1. Biologic

    Brown film? Oh it was "rust?" from a pump.

    In my saltwater mixing bins, I've been noticing a brown film for weeks. I have to clean my bins weekly. Changed out all my RO/DI filters. Testing the water I am at ZERO TDS. Still a brown film after a week or so. So I am cleaning out my bin again, weekly, I decided to clean my pumps. Ah...
  2. fox0521

    Let’s talk flow in a peninsula tank!

    Hey folks, I’ve got a 2’x2’x4’ 125 gallon peninsula tank. I don’t have it set up as a peninsula, but I got a great deal on it so I couldn’t pass it up! I’m struggling to get flow that doesn’t leave dead spots, but also doesn’t super blast my LPS and softies! Currently using a return pump...
  3. jafoca11

    Nano Build DC Pump Options for Biocube 32

    Hello All- I have been looking around to see what DC / controllable pump options there might be out there for a 32G Biocube. So far I have found a few, but the issue with them is that none of them appear to be compatible with the controller I want to use (Hydros). Ideally I want to control with...
  4. S


    Hello I looking for GHL sa 2.1 doser
  5. codee

    Using a inexpensive utility sump pump to move water from Brute?

    Does anyone use an inexpensive utility sump pump to move saltwater from their Brute (or mixing station) up to their tank? I need a pump with at least 15 of head height, as I'm pushing water up the stairs from the basement. Most of these utility pumps do not indicate if they are safe pushing...
  6. B

    Thousand Ways To Use Dosing Pumps

    I'm curious to find out what people are using their dosing pumps for! Mainly other than standard 2-part. What other supplements can we automate by incorporating dosing pumps? Diluting products that normally are dosed by drops or caps? Using automatic magnetic stirrers, to suspend solids? Come...
  7. harley628

    Internal vibration thoughts

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the effects of internal pump vibration on corals. Recently plumbed an external DIY filter using a power head and it caused corals to Immediately close. (Already went through the steps to find the issue) after much experimentation with flow rates, different...
  8. harley628

    Internal vibration thoughts

    Would like to hear your thoughts on the effects of internal pump vibration on corals. Recently plumbed an external DIY filter using a power head and it caused corals to Immediately close. (Already went through the steps to find the issue) after much experimentation with flow rates, different...
  9. Saveafish

    Indiana Kentucky 180 gallons full set up and loads of other things with it.

    I'm moving to a bigger house and going to remodel it. I need this puppy gone and fast!!! I'm looking to 1500.00$. OBO. Willing to trade for a dependable pick up truck too. You get the ro/di. Mixing station. All the test kits every thing. Every thing. Un used sand a MH 250w digital. led black...
  10. uniquecorals

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Huge Sale Going On! 20% off all livestock, and up to 20% off select brands.

    The huge sale event started! Friday to Monday, new drops every day. #memorialdayweekend #sale 20% off all #livestock - colonies, frags, collector's items, signature corals. Use code MW20 at checkout. Plus great drygoods discounts too! All these amazing brands will be on sale. (no code...
  11. badluckman

    Choice of pumps for 6ft tank

    Heya, I'm currently trying to decide on what pump setup to use on my 6ft long 190g because my flow is a little low at the moment(about 20x) and I would like to replace a very old and noisy AquaClear streamer with something better. I also run 2 Tunze 6065 at the moment. At first I was thinking...
  12. A

    Crazy aquarium idea?

    Hello all, I have made the decision to get another saltwater aquarium to have a fish-only tank and another fish + reef tank. I currently have a drilled 75 gallon that has been running great for years with a sump. I am going to be acquiring a 150 gallon that is not drilled on the bottom like...
  13. J

    New reef build...Looking for suggestions

    I'm looking to get into the hobby and have been doing a ton of research but also wanted to pick the brains of the experienced members to make sure I do it right. I have my eyes on the Waterbox 100.3 due to size of the area and it's sleek design. I plan on staring with aquascape and soft corals...
  14. AquaDaddy

    Washington Dolphin AM Master Pump

    Two dolphin pumps for sale. They've never seen water. They are both Diamond AM 6250-2. $400.00 each plus shipping or make me an offer.
  15. Big B

    Missouri Steiner 100 gdp pump

    dual head 100gpd Steiner pump. Works great, used for about a year. I used it for automatic water changes and it worked perfectly. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks 300 tyd
  16. TheLadyCrash

    2100+ GPH pump recommendations

    I’m in the process of building out my new Waterbox 230.6 tank. The recommendation on flow is 2100 GPH. 1.) Am I correct in assuming I need to take into account head height (about 5’)? 2.) Any recommendations on pumps? I had initially thought about the Vectra L1 but I’m not sure if it is...
  17. Reeferdude56

    Ohio WTB: controllable Tunze Pumps used less than a year

    looking for controllable Tunze pumps with minimal use. Thanks!
  18. MarineDepot

    WiFi Roundup

    WiFi Roundup Our Favorite WiFi Controllable Aquarium Products!
  19. Ryan Kraft

    jaebo wavemaker

    Hey y'all I'm wondering if there is a way to teather 2 older wavemakers to one unit besides buying the dual controller
  20. sotsreef

    WTB: Sicce Micra Plus Aquarium Pump

    Im looking for two sicce micra plus aquarium pumps that are used or new and in decent/usable condition. Should turnover 158 gph, here’s the link to the marine depot listing. Pm me offers and for my zip.
  21. Uscanga2311

    silent pumps for nano tanks?

    hi R2R family. im searching for a very silent mini-pump for my nano tank (3oGAL), Is a all-in-one tank, so the sump is behind de tank, what pump you recommend, also I looking for low consume of energy. my options now are: MINI-MJ 404 WATER PUMP (106 GPH) - COBALT AQUATICS Eheim COMPACTON 600...
  22. KevinRosso

    Pump for mixing and pumping saltwater

    Looking for a pump to mix and pump saltwater. I have a 60 gallon cube so i don't need anything huge. Thanks!
  23. Justin84

    Basement set-ups! Show and tell time!!!!

    For those that have the luxury of setting up their filtration (refugiums, sumps, and equipment) in their basement, what does it look like? How do you accomplish your water changes? What type of equipment or methods do you use to make your reefing experience more enjoyable? Ive scoured youtube a...
  24. Fishhands

    Turnover rate? Which pump?

    Im wondering which return pump i get. I am building a 40g. With the sump minus sand and rocks i should be at +- 60g. It will be pumping up about 3 1/2' - 4' head. What should turnover w/o power heads be. Ive heard 4times on the low end and 10 on the triton method. What are you all running?
  25. Anthony Mckay

    Hydor Spetz L45 ii

    Hello guys, I'm after some help please. My hydor performer L45 pump burnt out so I got a new one but it doesn't come with the blue locking ring or outlet part that holds the impeller as this broke somehow too !!! I've tried searching the internet and contacting Hydor (no reply after several...