1. Oscar’s25Gal

    Reverse Osmosis System - Worth it?

    Hi guys! I currently have a 25 gal however in mid August I will be changing to a 120 gallon (450 litres) It will be 5 foot long and the main reason I am upgrading is because I would love to keep larger fish. I have been offered a reverse osmosis system by someone for free, however it has to be...
  2. M

    3 out of 9 dead fish.. New hobbyist.. Thoughts on my situation?

    Hi all, Im having issues with my 55 gallon tank. 3 of my fish just died. Hippo, Sailfin, and a raccoon butterfly. My tank has been up and running since May 17th. I started with a Midas Blenny and 2 mocha clown fish (added them about 2 weeks after the tank was set up and running a couple days...
  3. R

    After months of research need HELP setting up my first 120 gallon saltwater tank

    Hi You ALL, I have been reading, watching youtube vids, reading more, watching more videos, day and night, home and at work. Pretty much the last 3 months i have been all about saltwater fish tanks. At first i was looking at buying a 50 gallon tank bc i read that its the best beginner tank...
  4. Dawlisha20

    Please help me ID my clownfish

    Hello, can anybody help me ID my clownfish please. Would be very grateful. Thanks
  5. J

    Tank cleaning and I noticed this in my sand

    Hi so i recently got some now coral sand And when I was doing my fortnightly water change I found this in my sand and I can’t figure out what it is it looks like little pink little worms. I’m trying to figure out if they’re dangerous to my aquarium
  6. Oscar’s25Gal

    Nitrates are high?

    Hello guys, so I have a 25 gal. I have no corals, except a very small shroom colony and a RBTA. My ammonia reads 0, pH 8.1, Nitrite 0 but my nitrates are 35. I have 2 clowns, a wrasse and a juvie blue tang (i am upgrading my tank in a few weeks.) Can anyone tell me why my nitrates are so high...
  7. Oscar’s25Gal

    Grey film on rocks?

    My 25g has been running for 2 months. It is currently FOWLR. Recently I have noticed two types of white/grey film like things growing on my rock, so could anyone please identify them? Here is a photo :
  8. G

    Clownfish swimming head up

    Hi, after two weeks of cycling and having normal water parameters I added to clownfish (drop method). They were swimming near a rock at the bottom of the tank yesterday. This morning they are swimming head up near a corner. Is this normal clown behaviour? New to saltwater tanks. :(
  9. Jennydinh143

    Clownfish ich?

    Hi! Im new to saltwater keeping! I saw my clownfish rubbing its side on the sand and thought it was just playing, upon more research I realized it could be ich. Im not really sure... im new to saltwater keeping so every literally thing i find off, i google them. I could just be paranoid but i’ll...
  10. Reefman603

    RSM Skimmer problem

    Hey everyone! So I have a RedSea max250 AIO reef tank and the skimmer won’t stop over skimming with lots of bubbles.. I’ve done about everything I can think of to try and fix it but it just wont stop over bubbling/ skimming ? Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this..
  11. Jacksfish2020

    Brown jelly on Duncan?

    Does anyone have any clue on how to cure this without discarding the Duncan I’ve already lost one from the jelly, and I don’t want to lose anything else, also would it actually infect other coral or just Duncan’s?
  12. C

    Tank Pics with New lens ! IM Nuvo 40

    Hi All, Just wanted to share some pictures of my aquarium ! I bought a new camera lens and it makes the aquarium pop nicely. I am no photographer and this is my first time taking pics. Some of these were taken with a 15K and then a 20K, and the close ups were taken with Macro lens. Thanks...
  13. wesamazmy

    Saltwater Aquarium For Beginners Series

    I started a completely new series 'Saltwater Aquarium For Beginners' trying to explain the Saltwater hobby from a different angle and encourage more people to this wonderful hoppy - English subtitle - New episode every Saturday - Answer all the questions Series Trailer
  14. E

    29 Gallon Reef Tank

    So essentially i want to start a beginner reef tank. I went out and bought a 29 gallon tank off of just wanting to start right away and i stop and thought to myself, “I dont know what to get next”. So at the moment i am looking for suggestions for a filter system and anything else i would need...
  15. Mrlwst

    New Member

    Hello I just wanted to introduce myself, as suggested in my welcome email. My name is Sheldon and I just started a 65 Gallon saltwater tank and it has been a real struggle from the start, maybe due to my impatience. Today is day 6 and I am awaiting items to be delivered and trying to find...
  16. Reefman603

    Red Sea max 250

  17. Taysmart

    10g biocube. In need of start up/ tweaking assistance

    I set up my saltwater 10g biocube 2 days ago. I used live sand, and dry rock. I currently have nothing in the first compartment, a Im Ghost skimmer in the second, and then the return pump in the last. I’m having issues with micro bubbles, and cloudy water. I’m cycling the tank using a cycle...
  18. mattybecks

    Allardi Clownfish and Macrodactyla Anemone

    It had just gone lights out and my Anemone and clowns are bedding down for the night.
  19. S

    20 Gallon Long SW Conversion

    Hello, First SW tank, I have a 20 Gal that was a freshwater and I’m going to convert it to fowlr for the time being. Down the road I would like to add a few easier to keep corals but I need some advice on filtration and in general advice on keeping it as low stress as possible. So right now I...
  20. N

    New to Saltwater Tanks - Starting 29g Biocube Reef Tank

    Hi All! I am new to saltwater tanks and have purchased a used 29g Coralife Biocube. My plan is to start a reef tank with some suitable fish and softy/LPS corals. After a month or so of research on forums like R2R (thanks for the help already!), I decided to start a thread on the setup and...
  21. Dj Mars

    Red Sea 425XL

    Hello everyone! This forum helped me a lot on deciding where to start and what to buy!! I’m converting from fresh water to saltwater! Got an awesome deal for a 425XL at a local shop near me. Shout out to Rainbow Aquarium! Everything should arrive this weekend. Need help setting it up Can you...
  22. Jeff Koger

    Wwc Sunkist bounce mushrooms

    Hello, Anyone going to 2020 Lear frag swap and looking for Sunkist bounce pm me if interested. thanks Jeff Koger
  23. Sofiaaquafx

    New Video POSTED

    Hey guys I am Sofia the new marketing intern here at AquaFX. Just made a new YouTube video about Sediment Filtration. Check it out!!! Let me know what else you guys want to see.
  24. N

    Minnesota 2 x 165watt black box LEDs

    2 black box 165watt led lights with built in WiFi for control. Also has 2 knobs to manually control light intensity for each spectrum. $130
  25. unweariedgoose

    New to here, but not new to fish!

    Hi everyone! I am from middle tennessee/ north of Nashville. My brother and I have maintained 2 fresh water tanks and a salt water for about 3, maybe 4 years now. Thankfully we haven't failed horribly since our first tank. We currently have an average array of "easy" fish, but the main reason...