porcupine puffer

  1. J

    Prolapse on Porcupine Puffer

    Hello everyone, it's me again, you may recognize my name as I have been having a lot of fish related bad luck this past week with 1 fish dying and 2 more becoming ill, all-in different tanks. I was on the forum yesterday and today to get to the bottom of my sick snowflake eel who I suspect has...
  2. Crazyfish928

    EMERGENCY Anyone knows why his eyes turns white ?

    Please check for
  3. J

    EMERGENCY Porcupine pufferfish with cloudy fins

    My porcupine pufferfish has a cloudy patch on her right fin and seems to have a bit of a torn tail. I just noticed today after watching her eat. She was breathing a little heavy after feeding but she seems to do that sometimes. I have also only ever seen her puff up on a few occasions but saw...
  4. Plzpizza

    Puffer got ich! What to do!

    Hello, I found out yesterday my puffer has developed ich. Picture below. I have a total of 4 fish in my tank including my puffer. How do I go about treating it in a QT. I just set one up today. Can I put all of them inside with out cycling my QT tank. When I hit the therapeutic levels of...
  5. BluerSkiesAhead

    Cloudy Fin on Porcupine Puffer -HELP??

    My porcupine puffer is acting completely normal and eating just fine, but he has weird cloudy patches in fins that weren’t there yesterday. Does anyone know what this is??
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