1. Jeff Koger

    Wwc Sunkist bounce mushrooms

    Hello, Anyone going to 2020 Lear frag swap and looking for Sunkist bounce pm me if interested. thanks Jeff Koger
  2. Sofiaaquafx

    New Video POSTED

    Hey guys I am Sofia the new marketing intern here at AquaFX. Just made a new YouTube video about Sediment Filtration. Check it out!!! Let me know what else you guys want to see.
  3. N

    Minnesota 2 x 165watt black box LEDs

    2 black box 165watt led lights with built in WiFi for control. Also has 2 knobs to manually control light intensity for each spectrum. $130
  4. unweariedgoose

    New to here, but not new to fish!

    Hi everyone! I am from middle tennessee/ north of Nashville. My brother and I have maintained 2 fresh water tanks and a salt water for about 3, maybe 4 years now. Thankfully we haven't failed horribly since our first tank. We currently have an average array of "easy" fish, but the main reason...
  5. N

    Minnesota 2 x 165watt LEDs

    2 black box 165watt led lights with built in WiFi for control. Also has 2 knobs to manually control light intensity for each spectrum. $140
  6. C

    Cleaning with an eel

    I have a 2ft jeweled moray eel, and for the life of me I can not figure out how to clean this tank. Anytime I try to clean it he’s comes out and tries to bite. (even after being fed) does anybody with experience with eels have any idea on how to clean/vacuum safely.
  7. mattybecks

    The resiliance and hardcore nature of a BTA

    So about 10 days ago I got my first BTA. I planned to get one later this year and start an anemone tank, but the opportunity came by sooner and I got it on a little bit of an impulse. So I purchased it, got home in the evening and added him into the tank. Watched him a little until it was...
  8. Gadamwoll

    Looking for stickers

    I want to collect stickers from different aquariums, fish, and coral companies to decorate my new tank stand. Even if it not a franded sticker but saltwater related I take it. If you have any or now anyone please direct message me and I will send my address.
  9. Zoaologist

    Nevada WTB Designer Macro Algaes

    Let me know what you have. I would need it to be shipped to Las Vegas, NV.
  10. Reefer37

    Livestock for a 45G First Timer to Saltwater

    Hi everyone! New to saltwater here and kinda learning along the way! I recently got a JBJ 45G Saltwater tank I'm setting up for the first time and wanted some help on deciding a stock list. I also could really use some advice on the order of adding once I have the tank fully cycled and ready. I...
  11. Gustavo89

    Radion G4 Intensity vs Point Intensity? Without PAR

    Hello, im struggling with this doubt. When you import a program, you set the Overall Intensity, my case at 55%. (Mostly LPS) Then, when you explore the "created points" by default, you see that each point has different intensity (2nd picture related). So it means that the point reaches 37% of...
  12. Ascape

    If you had to choose, which one would it be? Fluval or Api?

    Hello all, Just a quick question to all my fellow reefers, if you had to choose between one of these two products of nitrifying bacteria like if you had no other choice (gun to head type situation...bit extreme but you get my just)..what would it be: Fluval biological enhancer...
  13. Ascape

    Help please! Question about filling my reef with water to fill the gap at the top!

    Hello everyone, I have a reef aquarium and I was wondering if anyone would kindly help me with a question I have, Any answers will be highly appreciated, So I have about a 2 inch gap between my water and the top of the tank, I now want to fill the tank up with water about half an inch to fill...
  14. Ryushei

    Texas Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue

    Cleaned Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue LED Light with Gooseneck and cables for apex included : $170 obo Can Ship.
  15. Petrichor

    Winter heater advice for 24 gallon saltwater

    I need some advice on heaters for a new, still cycling, 24 gallon saltwater tank. Right now I have an older Eheim Jager 75w heater, but I'm not sure it will be enough for the tank for winter. You see, I previously lived in the SW United States and never had to use a heater on my saltwater tank...
  16. Coralreefer1

    Things that make you go hmmmm?

    What one thing tends to bother you the most regarding the saltwater hobby? For me it’s when someone says that a particular coral is rare, so they can change an outrageous price for it. How do they know it’s rare... do they have a microchip or tag on each one that’s rare so they have an actual...
  17. B

    New York Hanna HI702 High Range Copper Checker

    I have Hanna HI702 High Range Copper Checker used it 5 times . I will include 26 packets of reagent $ 40 SHIPPED
  18. Ryushei

    Texas Selling Clownfish, Lawnmower Blenny, & Ricordia

    I have for sale a pair of regular black clownfish, a lawnmower blenny, and a ricordia. All healthy. Blenny - $10 Ricordia - $20 Clownfish- $10 per fish or $15 for the pair. I reside in College Station/Bryan Texas. Will not ship. I sometimes go to North Houston on the weekends so I need a heads...
  19. Austin Lee

    High calc with fresh Reef Crystals?

    Has anyone else had an issue with IO Reef Crystals having super high calc? I had a calc reading of 518 in my tank over the weekend and a fellow reefer on here suggested I mix some fresh SW and test the params, so I did and at 1.026 ppm, Reef Crystals is measuring calc at 522. Anyone else had...
  20. C

    New Tank Leak Detection

    Hi All, I've read through leak check advice on reef2reef. Many folks seem to have many different opinions (hey what else is new ?) Some say you should leak test every time you move the tank. Some say leak testing not necessary. Some say leak testing is absolutely necessary. Some say only needed...
  21. T

    Please ID pest / critter

    Please help ID this pests it all over my live rock. I’m looking for a fish or invert to eat it or kill it.
  22. Jvesche20

    What’s your favorite fish in your tank?

    Title says it all. What’s your favorite fish you have in your tank? Post some pics of you have any!
  23. CenlaReefer

    Coralife SW mix likely needs to be recalled.

    I tested my salt water mix from Coralife this morning. With salinity at 1.025, the level of calcium was so low that it did not even register on the chart using my Red Sea Reef Foundation test kit. The titrant used was less than .18 mL. The chart goes as low as .58 which indicates a calcium...
  24. erk

    Solid State Alk Sensor?!?!

    With all these alkalinity monitors and related equipment that are already on the scene, I was wondering if there was any work being done on an actual sensor that did not require titration. I know Seneye has something coming out, but that appears to calculate the carbonate level using CO2...
  25. G

    New Jersey RedSea Max Nano

    Need to get this gone You will get everything a RedSea Max Nano comes with plus .... -2 NeoTherm Heaters -Marco Rock Scape -and a ton of extras (pictures) I have paper to verify purchase and warranty 550$ PM for any other needed details Pick up 07731/07748
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