1. Peter Hand

    Ecotech Radion XR15W Pro Gen 3 Power Supply Help

    I recently purchased a Gen 3 Xr15W Pro and spent a few hours trying to get it to turn on. After trying for some time I decided to try using my AI Prime Power Supply to power my Radion. Sure enough it powered on, which made me determine my radion power supply broken. Does anyone know where I can...
  2. RickG

    Radion graph

    Hey guys! So I setup a radion G3 Pro recently and just wanted some input in what settings you guys are running on your radions. I have read that the SPS AB+ produce some good results with corals. I am keeping a mixed tank. Thanks in advance!
  3. Reefiness

    3x Ecotech Radion XR30w G2 pro $350 each or 3 for $1000.

    As state in the title. I have 3 radion G2 pros that im looking to sell. Had someone locally who was lined up to buy them which made me order a pair of G4s, but that buyer backed out. Would prefer to do a local deal, but would consider shipping if this sits a while. Located in Staten Island, NY...
  4. Rakie

    The Garden -- Rakies shallow SPS cube

    This build has been living since October, tank is stocked and has SPS and blah blah. Might as well start the story from the beginning though.. _______________________________________________________ Finally got all the equipment gathered and am starting to build the tank The tank is a modest...
  5. RickG

    Radion xr15 pro or AI Hydra 26 HD

    hey reefers, just wanted some input on which light fixture you guys would go with and why. I'm in between the radion xr15 pro and the AI Hydra 26 HD. I'm really interested on growth. Turning an old cube into a frag tank, sits about 18 inches high. Thanks for your help in advance !
  6. ConnorFood

    Diffusing a Radion

    So I've been a bit of a Kessil fanboy, you can't beat that shimmer, but lately I'm losing trust in their quality, after 3 broken A160 lights. I'm making the move to EcoTech instead, biting the expensive bullet, and picking up two XR15 Pro lights to replace my two A160WE lights. My question...
  7. WWC

    24 Hour Live Sale Is Back....WWC Tax Time LIVE SALE!!

    WWC TAX TIME 2017 LIVE SALE RULES Re-Fun your Refund! Sale starts Saturday, February 25th at 11 A.M. est and goes on for 24 hours straight until 11 A.M. est the next day! We will post "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) corals in this thread with a title, picture, the sale price and a...
  8. Austin Lee

    WTB Ecotech Radion G3s & Maxspect Gyre

    Setting up a new frag system. Looking for a G3 radion xr30w and a maxspect gyre xf150. Anyone have some available?
  9. Caliwagon

    XR30 Gen 3 w/ RMS FS/FT $415

    Title says it all. Gen 3 XR30 with RMS kit (all 3 rails included), wide angle lenses installed (also comes with original lenses). Manufacture date of 6/2015. Purchased here locally on 12/2015, used until this past weekend. Upgraded to a larger tank is the reason for the sale. Only trades that...
  10. C

    Ecotech Radion Schedule Not Working

    I recently got an ecotech gen 2 RX30w from a friend. It is a much needed upgrade from my old reef breeder knockoffs, but for some reason it will not take to any schedules I attempt to use. What would be your advice as this has become increasingly frustrating. Im using a macbook pro to connect to...
  11. Eric Straus

    RADION GEN 3 XR30 PRO $525-QTY. 2

    I have used this light assembly for about 6 months now and am upgrading to something different. It's been working excellent with the reef link (not included) with no problem. Still have original box and instructions. It was purchased in May 2016 brand new. $525 each
  12. A

    Radion G2 PRO Won't Sync With my Other 2

    Hi all, I recently bought 3 Radion G2 Pros used from a friend, I have them on a 360GL tank and I have my whole schedule the way I like it and the two of three work great and I'm very satisfied with them but one of them is malfunctioning. So I noticed there was a problem right away with the 3RD...
  13. filbie70

    Ecotech Coral Lab Radion Settings - Who is seeing Acro growth with Radions?

    I know there are a few threads out about this topic. If you aren't aware of the Ecotech Coral Lab white paper, here is the link: I have attempted the Battlecorals Radion settings and as discussed in that thread, it...
  14. Reef Breeders

    New Stuff From Reef Breeders!

    Hey Everyone, We brought some new products in that you might find interesting! Today we received our first shipment of the new Nano Light Touch, which is an upgrade to the Nano Light Basic. The light uses 9 3watt Cree and Epi LEDs for a total of 30watts of power, and can be adjusted for color...
  15. msderganc

    Longhorn SPS Reef

    Ok, so this is really early as I'm at least six months out from even getting the tank (I am in the queue!), but I figured I could get some advice at least. This will be my fourth reef tank, the last one being a 190g SPS tank that crashed a little more than a year ago after a power surge caused...
  16. irish02bk

    Slim t5 lighting option for rimless tank????

    I currently have and Elos 70 setup with a radion G3 lighting it. I'm not loving the colors on it so thinking about adding 1 or 2 t5's to get some of the color back. However i want to keep the slim sleek looking. Are there any options for a rimless tank out there? I'm not the best at DIY so...
  17. Reef Breeders

    15% off Jebao Pumps, 10% off Photon V2s!

    Hi Everyone, This week we are doing something new, and offering a sale price on our Jebao wavemakers! All PP pumps and SW pumps are 15% off during the sale! The Photon V2 and the Nano Light WiFi are now 10% off! The Aquasanrise Plus is 15% off! Sale ends November 29th!
  18. kennedpa

    Gen 4 Radions - Disco rave

    Just equipped the temporary frag/grow out tank with Gen4 Pro radions yesterday. Was previously running 6 bulb T5 on the 40 long tank. Immediately I was disappointed in the level of disco ball effect from the LEDs. Going to attempt some solutions since the reduced electricity bill is the...
  19. Texasnano

    Gen 3 radion w/ mount & wxm

    As title states. Gen 3 radio with tank mount and wxm all in OG boxes will ship (us)and pay paypal fees. $450
  20. theblackpearl

    Best lighting for a 93 cube? 30" x 30" x 24"

    What do you think the best lighting would be for this tank? I will be keeping a clam, an anemone, lots of lps and some softies The tank is rimless and has a synergy overflow, the lights will be in a custom canopy I will be using tonga complex branch rock and special grade sand May the best...
  21. Tenacious716

    Brand New EcoTech Marine Radion XR30wG3 Pro Fixtures

    I have three (3) EcoTech Marine XR30wG3 Pro fixtures which are brand new and sealed (w/ full one year warranty). Selling for $589/each plus FedEx Ground shipping. PM if interested. Thanks!
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