reef tank cycling

  1. BamBam98

    Cycling Confusion

    I'm very new to reefing, this is my first ever salt water tank... It has been up and running for around 4 weeks now and has been dosed with microbacter quikcycle and a few doses of microbacter start xlm... My ammonia and nitrite levels have been a bit all over the place but have been holding...
  2. Elev8minh


    Hello to everyone on here. Firstly, let me introduce myself my name is Minh and I am completely new to the salt water aquarium hobby and I am extremely excited as I am about to embark on this new journey. However I have hit a cross roads and I figured I ask on here for some guidance and wisdom...
  3. Themastaa

    AIO Build 32 Coralife Biocube reef

    Hi my name is Robert. I am from south jersey outside of philadelphia. I am 30 just got back into the hobby this Christmas. Bought my girlfriend a Biocube32 we got the stand from Coralife and the protein skimmer. We are almost 3 week into having it setup. We used caribsea bahamas oolite as...
  4. S

    New Tank Cycling: Bacteria or Algae?

    Hello reef2reef community I recently made my dream transition from fresh to saltwater. My setup is a 14gallon (52L) IM peninsula with dry rock and live sand on day 34. The current equipment on the tank is an ato, biopure gems and recently added my skimmer to begin nutrient export and breaking it...
  5. Koffin98

    Reef cycle water change

    Hello recently started up a 60G reef tank, it’s going through the brown algae diatom phase. Would it be a good idea to do a water change ? Nitrites are up but ammonia is low about 0ppm I do have live stock in the stock.
  6. GregDaKeg

    Hello all! started up my new tank last month.

    Hello all! started up my new tank last month. I had a 90 galon fish/liverock/softy tank about 5 years ago (couldn't take with us). Now we are settled into our new home and jumping back in. Setup: RedSea Reefer 250, dead/dry rock, RedSea 90 LED (x2), IceCap Gyer 3K, (haven't picked skimmer yet)...
  7. Jeremy Lain

    Are these diatoms?

    Are these diatoms or is this the beginning of algae? Can someone confirm this?