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sailfin tang

  1. Sleeping Giant

    Qt to display

    So today was day 12 of no signs of ICH, so I made the big jump and double transferred from my qt, copper treated tank to my display tank, and now in tanklimate for 2-3 days. I've never done quarantine or used the tanklimate, hopefully I did all I can to have a safe environment for all the fish.
  2. Sleeping Giant

    Sailfin tang in quarantine

    Hi, I've had a sailfin tang in quarantine for the since May 12, 2 weeks observation, then ICH showed up, dosed with cupermine as directed. My tang has shown no spots since June 22. My question is when or how do I know if it's ready to be brought over to my display tank, after 2 drip acclimations?
  3. A

    Tang nutrition??

    Well I’ve had my sailfin tang for about 6 months now. And he seems happy swimming about pecking the rock eatin’ good and all that.( eats formula two and some formula one pellets as well as he eats the brine shrimp I dump in the tank) I feed pellets twice a day and a cube of shrimp every other...
  4. Blakjax

    Sailfin Tang Diagnosis Needed

    I currently have a 65 gallon qt set up. I’m running copper power at 1.75 with 4 fish - 2 clowns, 1 longnose, and 1 sailfin. They have been in qt for 5 days (3 in full therapeutic levels of copper). I’ve now noticed this white bump on my sailfin. It’s been there since I got it but seems to be...
  5. dzolot

    Sailfin tang pick at corals?

    Hi everyone, i recently bought a young sailfin for my 150gallon mixed reed. The tang keeps picking on my hammer coral. Has anyone had any experience with this or have any suggestions on how to deal with, short of just removing the tang from my tank?! usually he just picks near the hammer...
  6. JustGetACat

    Ich, Velvet, or something else?? I just can't tell!!!

    I have a sailfin tang that has been QT'ed for about 4 weeks now. Her first 10 days she was being treated with 20mg/l of Chloroquine Phosphate (CP), and then went back to just observation (no meds in the water). She started to show signs again of what I thought was velvet. I got the best pictures...
  7. Peach02

    Naso tang happy in this tank?

    Essentially I'm thinking of a upgraded tank and would a naso tang or sailfin tang be happy in a 6" 2" 2" foot tank with light rockwork