1. D

    Need Help with BR-110 Biopellet Reactor

    Wondering if anyone can help me or give me some pointers with my Reef Octopus BR 110 biopellet reactor. I currently have a 300 gallon set up with a Vectra L2 (3100 gph) for my return with a manifold system. I currently only have a UV sterilizer attached to my manifold and was trying to add the...
  2. T

    Plumbing Fix

    Unfortunately, I hired a "professional" to plumb my 300 gallon tank (they did an absolute terrible job). I mostly didn't have the time to do it myself due to some other focus areas, but here I find myself correcting things. One result of what they did, there's a leak to a short cut of pipe...
  3. SPS2020

    North Carolina Plumbing Drygoods Georg Fischer 1" Check Valve NIB

    New in box Georg Fischer 1" Wye Check Valve $50 shipped
  4. Peanut

    Plumbing Best Practice

    I'm starting to plan to build my next tank... Given the following: A) COR 20 with it's .75" output, with its output upsized using the included 1.25" Union B) a UV that has 2" inputs and outputs C) 1" Neptune flow meters D) a tank that has 25mm return lines (20mm ID) My plan is to run 1.25"...
  5. H

    Pump size for 300 gallon closed loop system

    Any recommendations on GPH for a closed loop system? It has one 1.5" drain and four 1.5" return lines on the back wall of the tank. The display volume is 300 gallons. It has a sump with two overflows and four 1" return lines. Approximate head height is about 4.5 feet. I have the...
  6. X

    Help with a plumbing leak

    Hi guys! A few days ago I bought a new tank, so I've been working on plumbing it for the past few days the emergency PVC pipe is leaking and I just can't find a way to fix it, it is leaking from the top of it where it connects to the overflow box, I already added Teflon tape, and the leak...
  7. X

    Help a newbie plumbing! Herbie method

    Hi guys! I recently bought a new tank, now I’ve been working on plumbing it for a couple days and it’s almost done! Just came across some concerns I noticed my overflow box has water intels above and below (like the drawing I attached) so I’m concerned that my main water drain PVC will drain a...
  8. X

    Help a rookie with Herbie plumbing

    Hi guys! In the past few days, I've been working on plumbing a new reef tank I bought, I chose the Herbie overflow method, so I placed my main drain pipe about 5 inches below the emergency one, so the problem is that my new tank comes with an internal overflow box that has water lintels above...
  9. iGotJokess

    Bean Animal drain question

    What is everyone’s thoughts on leaving the full syphon drain wide open vs using a “upside down u”? The way my overflow box is would call for 2 different plumbing techniques due to the size of the 1 1/2in pvc for the drains. I’ve only used the “u’s” in the past but have read some leave it wide...
  10. H

    1.5" bulkhead closed loop plumbing

    I have never plumbed a closed loop system before. Recently purchased a 300 gallon aquarium with 1.5" bulkheads on the returns. Having a difficult time deciding what the best way to connect the 3/4" loc-line. Any links, tips, info you can share? I haven't purchased and loc-line or adapters just...
  11. C

    RO/DI drain valve

    Hello everyone so I am soon going to purchase an RODI system for underneath my bathroom sink and before I get it I want to know where I should drill the hole for the drain line on the filter. I know putting it straight into the sink is an option but I’d rather have it look tidier. Some people...
  12. reefsaver

    Auto Water Change Kamoer X2SR + Reefactory Level Keeper: Brainstorming how to disengage Level Keeper/ATO while Kamoer X2SR operating

    I've been wanting to set up auto water changes for a while now, but before I buy the X2SR I can't figure out how I'm going to set it up. If worst comes to worst I'll just make it drain and fill simultaniously. I would preferably take the most efficient option and drain directly from the sump...
  13. rpkneumann

    Old style 150 GA Plumbing Question

    Started a rebuild of an 2005 Oceanic 150 ga tank. I thought I had a plan until i continued thinking and reading to much about plumbing. The tank comes with two overflows build in ( 2 holes drilled on bottom of each) . looks like from the old plumbing parts that it used to be plumbed with 1...
  14. DatReefGuy

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Hampshire Rhode Island WTB WTB Frag Tank

    Hi all. Looking to buy a frag tank. A lot of corals in my tank are starting to get big and need to frag them soon. Hoping to not break the bank with this. Located in northern, central mass and willing to travel within reason. Let me know. Thank you. Dan
  15. legacy2mj

    Plumbing question

    Setting up a small flat next to my display to house my frags. The tank has an overflow. Is it necessary to include a durso style overflow drain? Or since there is no risk of the tank draining to the bulkhead level is anything needed at the bulkhead? Pictures included.
  16. KHH

    Hard plumbing T

    I’m brand new to plumbing so I might not even have the right verbiage here so forgive me. Im trying to plumb in a UV sterilizer to my system. I have 1 inch soft plumbing coming from my return pump. Do they make a T splitter that is barbed and then the T can be set up with a split union...
  17. Amybolton2

    Waterbox plumbing barbs too loose for the hose?

    I have a new Waterbox infinia 125. I’m having a hard time with plumbing it to the Vectra m2.. From my research it looks like the Waterbox has used a metric hose? And I need to convert it to standard to fit? A little over my head, I bought the plumbing and went with this setup because I thought...
  18. Jamie814

    Plumbing Miscellaneous Big Box O miscellaneous pluming parts! Bulkheads, hose barbs, pvc check valves ect!

    As pictured WYSIWYG Lots of parts, many bulkheads, three 1.5" clear swing check valves, pvc fittings, black and grey, screens, most 1.5" slip fittings, plus much more!
  19. M

    Tank Build - IM 75 EXT

    Hi All, I’m setting up a IM 75EXT for mix reef use after 10 years out of the hobby. Thought I would start this thread to share the build and get advice/feedback as I go along. I spent some time modifying the the plumbing kit to (1) allow for offsetting the sump in the stand to make room for...
  20. Z

    Display refugium plumbing

    Question regarding plumbing a display refugium. So basically I have a 135g running off of two canister filters and no sump. I am going to plumb a 35g display refugium into the system. My plan was to run a 1inch siphon tube between them and an in-line pump from the 35 into the 135. So in theory...
  21. vcnt

    What size bulkheads do I need?

    The two holes in my tank is 1" and 1 1/2", Do I need bulkheads that say 1 and 1 1/2? If not what do I need?
  22. C

    To drill for sump or not?

    Hello, I'm currently wanting to upgrade one of my tanks. And I have only had experience with AIO tanks. My reasons for wanting to upgrade is because I want to get a bigger tank and also have it fit better in the space where the current tank is it. I've been looking for a used tank to buy, and...
  23. sa4ety

    Overflow being inconsistent

    I have an Innovative Marine 50 gal EXT tank with a herbie style overflow and ive been having a lot of trouble with my overflow fluctuating. I have a trigger crystal cube 18 sump and had originally for a couple of months used a Sicce Syncra 3.0 for my return but had been having issues with my...
  24. Z

    Display macro algae tank plumbed into main reef display

    Hey all, I’ve been working on setting up my 135 and I’m well into the process. I’m running two canister filters on the main 135 reef so I do not have a sump. I want to plumb a 15 gallon column tank into the main display, but I don’t want a HOB overflow or to drill the tank. My idea is to run a...
  25. J

    Overflow boxes and plumbing

    Hi, I’ve just bought my own display tank as I fancied doing my own setup, stand, sump and plumbing etc myself. Im stuck between which overflow to buy between the 2 types attached. The shorter box would be good because it takes less space, however it means the plumbing is at the back of the...