1. AquaDaddy

    Washington Dolphin AM Master Pump

    Two dolphin pumps for sale. They've never seen water. They are both Diamond AM 6250-2. $400.00 each plus shipping or make me an offer.
  2. Big B

    Missouri Steiner 100 gdp pump

    dual head 100gpd Steiner pump. Works great, used for about a year. I used it for automatic water changes and it worked perfectly. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks 300 tyd
  3. TheLadyCrash

    2100+ GPH pump recommendations

    I’m in the process of building out my new Waterbox 230.6 tank. The recommendation on flow is 2100 GPH. 1.) Am I correct in assuming I need to take into account head height (about 5’)? 2.) Any recommendations on pumps? I had initially thought about the Vectra L1 but I’m not sure if it is...
  4. AquaLocker

    Introducing Aquarium Supplies - Over 600 items being added!

    Over 600 Aquarium Supplies being added to the website! New items being added every day over the next few days - about 350 items already in! Show Aquarium Supplies here: http://ow.ly/TGKA30kBWj9
  5. Reeferdude56

    Ohio WTB: controllable Tunze Pumps used less than a year

    looking for controllable Tunze pumps with minimal use. Thanks!
  6. MarineDepot

    WiFi Roundup

    WiFi Roundup Our Favorite WiFi Controllable Aquarium Products!
  7. Ryan Kraft

    jaebo wavemaker

    Hey y'all I'm wondering if there is a way to teather 2 older wavemakers to one unit besides buying the dual controller
  8. YogiReef

    WTB: Sicce Micra Plus Aquarium Pump

    Im looking for two sicce micra plus aquarium pumps that are used or new and in decent/usable condition. Should turnover 158 gph, here’s the link to the marine depot listing. Pm me offers and for my zip.
  9. Uscanga2311

    silent pumps for nano tanks?

    hi R2R family. im searching for a very silent mini-pump for my nano tank (3oGAL), Is a all-in-one tank, so the sump is behind de tank, what pump you recommend, also I looking for low consume of energy. my options now are: MINI-MJ 404 WATER PUMP (106 GPH) - COBALT AQUATICS Eheim COMPACTON 600...
  10. KevinRosso

    Pump for mixing and pumping saltwater

    Looking for a pump to mix and pump saltwater. I have a 60 gallon cube so i don't need anything huge. Thanks!
  11. Justin84

    Basement set-ups! Show and tell time!!!!

    For those that have the luxury of setting up their filtration (refugiums, sumps, and equipment) in their basement, what does it look like? How do you accomplish your water changes? What type of equipment or methods do you use to make your reefing experience more enjoyable? Ive scoured youtube a...
  12. Fishhands

    Turnover rate? Which pump?

    Im wondering which return pump i get. I am building a 40g. With the sump minus sand and rocks i should be at +- 60g. It will be pumping up about 3 1/2' - 4' head. What should turnover w/o power heads be. Ive heard 4times on the low end and 10 on the triton method. What are you all running?
  13. Anthony Mckay

    Hydor Spetz L45 ii

    Hello guys, I'm after some help please. My hydor performer L45 pump burnt out so I got a new one but it doesn't come with the blue locking ring or outlet part that holds the impeller as this broke somehow too !!! I've tried searching the internet and contacting Hydor (no reply after several...
  14. Holy_makerel

    Sicce voyager pumps and controller. Experience?

    Just picked up 2 voyager 4s and a controller from my LFS for a very good price. I did some research before the purchase and they seem like good pumps. They will specifically be used in the back of my 93 cube to keep detritus in the water column using an alternating pump on/off between the two...
  15. Holy_makerel

    Tunze or Ecotech?

    Hi folks, I'm going to be starting a new build with a 93 gal cube 30x30x24(which I'm going to be picking up this weekend!!). I'm looking into pumps and want some input. I have 2 mp10s on my 32 gal and love them but i'm looking at the tunze turbelle nanostream 6095 or mp40/mp10 for this new...
  16. FLSharkvictim

    Apex Classic question on running my TUNZE Nanostream Turbelle pumps?

    Bare with me since this is my 1st controller How I do I run a pair of Nanostream Turnbelle TUNZE 6055 pumps off my Neptune Apex Classic. I am wondering do i NEED Any modules to have full control over them? I did buy the Neptune Apex 2channel stream cable for my TUNZE pumps. Let me know your...
  17. FLSharkvictim

    TUNZE 6055's controllable pumps

    I'm already in love with these new 6055's controllable pumps..The pulse mode on these TUNZE's are unbelievable.. Anyone looking for a pair of Maxpsect Gyre XF130's or a single one, hit me up! I will let them go for cheap... TANK INFO: 120 Mixed Reef Ecotech M1 pump Skimz 163 DC Montzer Series...
  18. C

    night mode?

    What does the night mode do on a pump and what is its effects on the tank. Also what is the purpose of it and is it good to use?
  19. C

    Help!!!!! emergency

    my Jebao rw-4 has stopped working. I came home from class tonight and saw that my pump was not working. I have spent probably over an hour working on it trying to fix it and nothing is helping. does anyone have any suggestions on a new pump for a 55 gallon. I already have a hydor koralia...
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