1. Scp

    Michigan WTB Wtb gen 4 radion diffusers - 30 and 15 Gen 4

    Looking for diffusers shipped to 48327 xr30 - 3 needed Xr 15 - 1 needed Thanks
  2. Breakdown and clean out

    For sale Breakdown and clean out

    Hey R2R, things have changed and my 7ft 265 build is no more. My 180 is still up but I'm thinning out my gear and coral collection. (See livestock post I'll be posting next) much of this was back ups or planned for the 265 but it sold and have plenty of new gear. Everything is priced for...
    $1.00 to $400.00
  3. System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    For sale System partout: Apex, Trident, MP10’s, Radions

    I am parting out a system and have the following for sale… Ecotech MP10’s with spare wet sides: $265 each. Two available. Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro’s with tank mounts. $475 each. Two available. Apex EL (needs new ph probe) $375 Neptune Trident (Just had maintenance kit installed) $525 Neptune...
  4. Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    For sale Waterbox 10 gallons with ai prime hd light

    Both light and tank is in good condition, local pickup only located East Orlando near downtown
  5. scumbag_mtb

    Is this a G4 XR30 Pro?

    Hi all, as the title states - I was curious if this is the pro version. They were sold to me as pros, but I am not educated enough on whether or not they are intact pros or the standard XR30. I got a decent deal so I’m not complaining regardless, just would like to know!
  6. Rams

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Eco tech Radion XR30 g5 blue with RMS mount

    Like new XR30 g5 blue with mounting arm.Asking 720 pickup at 08820 or 750$ shipped.
  7. ADAM

    North Carolina 3- G5 XR15 Radion Pros

    I’m selling my XR15 G5 Pro Radions and going to go back to Kessils. I had great growth and color with the G5’s but I miss that Kessil shimmer. The lights are already taken down, packed back in original boxes, and RTG. They were all installed Feb 2021 and used on the LPS/Softy profile with a...
  8. scumbag_mtb

    Radion XR15 or AI 16 HD - 90 Gallon

    So as the title says, I’m having trouble deciding on my lighting. The tank is a standard 90 gallon, 48 x 24 x 18. Do I get 2 Radion XR15, or 4 AI 16 HD’s? Both combos are the same price. Tank Will be a mixed reef composed of SPS, LPS, and softies. Thanks in advance for anyone who replies!
  9. jeffthomas

    Florida ReefBrite XHO-K30 LED Add-on Kit, Hanging Kit & Dimmer

    Selling tank so no longer need… these are a great compliment to add that extra pop and spread. Designed for Ecotech Radion XR30 and Hydra 52/64, but will work with other fixtures as well with the included hanging kit. I used with a RS ReefLED 90. I’m including the hanging kit and dimmer. $160...
  10. JoshB94

    Lighting 84x27x27 SPS

    Hey all, My newest venture build is a 265 7ftx27wx27d and I'm trying to figure out how to best light this system. I want strong side to side and back wall coverage for frag rack growth. I'd like to use what I've already got on hand but can sell current stuff and buy something else and plan...
  11. F

    Build Thread Fergus' Red Sea 250

    Starting a build thread here for my Red Sea Reefer 250. I'll be doing an SPS Dominant tank with AWC/as much automated as possible since I travel with work quite a lot. The primary goal is for stability and minimal time with hands in the tank. I think a big part of this is going to be the fish...
  12. twhit030

    Florida Ecotech radion xr15 blue gen 5

    I have a brand new radion xr15 gen 5 was going to use it for a tank but decided to upgrade to a bigger tank and now I need xr30 light has never been plugged in it was never opened until I asked my wife to “send me a pic of the light” and she opened it to send pictures oops my fault haha. $420...
  13. sonubhai

    California Ecotech Radion XR-30 pro 2nd gen 250$

    Used light for 5 years for sale. Buyer pays shipping. Comes with metal mounting arm. Won’t ship the wood arm if shipped.
  14. Zoaologist

