reefbrite xho

  1. S

    California Aquarium Controller Lighting Reef Brite LED CONTROL MODULE

    Single Channel Reef Brite LED CONTROL INTERFACE MODULE $85 Shipped. If you have an Apex, ApexEL, ReefKeeper, GHL, or any other type of aquarium controller that can manage 0-10V reference devices you can customize the brightness and tweak your Reef Brite LED lights to match your tanks desires.
  2. JSpen

    Michigan WTB WTB reef brite 48” actinic xho

    Looking for reefbrite actinic 48” xho
  3. murphys_aquatics

    NEW/OLD build 120g, 75sump,40frag tank

    Hi there my name is Pat Murphy, I am new to Reef 2 Reef kinda. I've been hesitant to post on here. But this will be my first article. Last summer (2018) I decided to go ahead and build a system. I decided on a 120gallon. This put the wheels in motion for me to learn how to silicone a sump...
  4. TX_Punisher

    New gold torch

    thought I'd post up. With parts of indo shut down things are a little harder to find. Even with a gel filter the xho actinics make it hard to photograph. I'll update when the t5's turn on. I had another with shorter, thicker structure but but lost it after Harvey.
  5. Raege

    Build Thread Raege's 75 Gallon

    Hello all, I've been out of circulation since underground filters were the way it was done. I've been catching up on the 1 or 2 changes ( lol holy moly a lot more than 1 or 2 things to catch up on) since last I was in the hobby for about a year. A lot of books, websites, and if course lurking...