1. Noob_Sam

    Clownfish done with QT??????????????

    Hello, I got this clownfish last Sunday. My lfs already had him in step 1 and 2 medication ( the green and blue one). Also when I got him I did a FW dip and he had no flukes. He is in copper for the last 9 days ( @2.0ppm - Copper Power). He had some white spots the second day and after that he...
  2. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Amonia , Phosphate , Nitrate , Nitirte results ?

    Hello guys , my tank is 5 months old i am having hair alagae in , Green algae & Slime algae in my tank i have installed Phosphate reactor , in my tank My tank is 45 gallon I added 50g of ROWAPHOS in PHOSBAN 150 Reactor also tell me the result of Ammonia , Nitrate , Nitrite , Ph levels all is...
  3. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY Red slime algae or Purple Coralline algae

    Can somebody tell me is this Red slime Algae or Purple Coraline alagae please help ! and if it is red slime algae how to get rid of it ? Can i clean the rock inside the tank ? I mean rub it and clean it
  4. Nagra92

    EMERGENCY New tank, brown alage , green hair algae

    I have started reef tank 3 and half months back used Live rock to start a Nitrate cycle Now my results are all ok And many people told me that my cycle is completed I have 2 fish and they are all doing great i introduced 2 corals 4 days back so far they are doing great but i have one...
  5. Nagra92


    Is this alagae is good for tank ? This red & purple type And can you tell me what is this thing which is eating my alagae Is it hermit crab ? should i take this thing out if tank ? Or is it eating my dead algae
  6. H

    green toadstool frags

    i fragged from a 5 year old mother colony
  7. scabbedwings616

    Build Thread Frag tank

    This was my qt project for COVID. It was a total move of my frag tank to tie it into my display tank. The display is a 90g and now there is one sump for both tanks. It took a full day
  8. CDBugz

    Loosing Fish

    Hi my name is Danielle and this is my first post here unfortunately. My husband and I have a red sea 34 gallon. Set up for a few months cycled with live rock and waited until water perimeters were good before adding fish. We added had 2 clownfish to start and then added 3 yellow tailed damsels ...
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