1. C

    Herbie Overflow getting split and going into 2 filter socks or E-valve into one sock and overflow into another?

    So here is the thing I am currently new and plumbing my first tank. I am doing a Herbie overflow because that seems to be what fits on a tank that has 2 bulkheads. Essentially I have a sump with 2 filter socks and outlets to get plumbed to those filter socks. What I am trying to do is maximize...
  2. Tkipl

    New Peninsula Build (P650)

    Just taken delivery of a Red Sea P650 .. thought i'd start a thread to track my progress Gradually pulling together the equipment - countdown to first water in ~2 weeks! Room prep - new tile floor: Mixing station prep - slabs down: Water tanks and plumbing on it's way: P650 has...
  3. H

    Quietest way to setup a return line into a sump?

    I have a 20g long that I want to plump to a 10g sump, I was thinking of hard plumbing the return side with a gate valve, whats the quietest way to have it plumbed?
  4. Schwartzy

    NEED OPINIONS - Custom 50g Acrylic Tank Plumbing

    Hello all, I have once again come to seek your advice and knowledge. I recently acquired a custom 50 gallon acrylic tank with a back wall overflow. (pictures are included below). This will be plumbed into a Trigger Systems Ruby 30 sump. I am looking at having this tank set up towards the end of...
  5. Crystal.Clear

    My First Plumbing! need Helps, Tips, and Ideas( please see the pictures)

    My First Plumbing! need Helps, Tips, and Ideas( please see the pictures) Hi guys hope everyone doing well these days. I'm gonna start with the story about my stand first. I visited my local fish shop to buy some snails and end up buying that stand ( I'm sure you all have those moments)...
  6. psumms

    Return Pump Plumbing - When to reduce down

    Was thinking last night about most efficient way to plumb a return pump with 40mm output to Red Sea Reefer 25mm return pipe. Looking to minimise running cost and noise from back pressure. So, is it better to run 40mm pipe from the pump up and as far as possible then reduce down or, reduce to the...
  7. McJaeger

    Question about patching holes in glass

    I got a really good deal on a deep blue 57g reef ready rimless tank, but the center overflow takes up way too much space in the display. I'd like to remove the overflow, patch the holes in the bottom, and drill new holes in the back to plumb a low profile overflow and return. Has anyone done...
  8. Jtfortune3

    SUMP & PLUMBING DESIGN.. Need Critique!

    Hey there so I’m setting up a 125 display tank and plan to design the plumbing and have already made the sump. I decided to make a graphic in photoshop of my design and need some help on what I could do better or what could be wrong with this design. Never had a tank with a sump nor this size...
  9. Chrisss

    Can this plumbing work? (Remote Sump)

    I'm planning on creating a "fish room" in the garage to hold my remote sump, mixing station, filters, etc..... Right now I have a house layout as such: Fish tank is going to go in the "fish tank" area. Can I run the plumbing from the behind the fish tank, along the bedroom / office wall...
  10. gotmesalty77

    Im decent a DIY but im gonna need the creative minds here to help me with this one

    So basically ive been told that until we find a larger house i am on a tank restriction. I can add whatever i want to under the tank including tanks just nothing unsightly outside of my undisputed territorial lines. As of now i have a mess of wires and neat freaks nightmare for a sump fuge area...
  11. dustinc

    New Setup Plumbing Help

    I have a new Planet 120 that is being delivered tomorrow, and I'm working on my plumbing design. It is an internal overflow box that is pre-drilled with 4 holes (2 x 1" & 2 x 3/4"). It is obviously ran this way to run 2 drain and 2 return. I've ran Herbie before with great success, but I like...
  12. Squishy

    Plumbing for New Setup, 210 Gallon Dual Mega-flow

    Hello All, I am somewhat new to the forums and to the saltwater hobby. It may be a bit if a task to start with a 200 gallon, but I am very eager to do so. I have done a ton of reading on here, and right now I planning the plumbing so I can start getting the materials. To explained the drawing...
  13. Mitch Summerford

