1. Z

    New addition to saltwater aquarium recommendations

    Hey guys, i got 2 clownfish a trigger fish and a lavender tang with a rabbit fish. What could you guys recommend for a new addition to the tank? Pictures are the fish i have right now
  2. S

    32.5 gallon stocking

    Im getting a 32 gallon fluval flex thats gomna be a reef tank im thinking about stocking options, im considering getting a flame hawkfish, splendid dottyback, and flame angelfish. Which of these would be the best and which i could keep together as well as tank mates. Also im wondering if i...
  3. S

    Hello Top fin tank into a saltwater?

    I think I found a 5g easy clean top fin aquarium at goodwill and I was just wondering if I could turn it into a saltwater tank since there’s no like return nozzle like saltwater tanks does (if you saw an easy clean tank before you would know what I’m talking about) and has that thing in the back...
  4. Z

    Gold flake Angelfish won’t eat

    My goldflake angelfish won’t eat this guy is a expensive guy, any recommendations?
  5. Z

    Live rocks and dry rock has spots

    My saltwater aquarium has been setup for 3 weeks and I have a triggerfish and 2 clownfishes and they are doing good as perameters are good. However I was wondering what this stuff is in the rocks and sand
  6. 744xLYFE

    Hello Hi! I’m new to R2R!

    Hello. I have been a saltwater aquarium keeper since 2005. I used to use ReefCentral but i cant seem to access my account at the moment. I am starting my 6th Saltwater system, first SPS dominant reef tank. 60”x24”x24” with a 36” tall stand and 52”x18”x18” sump with refugium made all by...
  7. omerseymen

    Is snowflake eel reef&fish safe?

    Hi guys i am planning to get one snowflake eel for my 250 liter tank. I have 2 clowns, fire shrimp, conches, snails, starfishes and one blue tang. + LPS corals mostly. Is it okay for my pets to live with a snowflake eel? Is it safe
  8. Mizu

    Adding water into tank

    So im about to add in my Arag-alive sand and then add in my saltwater, I just have a few questions: 1. I only have 10 gallons of saltwater made (about 40% of what the tank needs) will that affect the live sand? 2. I'm pretty sure I am supposed to put in the return pump and heater before adding...
  9. C

    44 gallon brute trashcan saltwater mixing

    Hello I have a 44gallon brute trashcan that holds approximately 40 gallons, I wanna use it to mix saltwater, what pump do people usually use for this set up? Thanks in advance, I'm new to the hobby and also new to reef2reef
  10. P

    EMERGENCY Pistol Shrimp Killing things?

    Hello I’m hoping someone can help me out here, I have a pistol shrimp that I’ve been told is bigger than usual ones, I’m not sure what kind it is exactly but it’s red with purplish legs. Anyways in the past 3 weeks I’ve lost 3 fish and everytime I notice one missing I look in my pistol shrimps...
  11. LiveAquaria

    TAX RELIEF SALE!!! TaxSeason have you stressed? LiveAquaria® wants you to enjoy the calming effect that aquaticlife brings to your life. Save 15% on select saltwater and marine species that can help you in that effort. Ends Thursday. and more!
  12. bdongoron

    Why do people “Get out of the Hobby”

    What do we think are the biggest contributing factors to people getting out of the “hobby”. I see a lot of people selling off tanks and equipment stating they don’t have time for it anymore but I’ve never thought it to be a super time consuming thing. Do people lose interest overtime? I don’t...
  13. tigé21v

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods Breaking Down Systems

    Hey everyone, my dad and i are breaking down our systems, and getting rid of our stuff. just have another hobby taking over honestly. We have ALOT of things we are selling. and will try to keep the list updated as stuff sells. all i ask is please no lowball offers, and message if truly...
  14. slav621

    STUMPED! Low KH/Alkalinity

    I have a 29 gallon tank that I am having issues with coral growth in. I was not keeping my parameters stable but starting to get back on track. My alk was reading a 4 KH on Friday. I have slowly raised it to 6 KH so far. I started with a 70% water change on Friday. I don’t know why my Alk is...
  15. A

    Help! I’m new to this

    Hello all my tank has been running for 4 weeks, 1 week with fish in it. I put in two clowns last Friday one seems to be thriving and eating everything while the other hasn’t eaten much if anything in like 3/4 days and is now breathing rapidly. Did I just get unlucky with this one?
  16. Carley

    Bubble magus mini q skimmer nano

    Bubble magus protein skimmer Mini Q nano Used, but in great condition and Works perfect! Fits in back refugium of Biocube 32 $50 shipped or pick up in dfw
  17. Carley

    Maxspect gyre 2k

    MJ-GF2K Maxspect jump gyre 2,000 gph Works great! Great condition. Decided to go a different route. $160 shipped or pick up in dfw
  18. L

    Protein skimmer for an AIO (Limit space) 75 gallons.

    I started a few weeks ago a 75 gallons with the idea of make a Reef tank with very few fishes (2-3 fishes). It is a regular 75 gallon Petco rimed tank. I install the AIO Fiji box kit. This box has a space designed for the skimmer of 5.3" by 7". Can someone recommend a skimmer with dose...
  19. C

    Anyone have experience storing saltwater mix using AF Sea Salt?

    Does anyone have experience storing saltwater mixed using Aquaforest Sea Salt? I have a 20 Gallon AIO, and the most time consuming part of my weekly water changes is mixing just a few gallons of saltwater. It mixes very quickly, which is convenient. But when it comes to mixing just 3-5 gallons...
  20. J

    New at Saltwater

    Hello all, I’m new at Reef2Reef I have some questions for you all I’m an experienced FRESHWATER only hobbyist I been doing them for a long time, I have multiple tanks but I decided to “jump” to saltwater I’ll start small and then get very big down the line in 3 years after getting really...
  21. C

    Kh problems

    Ive been having problems keeping my kh stable i see it jump all over the place and i feel like it gets drained more then evrything else. Can anyone give me advice on what to do i am pretty new to reefing and dont want to wait until something goes wrong. In the pictures are my current parameters...
  22. B

    First saltwater tank

    Hey eveyrone hoping I could get some guidance. I’m brand new to saltwater tanks and started small. I have a 10G with a small pair of clowns and 2 Ceriths. The tank is 2 months old. It recently had this algae bloom and wanted to know if this is the normal “ugly” phase or if it’s something else...
  23. K

    Pest or good community member?

  24. Z

    60 Gallon Cube

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I have a 60-gallon cube, and in 2 years or less, I will be moving back home where I will have my 150-gallon. I can not use my 150-gallon tank in the house I currently live in. My question is, can I place small fish 1-3 inches in size now but will grow...
  25. Kugii

    Will this stocking list work for a 22 gal long?

    1x Mandarin 2x Common clownfish 1x Scooter blenny 1x Pygmy filefish 1x Dwarf Hawkfish ?x Shrimps ?x A bunch of snails And possibly a Watchman goby + pistol shrimp combo? Thanks in advance!