rhodomonas salina

  1. ReefLegends

    11 Different species of live phytoplankton for sale

    If you are looking for starter cultures of phytoplankton and not sure where to turn, you've found the right place. Reef Legends currently has 11 species of phytoplankton offered for culturing. These strains are what we use to restart our carboys each week, these are grown in 1 gallon jars which...
  2. ReefLegends

    Now offering Porphyridium cruentum & Rhodomonas lens

    The red selection of phytoplankton has grown. There are now 3 red phytoplanktons that are offered on the site: Porphrydium cruentum, the easiest of the reds to grow. Rhodomonas lens, easier to grow than salina Rhodomonas salina, our OG red phytoplankton that can be a challenge to culture...
  3. ReefLegends

    Livestock Last week of FREE 2 day UPS shipping at $40. On Monday FREE shipping min will be $50

    Our Free shipping minimum amount will be going from $40 to $50 on April 1st. Orders containing Live Phyto, Rotifers, Copepods and Combo packages will need to be higher than $49.99 to ship for free. Orders under $49.99 will have a flat $20.00 shipping fee added to cover the cost of our insulated...
  4. ReefLegends

    Get a FREE 16 ounce bottle of Rhodomonas Salina this week!

    Any order this week of phytoplankton, rotifers or pods will get a FREE bottle of Rhodomonas Salina. Every order below $59.99 will receive a 16 ounce bottle, every order above $60.00 will receive a 32 ounce bottle. You will need to add Rhodomonas salina to your cart to get the discount. The...
  5. Kasrift

    California Live Goods Selling Live Phyto Single Strains Rhodamonas and Phaeodactylum (San Diego)

    Selling Live Phytoplankton Cultures. I split every Weekend (Just split today as I'm posting). These are pure strains of Phaeodactylum and Rhodamonas $10 for 16oz bottles plus shipping if you'd like them shipped (I ship through Pirate Ship). Since these are cultured pure, they are great for...
  6. ReefLegends

    Livestock Live Phytoplankton, Copepods and Rotifers

    I wanted to introduce Reef Legends to Reef2Reef. Let me show off a little of our collection, usually each week when I bottle I take a video of the bottles so I can compare bottle densities. You can find our videos on our Instagram page, Facebook page and TikTok. Our live Phytoplankton isn't the...