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  1. AdamR0331

    which coral food is better

    I have both Red Sea Ab+ Reef energy plus & Reef Roids by polyp labs which should I do using on my mainly lps & softies tank 20 gallon long Reef Energy you Have to Feed Daily and Reef Roids is weekly but results wise what's best?
  2. Dinkins Aquatic Gardens

    Live Phyto & Pods from Dinkins Aquatic Gardens

    Dinkins Aquatic Gardens is a small business run by my wife and myself (mostly my wife!) that focuses on live foods for your reef. We currently offer phytoplankton, three species of copepods, and rotifers. We focus on providing a quality product with concierge-level customer service and a 100%...
  3. ctenophore

    Happy Election Day! Elect your next reef food and WIN!

    Now that we've had the Plank in production and shipping for over a year and Reef Jerky for almost as long, we'd love to hear from all of you about how and what you're feeding your tanks. We'd love to hear whether or not you use the Plank and/or Reef Jerky, (if no, why not?) and what you'd like...
  4. ReefChasers

    Reef Chasers Reef Candy™ Dry Powder Feed

    Check out our new Reef Candy™ @ We're not saying it's the BEST FOOD ON PLANET EARTH but heck, it's definitely one of the cheapest and it does the job very well for all of your reef inhabitants! PLUS Enjoy Free shipping on all food orders over $50.00. Reef Candy™ Feed Your Reef...
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