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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE: Halloween Special!

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    Riptide Aquaculture| Reeftober Fest |PROMO CODE: Aftersale save 25%

    .Extended addition rule and info click here Start Building your pack today. Use Promo code: aftersale and 25% off your order
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    You know the drill! If you see something you like, grab it and checkout QUICK! These pieces are first come first serve. We will combine the orders at the end, so don't worry about that at all. Flash SALE- Shipping Module -There will not be any free shipping during this event. -State of...
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    RTA: Tiki Madness After Sale! Use Code: Tikitorch for 25%OFF

    Welcome to the Tiki Madness Live Sale! Hope everyone is strapped in and following this thread! We are inviting you to a Tiki themed Live sale with tons of Games, Giveaway and prizes to be claimed! use promo code: tikitorch at check out and save 25% Get yourself a Mai Tai and stick around for...
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    RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE Giveaways, Promos and Website updates. Get the best deals on R2R first!

    Welcome to RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE Giveaways, Promos and Website updates Thread! This thread will be chalk full of chances to entry our newest/most current giveaways! Current Deals : Daily Updates 5:30pm EST Current giveaway: 2/18 -3/06 Did Someone mention coupon codes?! Yep, this thread will...
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    Photo Contest: FREE GIVEAWAY: Reeftober-Fest. L

    V-I-P Ticket Photo Contest ALL WELCOME to show off there tanks but the winner will be from FL Good Luck and lets have some fun!!! We will will giving 2 pairs of VIP tickets to...
  7. Show Piece Ultra Wilsonis-WYSIWYG

    For sale Show Piece Ultra Wilsonis-WYSIWYG

    Ultra Wilsonis-WYSIWYG These wilsonis very rare and LPs corals are the jewel of the sea. The Ultra wilsonis are also some of the most exclusive corals you can get. The Varity of colors are unmatched in most all types of coral.
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    Livestock Wicked Symphyllia- WYSIWYG Show piece

    This is a Show Piece of Symphyllia WYSIWYG around the 5-6 inch in length and 2-3inch across The bright are extremely bright, this piece is sure to stand out in any collectors reef shipping for in Florida is 25 out of state is 45 Asking 399.99 .
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    Riptide Aquaculture- Insaine 4k video teasers plus exclusive promocode and Freebies!

    This is our first week on Reef2reef and we have really enjoyed the warm welcomes we have received and we wanna give back to the community by offering 10% off our already low prices and we will also be throwing in a Freebie with each shipment in the next 48 hours! in order to get the freebie and...
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