1. burrfishbloatin

    Florida Live Goods Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone $20 each

    I have a bunch of RBT anemones. I’m asking $20 each. If you would like more than 1 we can work out a deal. Located in Lakeland Florida, also able to meet in Tampa. Willing to ship at buyers expense.
  2. VVSA: Vivus Vitaè Subaqua

    Florida Live Goods [RARE + H.T.F.] WWC HAWAIIAN PUNCH BUBBLE TIP ANEMONE (will ship!)

    [FOR SALE] —RARE & H.T.F— WWC HAWAIIAN PUNCH BUBBLE TIP ANEMONE Approx: 4"-5" in. when fully opened Available: 2 Asking price: $110.00 OBO (just split: a only two available for now!) [mother nem] 》Stunning Color《 extremely bright, neon, and vivid as compared to normal rainbow bta's. will...
  3. >>klong<<

    Delaware New Jersey Pennsylvania Live Goods RBTAs for Sale - $30 Each. Local Pickup in Philadelphia

    $30 each - local pickup only. I have quite a few. If you want 5 or more, make an offer. Center City Philadelphia - easy, free parking.
  4. I

    California Live Goods Ecc nexus burst nem

    wysiwyg. Fully open stretch close to 3" natural split since last december. asking $200 shipped next day air by UPS.
  5. HiggsUSA

    Florida WTB WTB a RBTA or Rainbow Anemone

    Looking to buy a RBTA or Rainbow Anemone. Preferably local but open to good deals if it's shipped. Not picky on size. Thanks all!
  6. B

    RBTA is determined to suicide itself?

    I recently upgraded from a 25 gallon to a 60 gallon. My RBTA took a trip through the powerhead a few days ago. Kind of looked like it was filleted. Seems to be recovering OK, but half of it has slithered through the slits of the isolation container. I can't tell for sure where the foot is or...
  7. K

    Damsel host Anenome BTA

    Just added some BTA’s and literally 15min later my domino damsel is hosting it??
  8. T

    I Messed Up?

    Total newbie here. I spent a generous amount of time on research prior to setting up my reef, but also decided I was smarter than literally everyone in all the threads and videos I saw saying "Do NOT get an rbta as a beginner". Long story short, rbta shredded in pump. immediately did 20% water...
  9. XxAlex_OhxX

    Rainbow BTA color qnd bubble tips affected by tap water/ RODI?

    Ive had this anemone since early November and for the first month he was displaying bright, vibrant orange bulbs, green tentacle stems and bright pink tips. Since late december, he has noticeably shrunk in size and hes lost his bubble tips and his colors are the same but more dull. His foot...
  10. R

    New Jersey New Mexico Live Goods Rainbow BTA

    Rainbow BTA for sale. Total 3 available, two different colors. One is more orange (3-4 inches) and the other two are more pink (4-5 inches) Asking $30 each Pickup Brooklyn or can meet in Manhattan
  11. VVSA: Vivus Vitaè Subaqua


    [under normal reef lighting— sherman rose anemone pictured, is not for sale] [under normal reef lighting— for comparison purposes, white basket is approx. 4.0" inches in diameter] [under blue reef lighting] [for comparison purposes, white basket is approx. 3.0" inches in diameter] [the...
  12. officialreefbros

    New Jersey Live Goods SOLD Rainbow Bubble Tip, True Branching GSP, Pink Diamond, Purple Green Hammer

    Cleaning off the frag rack! Located in 07830. Never shipped before but willing to test it out! Let me know if you're interested in any of the following: RBTA (4 available) - 30$ Large True Branching GSP (2x 1x available) - 30$ 2 head Purple Green Branching Hammer (2 available) - 60$...
  13. Salty Sea Flowers

    a DWARF or MINIATURE rainbow BTA?!

    this may seem like an idiotic question, however, wild imaginations love to inquire the possibility— backstory (optional read): i acquired an rbta from a close friend of mine. they were getting stationed overseas and bwere breaking down their tank. they said it was healthy, happy, doing great...
  14. S

    RBTA not doing too hot, advice needed!

    I have an RBTA that I’ve had for about 4 months now. After upgrading tanks(30g cube up to a 75g) it split (stress?) and has been hiding in a cave for about a month. I used the same rock, sand and filter/media for my larger tank. I recently turned my light down from peaking at 40% white 100%...
  15. kopilatte

    Pennsylvania Live Goods Rose Bubble Tip Anemone - Philadelphia, PA

    About 2 inch in diameter. $15 each. I have about 6/7. I will give them all for $75. Picture of the mother colony.
  16. Dobyson

    Please help with my rbta!

    I have a rbta that has been doing great till the last 3 days where it has been shrunk up some and the tentacles have been extra inflated. Today I noticed that 3 of the tentacles that I can see have what looks like openings in the very tips. Please help. I’ll attach some photos of the problem and...
  17. mwil79

    New Jersey Live Goods Rainbow Bubble tips /w White Specks and Webbing for sale

    I have quite a few Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones for sale. I'm honestly not 100% sure they aren't some fancy named BTA. They have pinkish tips with lots of white specks and white webbing. They also have a yellowish speckled foot. 30$ per nem. Sizes Range from 2-4 inches. I can ship but have...
  18. Rookie2reef

    New York Live Goods Rainbow bubble tip anemone

    Rainbow bubble tip anemones $35 each range in sizes Natural splits
  19. G

    New York Live Goods Sold Rbta f/s

    Sold I have a rose bubble tip anemone that looks like a black widow. Natural split. At least 4-5 inches
  20. Master of Cloak

    Florida Live Goods SOLD Coral and Fish for Sale - Orlando, FL - Local Pickup

    Prices are listed below.
  21. TangerineSpeedo

    California Live Goods RBTA For sale or trade $35 2/$60

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for sale or trade. These are pretty bulletproof. I have had this family for over a year in a 10g. Now it is time to thin the herd. These are about the size of a good baseball if not larger. Photos were taken with a AI prime running Bixby at mid day. The second photo is...
  22. G

    New York Live Goods Sold. Rose bubble tip anemone. Rbta

    Sold Rbta. Pick up only in New York. $30 2-3 inches. Pictures is the actual anemone and what they look like bigger
  23. neonreef3d

    California Livestock Trade RBTA - Trade for sps frag

    Hello Reefers, I have a few RBTA left over from my nem tank. looking to trade for sps frags, will include the nem basket if you take all. I have 6 nems available for pickup in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles county.
  24. K

    Colorado Sunburst samectank as RBTA

    Anyone successfully have a CSB in same tank as other anenomes? TIA
  25. hobie61

    Vermont Live Goods RBTA--over population--Vermont

    Happy New Year! I need to get rid of a few rBTAs from my tank as starting to take over. If anyone local (near Essex VT) would like some, let me know. Not sure how difficult it will be to remove them. All seem healthy, and have been the tank for almost 2 years. The original rbta was from...