    HELP Waterbox 130 Plumbing for Dummy

    Hello, I have a Waterbox 130.4 ordered and I want to get all of the plumbing parts I need before it gets here. I emailed @Waterbox Aquariums and got the dumbest answer. "There are many different versions over the years, but they are all similar so I'm not sure exactly what you will get."...
  14. Squishy

    New 210

    Hi All, I am just starting to setup a 210 dual mega flow tank. Right now I am designing the plumbing, or at least trying to. I am going to be running a DC return pump that is rated 3100gph @24 feet head pressure, hence the idea I have for the overflows. The sump was just a quick sketch to show...
  15. nickkohrn

    Need Assistance with Plumbing Decision

    I am working on putting together a new frag system. It will consist of a 40-gallon breeder and a Bashsea Smart Series sump. The sump has three 1.5" drain connections, which is helpful as I intend to use a Bean Animal configuration. However, that is where I need your assistance as I decided to...
  16. H

    Please help! :/

    I just finished plumbing my tank and it only has one hole drilled in the overflow. So i decided to plumb it using a durso standpipe. I even got a cap and drilled a hole in it and pht some airline tubing in the hole with a ball valve. As soon as i started running the tank with water i noticed...
  17. BoSalman

    Overflow noise...options?

    Hello, So it's been quiet a while since i started my 100G setup... Tank is a CadLights Artisan 100G, comes with Durso stand pipe drain, that has 1x 1.25" drain pipe, and 2x 0.75" pipes one for emergency drain and one for return. My water height is almost at halfway through the teeth of the...
  18. thereefingguy

    Plumbing rodi to washer

    Hi I need help on plumbing my rodi to my washer. I have no idea what to look for at Home Depot. Can anyone tell me what parts I need?
  19. Jeremy Lain

    Drilling a 20 gallon tank, how much water flow, and what size pvc pipe to use?

    Hello, I want to drill my 20 gallon tank; I was wondering how much water flow I need, and what size pvc pipe to use?
  20. Missbillygoat993

    Woman building aquarium cabinet and setting up 200g tank

    Hello everyone, I finally became a member today. I have been keeping a reef tank for 2 years with the full support of my hubby. I have been reading the posts here and some info online with regards to the set up. I now plan to build an 8ft tank Stan and order a dt and sump and just do the...
  21. MillsReef

    Waterbox came with glued bulkhead?

    So I just got my Waterbox 170.4/5 delivered, and i was plumbing it today and the return line bulkhead was attached wrong. I tried everything to remove it from the fitting, and NOTHING is taking that sucker out... has anyone had the same issues?
  22. JAM-MAN

    Plumbing a Sump for Herbie and Bean Animal Returns and a Clarisea Filter

    Planning to have several tanks sharing a single sump (1 100G, 1-30 and 1-25). The 100G has a three pipe Bean Animal overflow box, and the two nano tanks use two hole "Herbie" style overflows. The 100G won't be plumbed into the sump immediately, just the 30 and 25G. I suppose I could just add...
  23. MillsReef

    Ecotech Vectra M2 question

    I have a Waterbox 170.4/5 on the way, and it has a 1" ID return hose. I purchased the Ecotech Vectra M2 as a return pump for it, and I was wondering, how did you guys plumb your Vectras? I want to make sure I did it right. Lol! Pictures would be extremely helpful!
  24. MillsReef

    Waterbox 170.4/5 help!

    Does anyone have any experience with the waterbox 170.4/5 plumbing? I'm wanting to run a Ecotech Vectra M2, but idk what fitting to use to attach it to the supplied return line... I'm sure I'm just an idiot, but any help or advice would be super helpful! Also, if I need to get a different pump...
  25. Isolated Reef

    HELP: Aquatic Life RODI Drain Saddle Too Large

    Today I received my first RODI unit which is the aquatic life 4 stage RODI. Following the YouTube video from marine depot, I followed the steps and everything was going according to plan. I just drilled a hole above the p trap and come to find out that the drain saddle won’t fit as my pipe is...