’s do this!!! Need your help!!

    Hi y’all, so where do I start. Basically staying home for covid got me restarting my ig and one of the first posts I saw was a friends puffer fish and let me tell you is was love at first sight. After that day no matter how long this lockdown takes I know I won’t be bored. Every day I would...
  22. SauceK

    Help with plumbing a used tank

    Hi all! I bought a 180g acrylic tank with dual overflows secondhand. And I am just a little lost on how to do the plumbing. There are multiple holes on the tank, just wondering if they are output/input in terms of flow. Here are pics of the tank, if you guys can redirect me to any educational...
  23. D

    Red Sea Reefer 170 plumbing

    I am looking to buy a red sea reefer 170 tank only for $250 CAD soon, the only thing is it comes with none of the plumbing, return nozzles, overflow strainers, sump or stand. This is okay with me, I can make a good stand, and I have a spare sump. The only thing is I have no idea how to do the...
  24. demonspeedn

    Minnesota North Dakota 1 1/2" True Union Ball Valves

    I have 3 brand new 1 1/2" IPEX True Union Ball valves. 2 sealed in the box, the other removed for photos. Have both slip and threaded fittings included. Looking to get $60 for all 3. That's cheaper than the price of 1.
  25. C

    Herbie Overflow getting split and going into 2 filter socks or E-valve into one sock and overflow into another?

    So here is the thing I am currently new and plumbing my first tank. I am doing a Herbie overflow because that seems to be what fits on a tank that has 2 bulkheads. Essentially I have a sump with 2 filter socks and outlets to get plumbed to those filter socks. What I am trying to do is maximize...