1. Warddman

    Florida 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36 actinic led strip

    Complete system for sale. 60 gal rimless deep blue tank, 2” steel stand, 40 gal breeder sump, 48” ATI dimmable t5, 36” dimmable Rapid led strip, neptune apex classic with vdm, afs, and neptune ATO, acrylic ATO container. 1200 OBO.
  2. G

    California 130 gallon rimless fish tank

    130 gallon rimless 3/4" thick low iron glass all around 5ft x 2ft x 2ft includes 2 overflow boxes and plumbing includes powdered coated metal stand 29" tall in great condition, no scratch $1000 pickup location: orange county, california
  3. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Waterbox Frag 55.2 Lagoon Build

    Hello everyone! I know some of you follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/reefer_nyc/ or my Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlx8rEhnJSsmH3EMlBzeJA and wanted to start a thread on my upgrade process! So I've been in this hobby for easily over 15 years and relatively kept my tanks...
  4. W


    Hello all, My friend is trying to join this wonderful hobby of ours and just purchased his first tank. Only problem is, it is a rimless tank. I have no experience with a rimless tank. So I have a few questions. 1) What did you guys do for lids? 2) how far down should we drill the...
  5. J

    2014 Reef Savvy Rimless 125 gallons 48x30x20 Low iron star fire glass

    I am selling my 2014 Reef Savvy Rimless with Star Fire low iron glass and black modern stand. (48x30x20) Both are in excellent condition. Phantom bottom with Hybrid overflow. Build times are over 1 year and replacement value is over $6500. Tank is up and running in St Pete Florida. $3000 OBO...
  6. J

    Hello New to R2R.

    I am new to R2R and looking forward to interacting with the whole crew. I have been into reefing for many years but stepped up the the plate and had a Reef Savvy tank built a couple of years ago and have been thoroughly obsessed ever since.
  7. rawhideshaba

    Build Thread Anemone 57 Deep Blue Edge Tank

    Anemone tank Ok so I am starting a new build as I sold off my last setup and have regretted it since the guy drove away with it. But I am doing a bit of a different system this time around. So I got rid of my tank last year and have since built many freshwater tanks since then which helped me...
  8. seldon

    Planet Aquariums Trimless or Rimless

    Hi all, I am working on my next tank. I am looking at a custom Planet Aquariums tank that is ~84"Lx30"Wx25H. I don't want a standard trim piece on top and am also leaning away from rimless, but am still open to it. Does anyone know how far from the top the water level typically is on a...
  9. zoablasto

    Build Thread My new setup

    I always wanted to have a bigger reef tank, I’ve been dreaming about it for a while, and I finally decided to do it! It’s going to be a 57 gallon seapora rimless aquarium, with a custom build stand and a 30 gallon trigger system sump. For lighting I’ll be doing the aquatic life T5 hybrid with a...
  10. mkunk1

    Kentucky 57 Gal Rimless Complete Setup (Custom Stand + Canopy)

    57 Gal rimless complete setup, used less than 2 years - $475 OBO for everything (Buyer pickup 40517, may consider shipping lights if part out) 1x Deep Blue Professional 57 Edge Aquarium - reef ready, rimless 1x Custom Stand + Canopy 1x 20g sump (3 sections: skimmer, fuge, return) 2x LED lights...
  11. AquaART


    Hello R2R! This has not been an easy decision to come to this point, particularly just as my tank has matured, stabilized, and I really began to enjoy it; however, have realized that the next few years are looking to be kind of wild so I have taken the decision to setp out of the hobby until I...
  12. reefer_nyc

    Build Thread Reefer_NYC Red Sea Reefer 250 Build

    Sup everyone! Thanks for checking out my build and enjoy the progress of how it became what it is today! Equipment List: - Red Sea Reefer 250 - 54g display and 11g sump - AI Hydra 26HD - AI Nero 5 (left and right back wall) - Return pump - Eheim 1260 - Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155 ATO - Omega...
  13. J

    Connecticut 15 gallon rimless tank plus extra

    5 Gallon rimless fish tank - Equipment is Ai prime HD+ with goose neck, diy lid, external surface skimmer, homemade stand, aquaclear 70, frag holder, auto top off, some salt, pumps,Automatic food feeder ,nano flipper glass cleaner heaters,jaebo wavemaker ,fish food, magnetic frag rack ,and...
  14. J

    New York 57 gallon deep blue. Stand and tank.

