1. Fred5612

    Recommendation for 40” x 23” x 23” softie and LPS tank.

    Hello all. I was debating what lights would be good for a 40 x 23 x 23 tank that only houses softies and LPS, I don’t plan to go SPS in this tank. 1x Radion Xr30 G5 2x Radion Xr15 G5 or ??? I would love to hear the reef2reef opinion on how to light this tank. ‘thanks in advance to all.
  2. zatch

    Cube needs more light Suggestions?

    I have been trying to make a single Radion Pro XR15 I purchased for this tank work, but Ive come to terms with it being just too weak to support SPS, even at my upper platform which sits around 9" under the waterline. Im only getting par readings in that area at max 150 with the Ecotechs power...
  3. Scp

    Michigan Misc reef equipment for sale

    Waterford, MI LOCAL PICKUP AND SHIPPING AVAILABLE AT BUYERS EXPENSE . Miscellaneous Saltwater equipment JBJ Rimless flat panel 65 gallon aquarium ***8220;mint like new condition***8221; . Less than six months old $800 2 AI Prime 16 HD's less than 6 months old $165 each (one is pending) 3 Ai...
  4. Tonycass12

    Par map for xr15 g5 pro?

    Would anyone happen to have a par map or par readings for a single xr15 g5 pro? Funny how info on the xr30 is easy to find but stuff for the xr15 seams to be lacking.
  5. Romeo007

    Utah Lighting 2 Ecotech radion xr15 gen 3 pros

    2 Ecotech Marine Radion XR15W Pro Gen 3 . Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. Please note Only one light comes with diffuser. Have braces as shown pics. I will try to see if I could find another diffuser but the price doesn't change.. $550 for both shipped and PP covered.
  6. Rrwilson1223

    Radion XR30 Gen5 AB+ Question

    Hi all, I’m upgrading from 4 RedSea 90s to 3 Radion XR30 G5 Blues over my Red Sea Reefer 750. Was wondering what intensity other folks recommended for my type of tank with mostly Acropora/SPS? I’m planning on running the Coral Lab AB+ setting. Bought the mounts which will place the lights at...
  7. Chopstikz

    Utah WTB 2 x XR30 G3 diffuser

    PM me what you got SHIPPED! Thanks
  8. Flyingbulldog

    California Florida Sealed Radion G5 XR30 $775 shipped

    Brand New, Never been opened and used. Sealed!
  9. thereefingguy

    California Dry Good Trade XR30 G5 Blue trade for 2x G4 Pro or G5 Pro

    My XR30 G5 Blue is around 8 months old ran less than 50%.
  10. Fredi

    Arkansas Lighting Radion XR15 G4

    Selling XR15 G4 used for about 2 years includes rms mount. Don’t have box for it unfortunately. $325 shipping include or 300 local pick up Located in north west Arkansas.
  11. Maks Reef

    Illinois Lighting Return Pumps Powerheads Ecotech Reeflink

    Ecotech Reeflink - The item is used and works perfectly. 75 shipped
  12. Maks Reef

    Illinois Lighting LED EcoTech XR30 Diffusers

    Brand new in package. I have 6 of these. Shipping will be ground service with either USPS or UPS. 1 @ 65 shipped 2 @ 125 shipped 3 @ 180 Shipped 4 @ 230 shipped 5 @ 275 Shipped 6 @ 310 Shipped
  13. CUSE1315


    I’m in NY have some Euphyllia (Indo or Aussie torches, hammers, frogspawn) to trade for an LED. Looking to trade for a Kessil (160 or 360). AI prime, XR15, etc.
  14. ADAM

    North Carolina Lighting LED ALL SOLD 3-XR15 G4 Pro / WXM / 2- RB XHO XR15 Kits / Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller

    I switched lighting to give Kessil a try and looking to sell my Radions, Reefbrite Radion Kits, Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller, and WXM Pics to follow in next post. RADIONS SOLD! The Radions were all made in 2018, 1 February, 2 October. I ran the CoralLab LPS/Soft Profile at 60% No visible...
  15. SplishySplashy

    California Package Deal Getting out of the hobby sale

    Hello everyone, I might be getting out of the hobby for a little while. Working full time all while raising an 8 month old and tending to 2 puppers has made me neglect my tank. I am looking to sell everything as a package including livestock. I will list most of the equipment below. The tank +...
  16. M

    Build Thread Set up my New Shallow Reef Tank (800x450x350mm)

    Hello, guys. I am new to Reef2Reef and posting first posting. Recently, I set up the new tank and want to share with you. Tank Spec : 800x450x350mm (Sorry for not to converting unit to US standard) Main Equipment Lighting: Radion G4 pro 15w 2ea Skimmer: Deltec 400i Return pump: 1aqua Rhino 6000...
  17. atlfishes

    Georgia Lighting (3) - Radion Xr30 G4 Pro

    $1350 shipped for all Three Would like to try and sell together first, but will break up if necessary. Single owner - never ran over 60% and most of the time was between 40-50%.
  18. Rhoads238

    Radion G5

    Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting some Radion G5s for my upcoming build. I am torn between the pro and the blue. I went to my LFS today and they had xr30 blues over one of their tanks. I thought that the ab+ spectrum looked really nice and really made the corals pop. For those of you that...
  19. J

    Florida Lighting 2 x Radion XR 15s Gen 4 pros $500 shipped

    barely used and work great!!!! downsized set up so no longer needed!
  20. Pillahump

    Radion XR15 G5 Pro settings/par ?

    Hi, first post here. I have two Radion XR15 pros in my 36L x 24W x 20H with 4-5 inches of sand below. My lights are mounted on the Radion arms that I bought for the leds about 7 or 8 inches off the water. I am looking to house a haddoni carpet anemone in this tank as my "center piece" if...
  21. Betex

    Florida ATO Lighting Powerheads SOLD Radion G5/MP40/Apex bits

    Pick up Only (South Florida - Miami Area) 1x radion xr30 G5 pro 1 week use -$750 2x radion mp40 wqd 6 mnths use-$500 1x neptune apex with probes and holder-$650 1x neptune atk v2-$175 Nothing wrong with G5 just switching to x2 g5 xr15 blues
  22. TopShelfAquatics

    Lots of Equipment Up For Grabs! (Radions, Apex, Skimmers, Etc)

    Have you seen this thread yet? We're doing a garage sale of sorts on lots of used products!
  23. Obsessed

    California WTB Radion XR30 gen 1 any condition

    Looking for 2, working non working dropped in water whatever doesn’t matter. Working on a project, cheaper the better PM me thanks
  24. Dythomas11

    Lighting LED Radion XR30 GEN 3 & Ai Prime w/mount

    Purchased a complete set up from another reefer and don’t have use for either of these anymore. Both work perfectly, maybe need a decent cleaning. Radion XR30 Gen 3 - $325 shipped AI Prime (white) w/ tank mount - $150 shipped
  25. yepreef

    Texas Lighting Radion XR15 Pro Gen 3

    I’m looking to sell these 2 Radion XR15 Pro with arm. I bought these like 2015-2016 ( not quite remember) ran on my nano tank for about a year with about 40-60 intensity , i broke down my nano on 2017 and these were in storage since. Both running great with no issues whatsoever. I am asking...
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