1. Master of Cloak

    Florida Live Goods Coral and Fish for Sale - Orlando, FL - Local Pickup

    Prices are listed below.
  2. TangerineSpeedo

    California Live Goods RBTA For sale or trade $35 2/$60

    Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for sale or trade. These are pretty bulletproof. I have had this family for over a year in a 10g. Now it is time to thin the herd. These are about the size of a good baseball if not larger. Photos were taken with a AI prime running Bixby at mid day. The second photo is...
  3. G

    New York Live Goods Sold. Rose bubble tip anemone. Rbta

    Sold Rbta. Pick up only in New York. $30 2-3 inches. Pictures is the actual anemone and what they look like bigger
  4. neon_reefer

    California Livestock Trade RBTA - Trade for sps frag

    Hello Reefers, I have a few RBTA left over from my nem tank. looking to trade for sps frags, will include the nem basket if you take all. I have 6 nems available for pickup in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles county.
  5. K

    Colorado Sunburst samectank as RBTA

    Anyone successfully have a CSB in same tank as other anenomes? TIA
  6. hobie61

    Vermont Live Goods RBTA--over population--Vermont

    Happy New Year! I need to get rid of a few rBTAs from my tank as starting to take over. If anyone local (near Essex VT) would like some, let me know. Not sure how difficult it will be to remove them. All seem healthy, and have been the tank for almost 2 years. The original rbta was from...
  7. doughboy

    California SOLD FS 4.5" Yellow Tang $175, Melanurus Wrasse $40, free sixline wrasse and turbo snail - pickup SF South Bay

    Breaking down my tank sale, everything must go. ONLY YELLOW TANG AND MELANURUS WRASSE LEFT Selling the following livestock Hawaiian Yellow Tang 4.5" - $175 RBTA and clown - SOLD Melanurus wrasse - $40 Acan colonies - Red and Green at least 80 heads each - sold Frogspawn colony, at...
  8. nkyreef

    Kentucky Live Goods Euphyllia, RBTA, Goni's, LPS, SPS - pickup Cincinnati/NKY area

    Pickup only Cincinnati/NKY area - will meet if close. Not WYSIWYG but frags are similar to what's in photo as far as number of polyps or size. Multiple frags to choose from. Green/purple tipped hammers: 20 (double head: 30) Orange/pink hammers (single head): 30 - 40 Yellow Octospawn: 80 Torch...
  9. SCK1027

    New Jersey Live Goods RBTA Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones, Zoas, Easy SPS ($10-$30)

    Local Pickup Only @ 07670 or can meet nearby at reasonable distance RBTA Bubble Tip Anemones 2-3" $30 SOLD Bob Marleys $15 (5-10 polyps) ButtMunchers $15 (5-10 polyps) Pocillopora 1" multi-branch $10 Milka Stylo 1-2" $10 SOLD Forest Fire Digi $10 Thank you
  10. doughboy

    California SOLD FS Yellow Tang, RBTA and clown, Acros, Frogspawn, Torch - Local pickup SF South Bay

    Selling the following livestock. Hawaiian Yellow Tang 4.5" - $300 Always bubbly RBTA and clown - $50. Frogspawn colony, at least 25 heads - $120 Cali Tort colony approx at least 5" across - SOLD Acro colony approx 4"-5" -SOLD Green Acro colony approx 6" - SOLD Torch coral - $25...
  11. rockdiver

    Illinois Live Goods RBTA's Northern IL for sale

    Have some 5 to 8 or more RBTA's for sale. Pickup only Fox Lake area 75.00 each. Some pictures just ask for more if needed. PM me with questions Thanks
  12. vaguelyreeflike

    Are rainbow anemones safe for fish to consume?

    Like what type of fish can/will eat them? Are they poisonous to fish when eaten?
  13. Mr.Z

    New Jersey New York Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemones - $40 for one or $20/BTA if buying multiple

    Selling most of my rainbow bubble tip anemones. Have about 20 to sell, ranging from 0.5" to 3.0". Will sell one for $40, or if buying multiple, $20 per anemone. Pick up only. Located in Jersey City, with easy access from Manhattan (close to Exchange Place and Journal Square PATH stations). I...
  14. tdburchett

    Help with RBTA

    I need advice on a RBTA. It was healthy for a few months with long tentacles and great color, then moved to a spot with higher lighting (250 PAR) and higher flow. It ate for a few days there, but then shrunk its tentacles to almost nothing and got very dark, which I assumed (probably...
  15. G

    XL Rose bubble tip

    Just showing off my massive rose nem!
  16. G

    RBTA Tentacles

    Hello is it normal for my nems tentacle to shrink this much after changing flow? I just recently put a power head on it and I haven’t seen it like this before. Thanks in advance.
  17. G


    Hello all just wondering as to how I could help get my RBTA to split as it’s absolutely massive in my tank! It’s easily twice the size of my hand now. Any advice would be great! Also I know I’ve asked before but is this a rose or black widow??
  18. G

    New bubble tip

    Hello all, I got this bubble tip today and it was sold to me as a rose bubble tip but it doesn’t really look like the normal rose color to me, any guesses as to what it actually is? The orange photo is with those sunglasses thing over the camera
  19. G

    RBTA Dying or Pooping??

    Was fine this morning, came back from the store and it looked like this. I just added in an urchin today, has been on the opposite side of the tank guaranteed! Also added in a few CUC today as well as an acan. Not sure what exactly is going on. It has some stuff coming out of its mouth I sprayed...
  20. G

    RBTA String?

    Does anyone know what this white string stuff is that’s around my RBTA? It’s never really a lot but I do notice it quite often.
  21. G

    RBTA Place

    So ummmm….. should I move it or…? Lights are currently off in my tank that’s why it’s closed up
  22. G

    RBTA Mouth??

    Hello all just wondering is the mouth on this RBTA normal? Just noticed it today. Hard to kinda see from the pics but couldn’t get it to open up anymore. Also I’m worried about the Zoas that it’s currently attached to and the other below it that are shaded from light. Any help would be great!
  23. G

    RBTA on top of ZOA?

    Hello again all, My new RBTA had decided that it wants to sit right on top of some of my zoas. Was wondering what I should do as I know not to move it especially it being new to the tank. I’ve placed more flow on it in hopes to get it to move but to no avail so far. Should I pull the trigger...
  24. G

    First RBTA

    Got this man yesterday and placed him at the bottom of the rock on the right in the first pic and within a day he’s moved to the top of my tank lol. Hopefully he finds a place soon and I can get some hosting going on!
  25. RBTA Anemone

    For sale RBTA Anemone

    Pickup near Johnson Creek, WI
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