New York Powerheads Drygoods Tunze Turbelle Stream 6255 1300-4800 GPH Monster!!!

    Bough two for 270G and holy smokes this thing should come with a warning; already sold one, this is the 2nd one - BRAND NEW IN BOX. I decided to go with fine oolite sand and this monster is just waaaaaay too powerful. This belongs on a tank 400 gallon plus or will be perfectly fine in a large...
  2. His Coral Highness

    No Mechanical Filtration?

    Long story short, I have a 16 gallon tank that I’ve only been using to house some feeder shrimp, crabs, and a toadfish. I originally broke it down as a reef tank when I moved everything in it to my main 75 gallon reef system. I only have it about halfway full and I primarily just use it to raise...
  3. mward

    California Live Goods Nero 5 with new motor

    Nero 5 with new motor with original box - $175 shipped to the lower 48
  4. M

    Louisiana Powerheads Drygoods SOLD 2 Brand new vortech mp40wqd, Factory sealed.

    I have two brand new factory sealed mp40's, changed build plans. $760 plus shipping, located in gonzales, La 70737
  5. TLO45

    Powerheads Package Deal Drygoods Octo pulse 4’s for sale 5 available

    I have 5 Octopulse 4’s available for sale. Very good shape, cleaned and ready to go. Original boxes Used about 10-11 months. New retail is $340 each Selling for $225 shipped in CONUS If purchasing 2 or more $200 each shipped
  6. T

    Florida Powerheads Drygoods Two mp40 mobius ready $300

    Breaking down tank this weekend do everything will go Waterbox 100g geo dual calcium reactor carbon doser , vectra s1 Kamoer fxstp two radion xr15 w pro Neptunes apex el Nero 5 all must go But for now the mp40s
  7. B

    Michigan Powerheads Drygoods SOLD VorTech MP40mQD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine - Michigan- Will Ship

    VorTech MP40mQD - Mobius Ready QuietDrive Propeller Pump - EcoTech Marine - SOLD I have 2 to sell, $300 each plus shipping Bought new winter of 2021, only used in my tank.
  8. Karen00

    What a difference proper lighting and flow has on corals

    Hello fellow saltines, I thought I would post my experience with my first attempt at corals (disastrous) and my second attempt (going much better). This is my first SW tank (yes I still have to do a build thread) that was started early July 2021 as a fish only tank. The tank is a TopFin 5g and...