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  1. D

    Build Thread 180gal Starphire New Reef Build - Work In Progress

    Hi guys, my name is Dima from Brampton Ontario, and I want to share my new reef build. I would need lots of help from you. This would be my first tank with the sump and that size. I sold my nano 30 gal 6 years ago and many things has changed in this area brands and ways of doing some things. So...
  2. RickG

    saltwater precipitation

    mixed a batch of 10 gal of Coral pro salt and it precipitated on me. I didnt have enough time to do the water change because I was a bit busy lol. Just wondering if I could still use this water or if I have to throw it out. Its going to my fish only tank. Lmk and thanks in advance
  3. S

    String like things on zoas

    I've had a small frag of zoas or maybe palys, not sure I'm kind of a nube, for about a month. I recently switched lights and ever since they have been closed for the most part and string like things aren't growing off the base, not the actual polyps like they do when expelling waste. I have a...