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  3. V

    Mantis shrimp

    Hello, I just found a mantis shrimp in my new tank that came from live ocean rock. With what I’m seeing online I’m not sure if this is a good thing. It’s pretty small; about the same size as a large amano shrimp. It’s also constantly making a clicking noise; I’m not sure if it’s just punching...
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    Earth Day Week

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  6. J

    SPS safe butterflyfish in the genus Chaetodon

    I've heard a lot of stories where Angelfish like Emperors, Regal, Majestic will eat their LPS and softies but not eat SPS. I really love butterflyfish and know pyramids and zosters, longnose, certain henniochus and copperbands have a decent chance of not eating SPS. But my favorite butterflyfish...
  7. R

    Sea slug? Reef safe or not?

    Hello, need help id the small critter I found in the tank. It looks like some kind slug, with reddish color. Reef safe or not?
  8. G

    Hitchhiker crab reef safe?

    Having a hard time trying to ID this crab. He only comes out at night scavenging the sand bed. Anyone familiar with it? Reef safe?
  9. TiggerMillions

    Michigan Live Goods 5" Swallowtail Angel MALE, reef safe, must pick up today

    Fat & healthy & FULLY QUARANTINED. Got this fish 6 months ago to pair with my female. However, it does nothing but chase it around. Prob. My tank is too small(100g), so it has to go... Beautiful fish. One of the few known reef-safe angels, and it's been living with all kinds of corals. It's...
  10. strangebreu

    New Jersey Live Goods Swallowtail angel pair

    male and female swallowtail angelfish female is about 4-5" Male is easily 6-8" they are both eating well on frozen mysis, spirulina, etc. dont nip at corals, the female is always swimming around and in the cut, the male is particular shy so getting a pic is a bit hard. had them for...
  11. CRath

    Dumb question, but Valentini Puffer with Sexy Shrimp

    I recently lost my lawnmower blenny and moved my pair of Ocellaris clowns to a new setup. I want to add a new fish to my 30 gallon tank and came across someone saying that the Valentini puffer would be okay around the coral in my tank. I just moved all the hammers to the new setup as well and...
  12. K

    Lobster + Red fire/cleaner shrimp?

    Hi All ! I am a fairly experienced reefer and I have a 10G nano (space constraint). I have a purple lobster that I got about 5 months ago. The problem with him (or her?) is that I hardly ever get to see him. Even when I feed him, he hurries out of the rock work, grabs the food and disappears...
  13. J

    Bicolor blenny reef safe?

    As title stated, please tell me your experience
  14. royaltanks

    Copperband butterfly fish: What you need to know?

    Copperband butterfly fish: What you need to know? Welcome back to the Royaltanks blog, I'm Marco and today we will tackl about a controversial topic: the maintenance in the aquarium of Chelmon rostratus. This magnificent butterfly fish, called Copperband, is a fish of peaceful nature...
  15. D

    Dwarf Zebra Hermit nesting on Torch

    Hi guys, new to reefing and recently purchased some blue legged hermits online but when they came one was a dwarf zebra hermit. He has taken to our torch frag and literally doesn’t move off it, is this normal? Is he hurting it? Really appreciate some advice. We also had two reg legged hermits...
  16. If_Only

    White spot pygmy filefish!

    I've been veeerrry interested in filefish-es quirky behavior and cool swimming pattern and colors. I've always wanted to get a huge one but you know, i only have a reef tank. Iven seen some people keeping this whitespots in reef tanks. Any info on these guys? Information is kind of scarce, at...
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  19. Mordie101

    Prazipro in DT

    Anyone ever put prazipro in their DT? I have corals and two clown fish and no QT.. i don’t want to lose my fish but i don’t have equipment for a QT so my only option is DT. Has anyone every had negative side effects? Tank is 2 almost 3 months old and fish have been in DT the whole time. Believe...
  20. DieHardPhotog-Reefer

    Probiotic Marine Formula... has it changed colors?

    Does anyone else use the Probiotic Marine Formula? I've bought the last two bottles from Drs Foster & Smith. For the last 8-10 months, when it was dosed into our tank, the liquid was a deep blue toned color but upon opening my most recent bottle it surprised me when I poured, it came out...
  21. Brian Goldstein

    Yellow Clown Goby -- BEWARE!

    Hello Reefers- I recently purchased a yellow clown goby from my LFS. Initially, I loved this fish.. had a great personality, loved hosting my euphyllia, and got a long with all my other fish The owner told me they were completely reef safe. WRONG.. After about a week, not only was it perching...