reef brite

  1. i0nz

    Reef Brite In-Line LED Dimmer alternative

    Hello, I just ordered an XHO hybrid system for my Radions from BRS and I then realized that it does not include a dimmer despite it being said that it did in one of their videos. I’m somewhat concerned that the additional light output might be much for my coral and would like to be able to...
  2. mwil79

    New Jersey LED Drygoods SOLD Reef Brite XHO-K26 x 2 for sale

    Used for about 6 months but switched to t5 hybrid. Both in perfect working condition. 100$ each + shipping if needed. Upgrade your fixture with the XHO-K26 LED ADD-ON KIT. Works with AI Hydra® 26 and HD 32 fixtures with HMS™ mounts or hanging kits. With a combined total of 16-3-Watt LED’s Blue...
  3. kris2001

    Pennsylvania LED Drygoods Reef brite kit (sepa)

    Reef brite kit. Two available. See pic. Great condition. Two reefbrite kits for fs. XHO-K15 LED Add-On Kit - For Radion XR15 - Reef Brite.. Or use it standalone easy to fix.
  4. kloverguy

    New Mexico Lighting Metal Halide Drygoods 36" Reef Brite 250w DE Metal Halide Fixture with 2 BNIB 14k Hamilton Bulbs

    Selling a brand new 36" Reef Brite 250w DE Metal Halide Pendant fixture. This was originally purchased to go over a 75g tank, but I decided on going a different route. I have two brand new Hamilton 14k bulbs that are included with the fixture. I do not have ballasts, this listing is for the...
  5. juarec0201

    Texas WTB Reef brite x series brackets

    Would anyone happen to have these brackets they possibly didn’t use. Or perhaps if anyone has been able to 3d print?
  6. G

    Radion XR15 Gen 5 Blue AND XHO-K15s?!?

    Sooooo.... Ill start off by saying im a novice reefer (around 8 months deep) and assumed that if I purchased Radions I wouldn't need anything else when it comes to lighting. I just read and saw some picks from reefers that are actually adding Reefbrite XHO-K15 to their Radion (and other LEDs)...
  7. J

    Texas Lighting LED 3 - Radion XR15 SOLD*******Gen 5’s with xho reef brite kits and diffusers

    3 - radion xr15 gen 5 blues with diffusers, rms adapter and 3 reef brite xho kits these were used for 30 days and upgraded to xr30’s. Just wasn’t enough for our 180 gallon tank $1700 shipped in the US Saving around $400 and they are basically brand new. Can ship out day of payment Might...
  8. ADAM

    North Carolina Lighting LED ALL SOLD 3-XR15 G4 Pro / WXM / 2- RB XHO XR15 Kits / Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller

    I switched lighting to give Kessil a try and looking to sell my Radions, Reefbrite Radion Kits, Reefbrite Dual Channel Controller, and WXM Pics to follow in next post. RADIONS SOLD! The Radions were all made in 2018, 1 February, 2 October. I ran the CoralLab LPS/Soft Profile at 60% No visible...
  9. S

    Xr15 g4 pro + reef brite xho k15 increase par?

    I’m currently running 2 xr15 g4 pros with diffusers on a 90g running the ab+ spectrum at 100%. I purchased the apogee 420 par meter when I was setting everything up and I’m only getting 150-180 par 10-12” below the waterline, which is my highest rock point. Needless to say I was a little...
  10. JSpen

    Michigan WTB WTB reef brite 48” actinic xho

    Looking for reefbrite actinic 48” xho
  11. Scurvy

    Massachusetts Apex, Reef Brite, Ecotech, Hydor & More

    A few items added! Local meet is always prefered. Prices are firm if shipping. Low Ball Offers will be ignored. Two Neptune Apex WAV's - (Used 9 Months) - $135 Each Shipped or $250 for the Pair Neptune Apex - One Link Module (8 Months Old) $115 Shipped Reef Brite - 36" Actinic VHO LED...
  12. smartwater101

    California WTB: Apex VDM module

    Just looking for a VDM to use with my new Reef Brite. Anyone have one for sale?
  13. SeanD

    Georgia ATI dimmable sunpower 24”

    $500 8 bulb model with Reef Brite tech strip. Works great just no longer needed. Shipping will be actual cost.
  14. JuanGutz

    Colorado Reef Brite SE MH/LED 400watt

    Two pendants with leds, pendants + leds only no ballasts. You can hook it up to either a 400 or 250 ballast, you might need an adapter if you aren’t using a reef brite ballast. I bought my adapter for 11 dollars off amazon. They work perfectly and have no issues. $525 TYD PayPal only, I’ll pay...
  15. Tomcorals

    Build Thread 80 gallon deep blue frag tank

  16. cwb_reeftank

    which is better?

    I use ATI bulb on my 55 gallon and right now I'm using 2 blue+, 1 aquablue special, and 1 purple+. which ATI says is 10K-14K. I'm wondering if I should keep that and put a reef brite actinic blue lumi lite strip on id have that run 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours at night. or if I should do...
  17. SrtNate

    Reef bright xho question.

    Hello I hope I posted in the right area. I have a question on color pop on my corals I feel light I don’t have enough color glow from them as many others I see do on their pictures and videos. I have a AquaticLife 72” 6x2 build set up all ati t5 Blue plus Coral plus Actinic plus Blue plus...
  18. klondike4001

    24" Reef Brite 50/50 Tech Strip

    6 Months Old, Never over 40%, Comes with Inline Dimmer, $120 Shipped
  19. klondike4001

    Dual 8inch Reef Bright Tech Stips - Actinic Blue

    Used, 6 Months, Never over 60%, Comes with Inline Dimmer and Y Connector - $175
  20. W

    WTB 60" Reef Brite tech LED all blue

    Hello All, we are looking to buy 1, or 2 60" Reef Brite all blue tech LED. Thought we would try to find something used first before we buy new. PM, or text 760.nine two 0.350 two. Thanks Mike