red sea 170

  1. J

    New York WTB Looking for a Red Sea Tank

    Looking for a newer Red Sea tank. Anything over 40 gallons.
  2. R

    Red Sea 170 Stocking Ideas

    I currently have my red sea 170 stocked with a hammer coral garden & zoa garden along with two scolys on the sand bed. I'm planning on getting some fish in soon & was hoping for some ideas. I have a list in mind which I'll share below but I'd like to hear other recommendations & fish that I...
  3. stevenjay

    Nano Build New member here. Starting Red Sea E170 max

    Hi All, new member and new to the saltwater game. Currently getting started with a Red Sea E170 max. Learning a lot and slightly intimidated but excited to meet the challenges head on. Planning on doing a mixed nano reef and Currently getting ready to build my aqua scape using real reef rock and...
  4. BonelessEvil

    California Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Moving! Need to sell ASAP.

    AQUARIUMS (local pickup ONLY) –Red Sea 170 45 gal a) Display tank: small cleaning scratches noticeable when the tank is filled and lights overhead. A little buffing would fix. b) RS170 Sump, good condition c) Stand (structure in good condition, drill holes on the side from...
  5. david_ma

    Michigan Aquariums Drygoods Marineland 75g all in one built unit( chiller, thermostat, skimmer, sump,light..)

    Hard to find, marineland 75g factory built im sump, Chiller, heater, thermostat, uv sterlizer, complete With black stand. This is a very stable unit, has factory built external pump, comes with $48” fluval reef wifi programmable sps capable leds. Text 313-268-3195. Im in novi MI. Im downsizing...
  6. kasso187

    New York Aquariums Drygoods Red Sea Reefer 170 complete starter kit

    Price is best offer! No shipping, pickup in Queens, NY only! If picked up by July 10, I will throw in a reef octopus varios2 pump!!!! Selling my Red Sea Reefer 170 with many extras! Price includes: -Aquatic Life Gen 1 T5 hybrid 24”. Already wired to control inner and outer bulbs separately...
  7. BraindeadBiologist

    Good return pump for MAX E 170 aoi?

    I have a red sea max e 170 and have a love hate relationship with the rear sump aoi design. My biggest gripe is that in order to alter the flow of the return pump I have to take out the sponge, unscrew the pipe, pull the pump out, adjust the know with no real indication of what each click...
  8. J

    Build Thread The Bears New Red Sea Reefer 170 Build

    Hello Everybody! I'm currently waiting on delivery of my new Red Sea 170 I ordered. I will be stepping up from my current Fluval Flex 9 I've had running for almost 5 months. Why you ask? Well, the wife was tired of looking at the Betta tank (Fluval Flex 15 w/Stand) in the livingroom and thought...
  9. C

    crack in bottom glass of aquarium

    bought a red sea 170 for only 30 dollars but the catch is that theres a crack in the bottom glass so i need advice, do i completly replace it, place another glass above it or use some kind of epoxy to fix it?
  10. N64

    Red Sea Reefer 170 Single Ai Prime 16HD. Lighting help?

    Purchased an existing tank and imported the light schedule they were using. Seeking information on if this is good, bad and what I should change it to. Red Sea Reefer 170 with single mounted Ai prime 16HD. If you need more information let me know, I appreciate any feedback. red sea reefer 170...
  11. Leon Gorani

    Should I change my manifold design to this new idea?

    I have my current return pump manifold set up in the second picture attached, but I have noticed I lost a lot of power due to all the corners, I didn't think this though the first time well enough I guess. So I thought about changing it completely to the new design I drew out in the first image...
  12. P

    Florida WTB WTB Reefer 170 (white)

    WTB white reefer 170 Tampa/st pete area. mill drive up to 2-3 hours give or take to pick it up.
  13. klsp19

    OVER KILL LIGHT? 2 Red sea 90 + AI 64 hydra on red sea 170 60cm?

