red sea peninsula

  1. D

    New York WTB System For Sell

    Selling my hole system for moving out state List; BRONX 10462 Red Sea peninsula 650 $3000 (2months old) T5 Hybrid LED G2 61” $320 Ecotech MP60 $430 Ecotech Mp 40 $250 Ecotech Vectra L2 $320 Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Pro $520 Nyos 220 $540 Nyos 160 Brand New $430 Tunze Reactor 3181...
  2. C

    Red sea peninsula 500 - 2 newbue questions

    ordered an RS Pen 500 - been researching a lot, but two questions maybe people can help me out with 1) what automatic filter roll is best? I know I'll have to cut out the filter sick from the sump. Does the clarisea 5000 then fit, and us the plumbing difficult? Or is there a better option? 2)...
  3. Oarphilly

    Build Thread Red Sea 105g closet Peninsula build (2017)

    My wife and I bought our first house in 2016 and it took a year of convincing, and saving, to be able to move the fish tank to the closet in the dining room. We decided to upgrade from the previous 55gal wide reef tank I built a few years before. It was way too tall and tippy and just seemed...
  4. R

    Christmas treat... Custom or AIO kit tank, your insights!

    Hi there, I'm a high school science teacher looking at adding a ~100 galloon mixed reef setup to my chemistry classroom. I'm looking at placing the tank behind my desk by a window where the tank could possibly be viewed in the hallway as well. A see-through peninsula is not a must, but would be...
  5. Tmcgoo13

    Build Thread Let the Journey Begin - Red Sea Reefer P650

    This is the story of our journey of the second large saltwater tank we built. During the series I’ll add bits about the things we learned from the first build, that have helped us so far. We started a 90 gal mixed reef tank 2 years ago, learned a lot from the journey, a lot that we wish we...
  6. D

    Build Thread David's Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 Build

    Build thread for my new (as of 16-Dec-2017) Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 (Deluxe Edition). More Pictures and information to come.
  7. PbMan26

    Build Thread NEW Build - Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500

    Hello! So this is a new build and my FIRST Salt Water aquarium. Please feel free to point out the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here it goes.... Main Items: Red Sea Reefer Peninsula 500 Current USA Marine IC Pro 48" Lights Current USA 1900GPH eFlux DC Pump 2 x Current USA 2100 GPH eFlux...
  8. geo

    Red Sea Peninsula 650 gets new custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump

    Thank you to Helias from New York for ordering this custom GEO R SERIES PRO PLUS sump for his new Red Sea Peninsula 650. I would like to see this tank a year from now.