1. A

    White spots on Tomini Tang

    I've got a very shy Tomini Tang who is hard to get to hold still long enough to take pictures of but hopefully these are good enough. On the fish's left side near its dorsal fin are a couple of white spots. Could someone help me to determine what this might be and if what I'm doing is...
  2. Trueruby


    Hi Everybody, I actually posted here that my corals were loosing colour after prazi treatment. after couple days, my xenias and zoas are vanished. Polyp corals about to vanish too. Many of them...
  3. VanCityReef

    Can you mix copper and prazi?? Clownfish & 6-Line

    Hey guys, I'm currently quarantining two small clownfish and one small 6-line wrasse. Over the course of a week I have slowly been bringing them up to therapeutic levels of copper. I am noticing that both clowns have white stringy poop which, (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) are symptoms...
  4. Sakosreef

    Transitioning into Ich prevention from ich management

    Hello everyone, I really need your help. I started a 55 gallon reef 2 years ago, never quarantined anything and practiced ich management and a lot of "dump any pray", fast forwarding a year and a half i upgraded to a 75 gallon reef, couple months later I got a 180 which is my current tank. Im...
  5. Nicksfish

    Worms that survived copper and prazi?

    Hi everyone, I’m having trouble with a fluke like worm that has survived 30 days of cupramine at 0.5 as well as 3 weeks of prazi at double the dose every 4 days, as the first go round didn’t eliminate them. I removed all medicine 3 days ago and saw them flashing again today. Did a freshwater...