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    Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (BTA)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (BTA). For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Please add to the discussion here.
  2. Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (BTA)

    For sale Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone (BTA)

    Rainbow BTAs! All are captive-bred and have naturally split from one original BTA over several years. Multiple sizes available. Average size is 3-4 inches. 50 Each 25 Shipping (NC/SC) 25-50 Shipping outside of NC/SC 00. Pick up in Cape Carteret, NC. Guaranteed to arrive alive and...
  3. Speckled Rainbow BTAs!

    For sale Speckled Rainbow BTAs!

    All BTAs are captive-bred and have naturally split from one original RBTA over several years. I have multiple sizes available, but the average size is 3-4 inches. $60 Each. Shipping available or pick up in Cape Carteret, NC.


  5. Djalexchang

    Florida High End Chalices (Mini Colonies)

    Selling: A: Wwc jelly bean chalice $600 shipped B: CK Exodus chalice for $1000 shipped.

    Well... thats a little strange(Featuring; Weird thing corals do)

    I was doing a water change last Friday and I happened to have moved a hammer a little too close to a chalice. Normally I wouldn't be too concerned and even consider that the hammer would probably being the aggressor in this situation but instead.... BOOM My hammer became a snack lol What's...
  7. J

    Acanthophylia & more

    Specials! Need gone! Acanthophylia - $785 Rainbow Chalice Frags- $80 Rainbow Welsophylia - $210 Red cynarina - $240 Acanthophylia will include a free frag of Rainbow Chalice and free shipping. All other shipping is $45


    SALE IS LIVE RIGHT NOW! IT'S REEFTIDE'S FIRST EVER LIVE SALE! Here's what you need to know about our upcoming LIVE sale: Our live sale runs from 12PM - 8PM (EST) this Saturday, July 10th and Sunday, July 11th at 12PM - 4PM. The live sale will offer corals on sale sitewide and we're promoting...

    Attack of the fuzzy sticks

    TGC Kachow ReefTide's Tequila Sunrise ReefTide's Grizzly Mili

    Its REEFTIDE's Zoa Collection!

    I don't know about you guys but we LOVE zoas... feel free to suggest some cool ones :)
  11. Joe Knows Reefs

    Joe's Scorchin' Summer Live Sale - June 12th - OFFICIAL THREAD

    Things are heating up and our tanks are full... That means it's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with out fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JUNE 12th FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "Scorchin' Summer Live Sale" TEASER PICS...

    ***Win an Apex TRIDENT***

    We're having a huge Memorial Day sale and one of the prizes is an Apex Trident. Signing up is quick and easy just click here: [TRIDENT GIVEAWAY] Interested in the other awesome things we're giving away? Checkout our Memorial Day Mega Sale thread RIGHT HERE.

    **Win a RADION G5 XR30 Pro w/ RMS**(GOING ON NOW!!!)

    We're having a huge Memorial Day sale and one of the prizes is a Radion XR30 G5 Pro with RMS bracket. Signing up is quick and easy just click here: [RADION GIVEAWAY] Interested in the other awesome things we're giving away? Checkout our Memorial Day Mega Sale thread RIGHT HERE.


    THIS SALE IS LIVE RIGHT NOW [CLICK HERE] TO VIEW WELCOME TO REEFTIDE'S MEMORIAL DAY MEGA SALE THREAD! (We have tons of awesome news and information to share so let's get this thread started!) What is the Memorial Day Mega Sale? The Memorial Day Mega Sale is going to be a TWO DAY long mega...
  15. Rodrigo Segnini

    Florida Scoly Lacera Rainbow or Master?

    Hello guys! I got this Scoly Lacera years ago and always was curious of what kind of name by definition of his colors patterns and price value of this coral in specific! I know till now these are classified as Scolymia Lacera different to his close cousins Scolimya Cubensis, both Caribbean...

    Its a time lapse thread y'all! (But really... this is cool I promise!)

    For those of you that are already following us this wont be anything new. But for those just clicking into our forum for the first time: Hi :) We really enjoy making time lapses of corals eating. Sometimes they cooperate and actually eat, sometimes they don't but 100% of the time it looks...
  17. Sakudo4

    California Rainbow monti frags

    Hello everyone I have rainbow monti frags available in multiple sizes 15$ = A dime size 25$ = B 1" +/- 35$ = C 1 1/2" +/- All encrusting already Any questions don't hesitate

    These Blastos DESERVE a spotlight!

    We just landed these a couple days ago and just HAD to share them! They're not currently on the site but they are pretty nuts! Check them out!
  19. BrightReef


    I have a MASSIVE mushroom up for grabs. The color on it is crazy and the mushroom itself is continuing to grow. Selling for $525 local pickup only near San Jose, CA
  20. lazycouch

    California I Am Looking for a Rainbow Chalice!!

    Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a rainbow chalice frag/colony from anyone local to the LA area! Lets see what you got! Thanks

    NEW CORALS IN STOCK: Ultra Meat Coral, Blasto, Goni, & More + 25% OFF ALL CORALS!!

    Hey Reefers! We've got some crazy new pieces in stock this week just in time for the new year! Take 25% OFF SITE-WIDE now through January 7th! Quantities are limited so act soon before all your favorite pieces are gone! Shop confidently with our 3-DAY GUARANTEE and don't forget to take...
  22. PinkLadyLVT

    Alabama Georgia Tennessee SOLD

    SOLD. Admin please delete.
  23. Joe Knows Reefs

    FALLing Sale...20% off CoRaL site wide

    Leaves are falling and so are our coral prices!! Take 20% off all corals during this flash sale. Use code BOO2020 at checkout. We have some amazing pieces we have been stockpiling and they are ready for your tank!! We thank you for your support and hope you get some fall fire for your aquarium...
  24. Joe Knows Reefs

    Fresh Friday Eve WYSIWYG Just Posted Up at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    WHEW what a week!? We're glad the weekend is near. College football and some much needed rest is on tap for the weekend...our favorite time of the year! We just posted up some choice frags including some nice zoas, LPS and more anemones. CLICK HERE TO VIEW NEW ARRIVALS A few...
  25. Joe Knows Reefs

    Purple Phantom Anemones PLUS New WYSIWYG at JoeKnowsReefs.com

    We were lucky enough to secure a few of these neat new "Purple Phantom" bubble tip anemones from our friends at Golden Basket Reef. In addition to the "Purple Phantoms" we also received some nice "Flame Tips" as well. We have posted up a few of each anemone as well as several nice WYSIWYG...
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