1. A

    California Lighting Drygoods SOLD G5 XR15 Blue with diffuser

    G5 xr15 blue with diffuser $295 shipped usps
  2. SCH14

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Selling 4 Radion G6 Blues Brand New Unopened

    Selling 4 Brand New G6 Blues unopened XR30 $750 a piece + shipping
  3. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods Radion gen 4 pro xr15 with rms mount

    Radion gen 4 pro xr15 new condition used for a month at 30% and break down the tank been in the closet since, come with rms mount mobius ready: 260 shipped
  4. vandy

    Missouri Drygoods Radion Mounts/Brackets, Red Sea 3.0 Skimmer Pump, IM40 Filter Roller

    Radion Single Mount - $40 + shipping. Only have the short rail Radion Mounting System - $70 + shipping XR30 Bracket (2x) - $10ea added to either Mount Red Sea 3.0 Skimmer Pump - $60 + shipping Nuvo IM40 Filter Roller - $50 + shipping. Comes with half a roll of fleece. Made by iSea live on YouTube
  5. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Hydra 64hd for cheap

    Hydra 64 hd used for a year at 30% for cheap: 340 shipped, retail for 750
  6. trmiv

    Florida SOLD Four Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 Pro

    ALL SOLD Four Ecotech Radion G5 XR15 Pros with rms sliders. Mid 2021 manufacturing dates on all of them. They were all initially put into service in mid-2021 to late 2021 as I got them at different times. All purchased new and I’m the original owner. They were run around 65-70% most of the...
  7. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai hydra 64

    Ai hydra 64 in good condition, use for a year at 40%, no melted lense: 370 shipped
  8. YaboiNathan

    Aquarium Controller ATO SOLD Apex A3 and gear

    Selling A3 apex and gear, everything is clean, probe is still in the water Apex a3 without the leak sensor I loss it during the move: 370 shipped Apex atk: 130 shipped Apex Afs: 65 shipped Get everything for 520 shipped come with box and everything
  9. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai hydra 64

    Ai hydra 64 good condition use for a year at 30%: 400 shipped
  10. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Radion gen 4 pro xr15 mobius ready

    Radion xr15 gen 4 pro mobius ready: 210 shipped come with box and mounting bracket like new condition
  11. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai remote control for ai hydra, ai Vega, ai sol old model

    Ai remote control, discontinued, hard to find: 100 shipped come with charger cable
  12. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Ai hydra 26 hd

    Ai hydra 26 hd black: 180 shipped
  13. maharsreef

    California Lighting UV Drygoods XR30 RADION BLUE GEN 5, PENTAIR 80 WATT UV

    Tank break down. Local pick up for now. Gen 5 xr30 Blue. Run at around 60% x3 yrs. 400 Each. Comes with rail mount bracket. I have 1 x 6ft rail. @ $40 I have 1x 80 watt Pentair UV sterilizer. Bulb is 12 months old. $400 Jason 562 569 0905
  14. acroslayer

    LED Drygoods 3 xr15 gen 4 pro

    I have 3 xr15 gen 4 for sale looking for 180 each or 550 for all can ship Monday, looking for quick sale I upgraded to different lights
  15. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Refugiums SOLD Ai prime fuge

    Ai prime fuge light use for couple months: 135 shipped
  16. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 hydra 32 hd new condition white body

    2 hydra 32 hd white new condition used for 2 months at 25%: 300 shipped each or 550 both shipped
  17. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD 2 radion xr15 gen 6 blue with rms mount

    Light been used for 4 months, selling the set up so selling the light as well come with rms mount. 400 for each shipped or 750 for both shipped
  18. YaboiNathan

    UV Drygoods SOLD Aqua uv 15w

    Aqua uv 15 w for sale. Used for a year. 175 shipped
  19. I

    XR15 Supplemental Lighting Suggestions

    I have a Red Sea Reefer 350 that currently has two Radion XR15 G6 Blues. I'm moving the bulk of my LPS to a new tank that I setup and I'm changing my Reefer 350 to be an acropora focused mixed reef. My LPS will consist of torches and gonioporas, plus zoas for the softies. I did a PAR reading...
  20. YaboiNathan

    Lighting Drygoods SOLD Redsea reefled 90 with redsea arm

    Used for couple months and upgrade to radion come with redsea mount: 210 shipped
  21. W

    Florida Georgia Package Deal Drygoods RedSea XXL750 G2

    Hello all, Regretfully I must let go of my pride and joy, a RedSea Reefer XXL 750 G2 due to a change in my marriage status. The following is included Beautiful Red Sea Reefer 750 G-2 XXL including all corals, fish, and aquascape.Includes: 3x EcoTech Marine Radio Pro G4 lights 1x EchoTech Marine...
  22. YaboiNathan

    UV Dosing Drygoods Jebao 2 head doser and 25w aqua uv

    Jebao 2 heads dosing pump new condition: 40 shipped Aqua uv 25w need a new bulb: 140 shipped
  23. DMattisonMHR

    Austrilian Seatorch lm25. Radion replica but midsize between the 15 and 30.

    I picked up this light a few months ago, I have had it running 3 months on my reef. Loving it so far and wondering if anyone else has used it and what your opinions are? I'm seeing 550par at the top of my rocks with the diffuser and guard set up
  24. sheenajordan

    Lighting LED Drygoods SOLD Echotech radions

    I’ve got some Radions for sale! 3 - Gen 4 xr30 mobius ready $350 ea 2 - Gen 3 xr30 has the gen 4 upgrade, not mobius ready $200 ea. price drop!! $150 ea All work great. We recently upgraded. Willing to ship at buyers expense. Sabattus, ME
  25. V

    Radion Size and Qty Opinions For New Build

    Looking for some opinions Waterbox 150.4 (48.2" x 25.3" x 21.7") Looking to be able to keep a bit of everything in a true mixed reef, as time progress potentially transition to more of an SPS/Acro dominated tank. Looking for an opinion on which would be best for spread and par (3) XR15s or...