1. unchaotic

    Dosing Ammonia with Prime

    I don't want to start a debate on whether or not (and how) Prime detoxifies ammonia. There are plenty of raging debates on that already. I want to ask a purely hypothetical question. Now, assuming Prime does what it says (remember, we're not here to debate this), would a person be able to...
  2. Angelo Fatica

    AI Prime 16HD Intensity Help

    Hello all, I am setting up a 3ft wide by 1 ft deep by 2 feet tall reef tank and I am planning on lighting it with AI Prime 16HDs. I have 3 at the moment and I am trying to get a read on how 3 primes can be used to achieve a mixed reef with such a deep tank? Any help and experience is...
  3. B

    Build Thread Need help lighting a 90 gallon

    Hey guys so I’m picking up a 90 gallon reef ready tank on Thursday. Currently I’m running 2 AI primes on 40b. I keep all lps with a couple montis and so far everything looks great. I’m trying to figure out lighting for the 90 build though. The dimensions are 48x18x24. I’m not sure if two primes...
  4. C

    Anenome ammonia nitrite spike

    Hi all, I have a 7 month old 50 gallon frameless with a 15 gallon sump (all i could fit). Protein skimmer, single chamber media reactor down below, and refugium (not doing much since I got the reactor), and tons of bio media. 6 fish in all. Some beginner corals. Sea stars, hermits, and snails...
  5. BaileyB

    need help with AI prime settings

    So I recently got a Red Sea Max nano with an AI prime and some bubble tips. I asked the previous owner what he had his lights at and he said he couldn’t remember. I drained the tank and set it back up at my house with the same rocks, sand, and water. Ran carbon for 24 hours and then did a 15%...
  6. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 multiples

    I am the second owner of these lights, I ended up with Radion G5 blues instead and just need to sell these or trade. I have 3 of them and a gateway. They all come in the original packaging and are in great condition. I am looking to get $600 shipped and will include the gateway for $50 if you...
  7. kev.2013

    Iowa WTB WTB AI Prime HD (white or black fixture)

    Looking to buy an AI Prime HD, color of the fixture doesn’t matter. Please send any pic of the LED clusters if you have one available.
  8. E


    My 250g (total) fish only system has been up for about six or seven months. In the first week of June I will be transferring all the fish into a 550g system. When I started I bought 13 fish and added a quarantine dose of either Copper Power or Cuprimine (I have forgotten which). 8 have...
  9. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED Radion XR30 GEN 3 & Ai Prime w/mount

    Purchased a complete set up from another reefer and don’t have use for either of these anymore. Both work perfectly, maybe need a decent cleaning. Radion XR30 Gen 3 - $325 shipped AI Prime (white) w/ tank mount - $150 shipped
  10. Gadamwoll

    Florida AI Prime or Kessil

    Anyone have an AI prime or kessil for sale at reasonable price? My current lights are not cutting it. On a tight budget but don't want my coral to die.
  11. MichaelP121579

    AI Prime 16s

    went from a 31x31x15 tank to a redsea reefer. I'm running the schedule in pics but I'm wandering if I should run something more intense 4 prime 16s. I just transferred all the livestock from my old tank to the reefer 425lx today. Also anyone. done any diy refugium in a stock redsea tank.
  12. S

    Georgia AI prime hd

    Selling my AI prime hd I have 2 of them selling them for $170 shipped each. Both come with mount.
  13. Eve


    So Im in the middle of cycling my tank with fish in it. Checking the water parameters it seems like the nitrites and ammonia are very high, which obviously it’s supposed to happen, but it seems like it’s really not going down. Is it possible to do a 50% to 75% water change in the middle of...
  14. imanewberry

    Cube Build MY FIRST REEF TANK Waterbox CUBE 20 Gallon

    Hi all! My name is Cody from Charlotte, NC and I am starting up my very first reef tank. Ever since considering starting up a tank, I have done the vast majority of my reading on reef2reef. I thought it would be a fun adventure to join the community and begin with documenting my first tank...
  15. Ej Chavex

    Texas Prime HD w/Arm

    Used AI Prime HD black with matching black mounting arm. Used but in good condition about a year old. Light in the center is being sold taking down today to clean up and get ready to ship it to buyer. Price is shipped to your door.
  16. diverpat

    North Carolina Two AI Prime HD's white

    I'm selling (2) AI Prime HD's in white. They were purchased mid Dec 2018, they have about 5 months of use on them and are in excellent condition. Each light includes power supply, cords, and box. They do not come with mounts. I'm selling them because I upgraded my lights to AI Hydra 26's...
  17. MarineDepot

    ☀ Daylight Savings Special: 0% APR Financing on Lighting ☀

    ☀ Daylight Savings Special: 0% APR Financing on Lighting ☀ Pay over 3, 6, or 12 months with Affirm
  18. Stephen Reed

    Ai prime lense melted

    I’ll start out by saying I really like this little light, the WiFi can be hit or miss but I don’t think it’s something you should be messing with daily. My ai prime is only 6 months old at the most. last night when I was feeding my tank I noticed in the reflection that 2 less were a lot crisper...
  19. sscg

    Bleaching QT and removing bleach with safe

    Can someone reccomend some cheap chlorine test strips, I'm about to bleach my qt and I want to use Safe/Prime to remove bleanch
  20. Reef of Fillory

    Michigan Apex w/ EB8 and probes for Nano Light [AI Prime?] + cash

    Hey everyone, I've got an Apex Classic brain Temp Sensor pH probe [wet] 1x EB8 [orange label] Jebao-Apex control module 2x Jebao SW-2 pumps [need cleaned] w/ original controllers & Power cords I'm looking to trade for a light for my 5 gallon tank [w/gooseneck/mount] such as an AI Prime...
  21. G

    New Jersey RedSea Max Nano

    Need to get this gone You will get everything a RedSea Max Nano comes with plus .... -2 NeoTherm Heaters -Marco Rock Scape -and a ton of extras (pictures) I have paper to verify purchase and warranty 550$ PM for any other needed details Pick up 07731/07748
  22. C

    Cupramine and Prime question?

    I'll be housing black mollies in a tank for 2-3 days for them to settle down before acclimating them to saltwater. The tank was recently used for Cupramine treatment (19 days), after which I cleaned it with vinegar and since then it has been sitting dry and empty. As this is freshwater I must...
  23. R

    Pennsylvania Ai prime+ cash for h380

    wanting to trade my ai prime non hd plus cash for a kessil h380 also dunno if its allowed but i have a apple watch nike series 2 42mm ill throw in also works perfect comes with extra band charge cable and wall plug
  24. Berlibee

    WTB Prime HD or Hydra 26 HD.

    WTB Prime HD or Hydra 26 HD - Please let me know what do you have. Thank you.
  25. Dythomas11

    AI prime HD optimal settings

    I just started up my first nano tank (20 Long). It has finished cycling and I’ve just bought a Prime HD. My question is what are the most ideal settings to run the light at? Not a huge fan of the all blues visually. I want to hear some of your guys’ suggestions for both visuals and coral...