reefer 750 xxl

  1. L

    Build Thread Red Sea Reefer XXL 750 Build

    My First Red Sea Tank to setup Equipment List - Radion XR30 Blue Gen 5 * 3 Units Octo Elite 150 Int Protein Skimmer (also have Bubble king 250 as back up) Octo Various 8 Return Pump Neptune COR 20 Return Pump Royal Exclusive 75W (Will be used for UV and media reactors) 25 Watt UV Neptune Wav *...
  2. MoHey16

    Build Options for an Effective Refugium

    Hi everyone, Monique here ! I would love to get everyone's thoughts/opinions on what would be the best option for a refugium in my Reefer 750. I've added photos below for you all to see, there is a Skimmer, UV Sterilizer, and Phosphate Reactor. After my last water test, for the first time ever...
  3. SawCJack00

    Build Thread Sawcjack's Red Sea Reefer 750 XXL Build

    Good day peoples! So I’ve been in the hobby for a while, and some old timers may remember my coral farm – North Star Corals (if anyone has frags from my babies, please message me as I’d like to get some of them in my new setup), but this will be my first tank build thread. So back in the day...
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