    Hi reefers! I have 1 Ai 64 hydra hd + 1 red sea 90 light for my red sea 170 tank. Im planning to get another red sea 90 lights just to make the spectrum balance for my red sea 170 (60 x 50 x 50) tank. Do you think this light is overkill if I adjust all the spectrum by half? Limiting the...
  14. F

    Build Thread 1st saltwater Tank Red Sea reefer 170

    I am just starting it out, I realized I needed to rearrange the live rock after joining this site and finding some tips. Looking to Start with clowns of course, I would like to slowly add in some blennies, royal gamma basset, a star fish and when i think I’m ready a mandarin. Of course I’m...
  15. F

    Hello Brand New Beginner to Reefing

    Hello everyone I am new to reefing. I have had fish in the past but the usual home beta/ Goldfish all while I was 8-10 yrs old. Now older I don't want the same (what I would say) Boring fish. My daughter loves nemo and of course we have to have a nemo tank now. I love science and animals so I...
  16. kiswanson

    Build Thread Red Sea E170 max AIO mixed reef build - first reef tank

    I have been keeping fresh water “high tech” planted aquariums (CO2), and thought I should try something really high tech and start my first reef tank. I went with the Red Sea e170 max ($1744) since I liked the form factor and I liked the rear sump option. 45 G (37 G display 8 G sump) 24" L x...
  17. Jrainey312

    New Jersey Tank Breakdown (red sea ecotech apex)

    Hello all im moving from nj to Colorado and need to sell off my stuff. redsea reefer 170 $750 ecotech radion xr30 pro gen 4 with arm&diffuser $500 2 mp10wqd $175 each Varios 4 return pump $150 Nyos 120 skimmer $250 Apex wifi el $400 Apex Trident with 4 month of reagent $500 Apex DOS (needs...
  18. Leon Gorani

    Should this drain be okay the way it is?

    So I hard plumbed my Red Sea 170, I filled it up and it is running well so far. I do have a tiny leak but that is not what I am worried about lol. That should be an easy fix. My concern is in the emergency drain, middle pipe, and the weight of it caused by how I hard plumed it. With the entire...
  19. Leon Gorani

    will a reef octopus eSsence S-130 skimmer work in 7.5 inches of water?

    the height of my sump baffle is just short of 7.5 inches, I have bought the reef octopus eSsence S-130 protein skimmer. online it recommends being in 7-8 inches of water. do I need to raise the baffle height or will it work fine in under 7.5 inches of water?? I am using it in a Red Sea 170 tank...
  20. HonorableWhat

    Hello Newbie To Salt Oldie To Fresh

    Hi! After running various freshwater tanks through the years enjoying aquascaping and such, i decided i wanted to take on saltwater, and i thought it a good idea to join a forum more saltwater oriented for when i have questions and such to hopefully beable to gleam some of the wisdom others have...
  21. T

    Red Sea E170 Max - Flow Grill Confusion

    Hi! I'm brand new to reef tanks. After months of thinking about it, I pulled the trigger when I found a cheap second hand E170 (with the sump upgrade). However I have realised that It doesn't have all the parts original parts, which I'm now working out what I do and don't need. After cleaning...
  22. Agraves77

    Tennessee WTB WTB Red Sea Reefer 170 or 425, 525xl

    I am looking for a white cabinet version of either the reefer 170, 425xl, or 525xl. If it comes with some other equipment along with it thats awesome too. Just looking for the tank, stand, sump and plumbing primarily. Thanks!
  23. Leon Gorani

    Should I soft plumb the rest of this return line or hard plumb it?

    I am almost done plumbing my Red Sea 170, and I built a manifold and most of the hard line for the return line. I am not sure if I should do the rest of it, to where it connects to the return pipe, with soft tubing or if I should do it all with hard pipes. Please let me know what you would do...
  24. Leon Gorani

    Is it okay to remove these baffles from a Red Sea 170 sump? how to?

    I am trying to make a new set up in a Red Sea 170 sump so I can fit a filter roller mat, and I would need to remove the existing baffles put in by Red Sea. In the 1st and 2nd image I am showing the baffles that I want to remove. it is the filter sock holder tray, and all of the little pieces of...
  25. kiswanson

    Algae eater utilitarian fish instead of tang

    I'm about to set up my first reef tank. I have a Red Sea max e 170, which is 45 gallons. I've been watching the BRS videos and they emphasize adding utilitarian fish early to keep algae and other pests from being an issue. They usually mention clownfish as the first hardy fish to add to ensure...
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