1. Leadfooted

    Florida WWC Rainbow Rim Colony

    Hoping to upgrade my system soon, this one will help speed that up. It’s covering a 3” disk and by far my favorite coral. Wish I could keep Mouth but I’m selling as is. Local pick up preferred but I’ll ship if needed. Asking $1,500 shipped. Enjoy Stuart/Jupiter area
  2. TopShelfAquatics

    MEGA Update to TopShelfAquatics.com!!!

    You dont want to miss out on these GORGEOUS new frags that just posted on TopShelfAquatics.com!
  3. TopShelfAquatics

    HUGE UPDATE! Black Widow Blastos, Dragon Soul Torch, Signature SPS and MORE!

    Guys, you're going to love this update! [Click here to view] or click on any image
  4. TopShelfAquatics

    The elusive Holy Grail torch!.. And friends!

    This update to TopShelfAquatics.com is gorgeous! Full of rare euphyllia and some gorgeous other LPS/ Softies.
  5. TopShelfAquatics

    Gorgeous New Update On TopShelfAquatics.com

    100+ NEW corals have just been added to TopShelfAquatics.com!
  6. DonTavo27

    California Free Rainbow incinerator frags

    Like the title says, free Rainbow Incinerator frags. Must pick up in Valencia CA, near six flags. Please PM if you’re interested.
  7. TopShelfAquatics

    New Sticks On TopShelfAquatics.com

    We have a gorgeous new update on TopShelfAquatics.com right now!
  8. Darbna

    Fathers Day 20% sale

    Fathers Day 20% off sale Use Code HAPPYPAPI Offering the discount today only We're giving you what you really want for fathers day. The hottest coral to add to your display with a discount. Go to our site http://www.chaosaquaculture.com and use code...
  9. Darbna

    Insane Colony's added to our WYSIWYG section

    I've added a few ridiculous colonies to our wysiwyg section on our our website. Several are marked down for the next 24 hours. And as a show of our appreciation for this community and forum we wanted to offer an exclusive code: Reef2Reef so members can get an extra 10% off. Feel free to PM...
  10. Steven w

    New York High End Collectors Zoa Pack(halls, leprechauns, bowsers and more

    2 polyps Latin lovers, 2 polyps golden leopards, 5 polyp leprechauns, 3 polyp bowsers, 1 polyp buttkrak, 2 polyp hallucinations, 3 polyp zero matter w/ 3 polyp rainbow incinerators, & 3 polyp wwc superstars. $725 shipped Halls has a tiny baby coming!
  11. Marquiseo

    Build Thread A Reefing Pallet of Colors

  12. tristanfish

    FS: Collector Rainbow Acanthophyllia ‘Meat’ Coral

    Hello R2R, Letting go one of my collector pieces. A fave of mine. Price-$950 shipped The usual shipping policy and DOA. Overnight, styrofoam with heat packs as necessary. Pictures taken: Lights-Under reefbrite with blue plus Camera-70d Lens-100mm Thanks for peeking, BrooklynChem

    Livestock Rainbow Acan 4 Pack from Coralust Reef Solutions

    These are 4 beautiful hand picked rainbow acan frags from Coralust Reef Solutions. The pictures, one white light and one actinic, are WYSIWYG. This coral pack can be purchased right now on R2R using paypal. Just click the top right "buy now" button. Feel free to browse our website...
  14. Steven w

    High end zoa 18 pack

    Capt jerks, neon green grandis paly Scarlet fever paly, chuckies bride Scrambled eggs, la lakers Black hornets, blondies Emeralds on fire, gatorades Super saiyans, long lash eagle eyes Jungle juice, rose nebulas Flaming brohicans, bowsers Rainbow incinerators, zero matters WYSIWYG Will...
  15. T

    Shipping Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones

    My 120g tank is overflowing with Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones that keep splitting. I probably have close to 60 at this point, and I really want to thin out the herd so I can change the direction of coral in my tank. I have tried craigslist, and sold probably close to 50 RBTAs over the past 6...
  16. reefaboo

    Matt V rainbow Envy - Chunky frag

    For sale is this beautiful chunky frag at $500 shipped :) colors in the polyps are still developing and hence the price for such a chunky frag. First pic is the WYSIWYG pic second pic is the same frag in a different angle showing the growth in the back .. third pic is the mother colony...
  17. T

    Just signed up for the forum

    Hello everyone! My name is Antonio and I have had a reef tank now for over 3 years. I started with a 46 gallon bow front, but upon moving to my new house, I decided to upgrade to a bigger 120 gallon tank. I currently have an anemone dominated tank with other soft corals. I am hoping to start...
  18. reefaboo

    For Sale - Matt V Rainbow Envy

    For sale is a beautiful Matt V rainbow Envy piece - $550 Price is shipped for a multi branched piece .. this is going to be a quick grower in all directions :) first two pics are in different directions and last pic is an iphone pic to show the back branches .. polyps retracted a little...
  19. Ceciliaz

    WTB torch coral

    I'm looking for some nice rainbow, gold, dragon soul, ultra gold, holy grail or unique looking torch.
  20. Keaton

    FINALLY! Its finally unavoidable. I'm fragging my goods!

    I'll list everything with the price without shipping and the price of shipping will just be the current rate for fedex next day air. I'll replace or refund any DOAs just be sure to inform me the day of arrival. Wildfire Zoas - $40 per polyp or 3 for $100 WWC Lime Green Cyphastrea - Fully...
  21. SM_Reef

    New Camera, New Coral Shots, and New Photographer! =]

    As title states, I recently acquired a Canon Rebel EOS T6 with an EFS 18-55mm macro lens with a amber polarized filter and haven't had much time to tinker with it but here are a few shots I've taken that I think came out okay. I'll be investing in a tripod, nicer macro, and Building an Obsession...
  22. reeferman0767

    rainbow acan supplier

    I am located here in florida, moved here from minnesota (where i ship a lot of stuff back to a buddy to sell) and i am looking for a new rainbow acan supplier\ wholesaler. I have my fl lisc if you want that but does anyone know who i should be getting ahold of or any recommendations? I was...
  23. G

    Aqua SD Rainbow Milli

    Pictures are examples of actual corals for sale Several branches: $250 plus shipping Two to three branches: $150 plus shipping
  24. ReefersDirect

    The OFFICIAL Rock Anemone Collectors Thread

    These little anemones are SO colorful(and relatively) well behaved. Lets show them some love!!! I'll start :cool: Now its your turn!
  25. 1mbrews8

    Cornbred Flaming Bugatti chalice

    Big frag of Cornbread Flaming Bugatti Chalice! All colors of the rainbow and my absolute favorite chalice! Bought straight from Richard back in the day. Mother Colony also shown. Not for sale! Either can sell whole 3 eye + frag, frag one eye or even 2. Whole piece = $350 shipped, $300 picked...