    Nevada Radion LED Hanging Kit

    I have 11 radion hanging kits available. Decided to hang the lights another way. Hanging kits are brand new unopened. $35 each shipped. Take all for $280 shipped.
  15. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Dry Good Trade Orphek atlantik compact V4 trade

    I am looking to trade my Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 (gen 2) LED lights for either a like new Radion G5 Blue, new in box trident, or a large uv sterilizer but let me know what else you have, may entertain to larger pax bellum reactor too. I have 3 available and I will sell for $600 shipped. Also...
  16. Mester320

    Pennsylvania Lighting LED Orphek Atlantik Compact V4 multiples

    I am the second owner of these lights, I ended up with Radion G5 blues instead and just need to sell these or trade. I have 3 of them and a gateway. They all come in the original packaging and are in great condition. I am looking to get $600 shipped and will include the gateway for $50 if you...
  17. Darkshadow1500

    Nevada Dry Good Trade Looking to trade Radions XR15 G5 Blue for Pros

    Hi everyone, I have new Radion G5 XR15 Blue nothing is wrong with it except my eye, in combination with my reefbrite it’s just too blue. And the pros I know won’t have that issue Live in Las Vegas, anyone local would be awesome, not sure how I would do shipping.
  18. I

    New Jersey Innovative Marine INT 75 complete set up

    *SOLD- NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Thanks! * Hi all, Unfortunately I have an unexpected long distance move in the very near future and am hoping to sell my full set up to someone. Have well over $6000 into it and would also include all of my accessories and misc equipment. ( of course not looking...

    **Win a RADION G5 XR30 Pro w/ RMS**(GOING ON NOW!!!)

    We're having a huge Memorial Day sale and one of the prizes is a Radion XR30 G5 Pro with RMS bracket. Signing up is quick and easy just click here: [RADION GIVEAWAY] Interested in the other awesome things we're giving away? Checkout our Memorial Day Mega Sale thread RIGHT HERE.
  20. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Tank Breakdown (red sea ecotech apex)

    Hello all im moving from nj to Colorado and need to sell off my stuff. redsea reefer 170 $750 ecotech radion xr30 pro gen 4 with arm&diffuser $500 2 mp10wqd $175 each Varios 4 return pump $150 Nyos 120 skimmer $250 Apex wifi el $400 Apex Trident with 4 month of reagent $500 Apex DOS (needs...
  21. chemicals

    Two Radion XR15 G5 blue enough for 5 foot 130 gallon.

    Hi, I’m wondering if 2 XR15 G5 blues is enough to start with for some lps and softies. After some time I will be adding a third one. Thanks!
  22. thereefingguy

    California Lighting FS: Radion XR30 G5 Pro w/ diffuser, RMS mount

    -Radion XR30 G5 Pro w/ diffuser- $650 shipped. -RMS mount- $75 shipped All three items $725 shipped
  23. G

    Radion XR15 Gen 5 Blue AND XHO-K15s?!?

    Sooooo.... Ill start off by saying im a novice reefer (around 8 months deep) and assumed that if I purchased Radions I wouldn't need anything else when it comes to lighting. I just read and saw some picks from reefers that are actually adding Reefbrite XHO-K15 to their Radion (and other LEDs)...
  24. G

    Radion XR15 Gen 5 Blue AND Reefbrite XHO-K15s?!?

    Sooooo.... Ill start off by saying im a novice reefer (around 8 months deep) and assumed that if I purchased Radions I wouldn't need anything else when it comes to lighting. I just read and saw some picks from reefers that are actually adding Reefbrite XHO-K15 to their Radion (and other LEDs)...
  25. Coopdod50

    50g Lagoon- hybrid vs LED

    Hey everyone, I'm planning on getting an Innovative Marine 50g AIO lagoon to use as a frag system (display dimensions on it are 29"x 18"x 16" )I'll be doing it like a typical frag tank would be, sps up SPS, LPS in the middle, and softies down low. I'm debating on what lighting to use but I've...