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    Best livesale

    BLACK NOVEMBER CONTEST Showcase Your Support in Your Signature! Reef Community, get ready to parade your support for our Black November event! Your forum signature is your digital banner, and we want to see it fly high with our Massive Giveaway details. Here’s your chance to net a boatload of...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Monday Moving Sale| Huge Discounts, Everything Must Go!

    TEASERS: Click HERE! Join us on Monday, July 17th, for Unprecedented Discounts! Riptide is relocating, and we're thrilled to offer you once-in-a-lifetime deals. Help us make this move a little easier by getting your hands on a wide range of stunning coral species at incredible prices! Don't...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Fathers Day Weekend Update |Take UP to 20% OFF our Crazy good Prices!

    Check out the teasers we have for this Update!
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Summer Time Flash Sale 6/12|Travel Vlog- The Aquatics EXPO

    Look at those Teasers!! Free Shipping on orders over $300
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    Memorial Sale ends SOON!!
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    Build Thread 35 Gallon Challenge- Mitch's Tank!

    Welcome to the 35 Gallon Challenge build thread! lets start out with a brief over view of the challenge. We have 4 x 35 gallon Aquariums with drastically different filtration, small budget for Equipment may the best reefer win! (I will have a link to all the builds in time) The Spec sheet...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE| Sunday Funday Flash Sale|1000+ Corals| Up to 90% OFF

    Riptide Aquaculture After sale is now LIVE! Save 16% our crazy prices by spending $100+ in coral.
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE NEW Years Extravaganza!

    We are Inviting you to the best New years party this year! Don't miss out on the fun we will have welcoming in the new year!
  9. TiggerMillions

    Riptide Aquaculture... Will never buy from again...

    I purchased from @RiptideAquaculture a couple of times and the most recent one will be my last. This is what I bought for about $200 This is what shows up... For color reference, this is the corner of my tank (Orphek skyblue). The one in the red circle is the Yellow Submarine... This is...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Labor Day Special: Giveaway's, $5 Frags and more!

  11. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Labor Day Special: Giveaway's, $5 Frags and more!

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    Livestock RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Euphyllia EXtravaganza!

    Look away if your not ready for the heat!! We will be adding new euphyllia to this thread as times goes by so make sure to follow this one of you are one the hunt for some Quality euphyllia for the right price! Click here for more info Click here for more info Click here for more...
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    Livestock RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE- Zoanthid Addicts beware

    Jason Fox Fairy Fart Zoa Golden Basket - Nightmare V2 Zoanthid RTA Calypso Zoanthid RTA Candy Apple Green Zoanthid We will be dropping more every day at 6PM EST. Current deals on the site are Buy4Get1FREE. Just add five pieces to your cart; the...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE- Daily Updates! Buy any 4 get 1 FREE!

    Welcome to Riptide Aquaculture info page about This event. We will be slam packed with tons of high quality Aquaculture WYSIWYG coral. Our goal is to add more and more coral to our site Every single day at 6 pm EST .Wondering where you can find the newest additions to our website, check out...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE goes Reef-A-Palooza Orlando!

    What's going on REEF2Reef FAM, boy do we have a action packed weekend for you! On this thread we are gonna be giving you a all access pass to #reefapaloozaorlando! not much else to say, besides come and join this thread for a once a year Epic Reefing Adventure! let me know in the comments...
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    Riptide Aquaculture as we celebrate US for our 5 year anniversary sale! for the aftersale buy joining our VIP Club you will recive a 20% off promo code! Join us in the weeks leading up to the sale as we do live streams with GIVEAWAYS! Wanna Know how we do a live sale!? Watch this video and...
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    You know the drill! If you see something you like, grab it and checkout QUICK! These pieces are first come first serve. We will combine the orders at the end, so don't worry about that at all. Flash SALE- Shipping Module -There will not be any free shipping during this event. -State of...
  18. damsels are not mean

    KPAquatics and Riptide Aquaculture, nice job guys!

    Sometimes It helps to hear about some happy customers in this forum amid all the negativity. Made my first online orders in like 5 years last week. Bought a gold coral banded shrimp, some snails, and 2 zoas from KPAquatics and 6 zoas and a hammer from riptide (they threw in a free acan as...
  19. RiptideAquaculture

    What's the difference between a Indophyllia macassarensis or a Cynarina ?Are the scientist Wrong?

    Who’s Wrong? So we spent some time looking this up and apparently Indophyllia macassarensis is a hobby name. Reef Builders Article- The true name as the scientific community is considered is a Cynarina For...
  20. RiptideAquaculture

    RIPTIDE Aquaculture's all access pass to Reef-A-Palooza chicago 2021

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a vendor at the BIGGEST reef expo!? Well we are going to show you ; from the 20+hour drive to the breakdown! Or as much as we possible can without getting in trouble Something tells me this is going to be a fun trip and I’m excited to share it with...
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    Reef currents, Texas frag fest. How are we gonna get our coral from Florida to Texas!?

    From Florida to Texas! All for a frag swap!? What the heck was I thinking!! Not only is it a 13 hour drive with a ton of coral, but it’s called the “Texas two step”. Because we will be attending two conventions in one weekend. Yup pack up on Saturday the 11th at reef currents and set up at Texas...
  22. RiptideAquaculture

    Riptide Aquaculture , Yes we are attending Reef currents

    We are very excited to be attending this frag swap. If you haven't heard about us here just a sneak peak of what we got coming with us.
  23. Achilles

    Build Thread 120 Gallon Custom Sps Monster!!!

    Hey guys! i want to welcome to you my SPS Monster!!! i hope you all enjoy what i have goin on in my tank if you have any questions please ask. More to come!!