1. B

    Custom built

    HELLO EVERYONE I've been working on this one for a while now and not sure what equipment I need to make it work. For right now it's going to be FOWLR but eventually I would like to add some corals when i get more experience. I've been in the hobby for 6yrs freshwater only. Now I want to try...
  2. R

    Selling 100 gallon bow front custom reef tank with canopy and sump from California custom aquariums

    What’s included: Niger Trigger One spot Foxface Blonde Naso tang Sailfin tang Blue hippo tang (2) Maroon clownfish snowflake Eel Diamond goby (2) horseshoe crabs (3) sand sifting starfish (3) emerald crabs (5+) Hermit crabs (10+) Mexican turbo snails (10+) Bumble bee...
  3. H

    Texas Live Goods Saltwater Fish

    Selling my saltwater fish. Decided to shutdown my tank and I am in the process of selling all my livestock and equipment. All fish are happy and healthy and eating a variety of foods. Local Pickup only. Houston TX Ember Blenny $200 Gladiator Clownfish $75 Black Onyx Clownfish $75 Snow Storm...
  4. SmithSalt09

    Looking for advice on New setup

    Hi everyone, we are a relatively new reefer family. We have a 75 gallon aquarium, this is our setup: main filtration: FX4 main filtration, REACTOR(w/ cotton only) a skimmer for the surface, that pumps directly into a (diy) refugium(full of pads from phos, to nitrates, to cotton, bio balls...
  5. AumedAbuTalib

    Best filter roller for Small tank aquariums?

    Hello Guys, I need help selecting a filter roller for a 30-gallon aquarium and 10-gallon sump. The sump size Length is 20 IN Height 12 IN Width is 10 IN and the filter socks area is 5 IN Please help
  6. T

    Choosing a Fish

    Hi reefers, I was hoping to get some opinions/tips and what fish I should get and how to keep one. (Although I’ve done hours and hours of research on my own for each of these.) So far my top choices are: Peacock mantis shrimp (top choice always wanted one) Mudskipper Largemouth bass (I know...
  7. R

    EMERGENCY Red Knobby sea star sick ??

    My brother bought 2 red knobby sea stars a few weeks ago, and he’s convinced that one is dying. I know nothing about red knobbies, but I’m sure they aren’t supposed to grow orange spots on the underside of them?? We’ve tested the water, everything seems fine except the “hardness”. We’re going...
  8. Huddy_

    Nano Build 15G nano reef setup, help!

    Hey fellas, hope your holiday weekend is treating you well. I’m planning to start the process of building a 15g nano reef w/ fish after a couple year hiatus coming from a fresh water cichlid tank. I have very little experience with saltwater tanks so I am doing my due diligence and researching...
  9. B

    Rock flower Anemone tank

    Who all here has a lot of rock flower anemones in one tank? I currently have 3 in one tank but want maybe 20 by the end of it since they come in so many colors. My question is how have you done your scape for this style tank as well as other corals in the tank with them. Have you ever had any...
  10. LunacyEmber

    Build Thread The best of both worlds

    I just wanted to start a thread about the progress on our current setup. These are both Nuvo 15’s side by side on a large aquarium stand. I recently became more physically disabled and I’m unable to care for many tanks or larger tanks. These are both of the last tanks I currently own sadly. I...
  11. hikebikebrew

    California Aquariums Drygoods 120 Gallon Saltwater Setup

    Custom Visio glass 120 gallon saltwater aquarium, custom stand, sump and accessories for sale. Has been running for 3 years. Tank is 48"x24"x24" Stand holds display at 40" and side shelving is 6' tall. Stand is made from 2x6 and quality plywood sheeting Includes 2 Kessel tuna blue 360 lights...
  12. C

    Clownfish has red/gray discoloration...

    Hello all... (I'm a newbie to saltwater) I have started a saltwater tank... 65 Gal. Fish only. I thought I cycled properly and added my first fish. 2 Clownfish and 3 Cardinal. One of the clownfish now has a red/gray discoloration about a week after on both sides. The fish appears to be...
  13. B

    Jbj rf 65 stand

    Hey I’m checking to see if anyone has a black jbj rf 65gal stand for sale in the Chicagoland area.
  14. P

    13.5 gallon stocking question

    Hey I’ve had this 13.5 gallon for about 5 months now and honestly I think it’s going good so far. Right now I have 2 clowns, a court jester goby, a fire shrimp, 1 turbo snail, 1 cone snail, and 2 hermits. I was thinking of adding 1 more small fish but I don’t want to stress out the fish I have...
  15. bri.reffin

    Hello cloud from return pump and clogging sound

    i just added in my first two fish. Pump has been off from time to time, it runs fine. until it shoots out clouds and makes clogging noises. maybe the water level is to low from the return pump chamber(waterbox 20)
  16. Begalke

    Build Thread 20 gallon nano reef

    Thought I would start a thread on my 20 g nano reef! Current fish is an all-time favorite, Nemateleotris helfrichi. - Jason Begalke
  17. A

    How long can sea water be stored with no circulation?

    I buy water from a local store and just found out it’s collected from the sea. I used to keep it for around 2 months in a container in the dark with no circulation. Never smelled bad so i didn’t assume it was spoiled, but now i worry there are no nutrients and it doesn’t benefit nothing in my...
  18. L

    My disconnect in understanding between saltwater and freshwater aquarium filtration.

    Hello, I have had some things floating around in my head recently that I need answers for. So what is the difference in filtration between salt and fresh. Why in freshwater you use these big filters that are packed with biomedia for maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria (maybe K1 or...
  19. H

    New York WTB Looking for Radion xr15 g5 blue preferably new

    Let me know what you have available. Need to add 1 light, my G5’s about 1 year old. Thanks for your time. I’m Paul.
  20. Noob_Sam

    First time using a sump.

    Hello Everyone, I upgraded to a 135 system two days ago. My return pump is coming today therefore I can finally get the tank fully set up and started. I was just wondering how to properly get the sump running. I tried to look up YT vids but they don't show the part where they are filling it up...
  21. ozanareef

    New York Live Goods 32 Gal Bio Cube W/stand

    Hi everyone selling my 32 Gal Biocub with stand that comes with *live rock 30lb roughly *mushrooms *1 clown fish *few random snails and crabs Everything works good just don't have the time for it Make me an offer Pick up only Staten Island NY
  22. Sevastian

    EMERGENCY My blue tang seems hurt

    I got this tang yesterday from pet co at first he was hiding inside of the rock formation but I came home from work today to see him just laying there should I try and return him or assume he’ll get used to the tank
  23. R

    AIO Build Reef Raider's IM 20G NUVO Fusion Pro 2 AIO Tank, Full Send!!!

    Good afternoon Everyone! Hope all is well. New here, as a child I had a freshwater tank that eventually moved into a saltwater fish only tank a few years later. Eventually I left the hobby, military and college. Now as an adult, with children of my own, its time to reignite my old love! I work...
  24. J

    Fish die unexpectedly after weeks in a tank

    I have a 250 gallon saltwater tank set up with about 10 fish (large to small). This tank used to be an aggressive tank turned to a reef tank. All of these fish have been in the tank for more than 6 months. Nitrates are higher than they should be but has not been an issue before. Now when I add...
  25. F

    Hello New to Site from Seguin Texas

    Well, I've been "encouraged" to introduce myself. Marlin here from Seguin Tx. Been doing aquariums since 11 years old, that is saying a lot considering I'm a little older now. That means fishkeeping for about 50 yrs. Mostly fresh with a little dabbling in salt on occasions. Recently wife...