    57 gallon rimless deep blue tank with pumping and sump. Approximately 30ish gallon sump I forgot name but will include pics. Comes with stand. $500 4 stage brs rodi w/tds meter 75GPD $75
  15. culvern22

    Rimless Tank Build

    Good Day, Everyone! New here to R2R but certainly been utilizing the forums for a few years now. I’ve thrown together some plans for a 48wx12dx14h rimless tank and I’d like to know if anyone experienced with DIY rimless builds would check the dimensions for me before I get the panels cut...
  16. SkiCatTX

    Rimless 180 or 225? What are the best dimensions? Eurobracing required?

    I am in the market for a new tank in the range of around 180 to 225 Rimless. Thought I have been keeping fish and corals for over 20 years, the largest tank I've had was a 40g with a 10g sump, and I currently have a 28g and 10g, so this will be completely new territory for me. I have a space in...
  17. nightmarepl

    Converting 32 biocube into Rimless advice required

    Got hands down 32g biocube off somone with the standard T5 lighting, and was thinking of converting the tank into a Rimless style taking off the hood and cutting the border off the tank if i do so does anyone know if i can keep the border and hood on with out the glue / silicone holding it down...
  18. reelss

    Build Thread Deep Blue 80 Gallon Rimless Build

    So the 120 gallon is gone. All fish are gone. Hanging on to some corals and inverts in a temporary 20 gallon long. I have been working on the 80 gallon build, and taking my time with it. Here's the progress so far.
  19. neoGeorge

    AIO Build Anyone Have a JBJ Rimless 65 Gallon AIO?

    I just purchased a JBJ 65 gallon rimless aquarium with stand through Liveaquaria.com - they had a sale plus a promo code, so the deal was hard to pass up! Purchasing this tank is part of my cross-country move strategy; I had the tanks shipped to my destination so I could get it set up and...
  20. crusso1993

    Illinois Brand new Deep Blue 80g Rimless for $272.

    I'm not sure if this is even the right forum for this but right now there is a Deep Blue 80g Rimless on Amazon for $272 with free shipping. I apologize should this post be against the rules. Please let me know should this be an improper post. Follow this...
  21. choss

    Good cover for rimless tanks

    I am looking to add a customer made cover for my 96 gallon ReefSavvy tank. Its a rimless tank so I want something that won't take away from the awesome design of the ReefSavvy tank, but will fit perfectly to ensure that wrasses and other fish don't find their way past the cover. And while I...
  22. The FishyBusinessAquatics.com Waterbox Giveaway!

    The FishyBusinessAquatics.com Waterbox Giveaway!

    The FishyBusinessAquatics.com Waterbox Platinum Reef 70.2 Giveaway! Sponsored by FishyBusinessAquatics.com ONE (1) winner will be randomly selected on or about November 27, 2018, to receive a NEW Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquarium 70.2 ($1400 VALUE) Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide...
  23. Diwrigh

    Which Kessil?

    So I have some old T5's that came with my 57g rimless tank that I want to upgrade. The tank is 36x18x20. I currently have no coral and only one fish, some live and dry rock (first tank, about a month old). I have a neptune Apex Jr coming in this week that I want to be able to integrate with my...
  24. nightmarepl

    Looking for 20-30gallon rimless

    Looking for a cheap or giveaway 20-30 rimless tank will come and removed clean or whatever for it just looking for something rimless that’s not overly expensive please let me know I’m in New Jersey Please send me pictures of what you have
  25. divetoday

    Build Thread Building a 30 Gallon Frag Tank... The Long, Slow, Right way

    Blank Slate by divetoday posted Jun 28, 2018 at 10:56 AMThis is my first-ever tank build thread, but I am setting up a new frag tank and wanted to document the progress. FWIW, I've had lots of FOWLR tanks (since 1976!), but only got into reefing about 6 years ago. Since then, I've suffered from...