1. T

    Saltwater pump for 500gal pool/aquarium?

    What type of quiet 220V pump can I use to pump clean saltwater ~24/7 directly from the ocean into an Intex Easy Set 1942L (513gal) pool being used as a saltwater aquarium, located at a height of ~4m (~13ft) & a distance of ~15m (49ft) from the ocean?
  2. ryan2577p

    Tennessee Return Pumps Drygoods SOLD Apex COR 20-Will Ship

    Used Apex COR 20 w/ new power supply, new pvc fittings, and seals. Asking $280.00 Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  3. K

    Waterbox Reef for freshwater fish, need advice

    Hello fellow fish keepers , hope all of you are doing great and staying safe. So after a loooong pause i want to get back to fish keeping but due to some health issues (back issues and not able to lift heavy) i want to start with freshwater and if i feel i can do it again health wise and time...
  4. Q

    Little White Specs on my coral and on my back wall

    I noticed these a day or two ago, I an curious is anyone has any Idea what this might be?
  5. L

    EMERGENCY What color?!? Ammonia

    What color am I looking at? Nitrates came down last couple days and so did nitrites just need ammonia to hit 0.
  6. Guns286

    Saltwater Premix Question

    In my never ending quest to gather as much information as I can BEFORE I start my tank, I have a question about premixing saltwater for water changes. I know that regular water changing is very important for keeping a health reef aquarium. Having premixed, ready to go, saltwater will make that...
  7. EcoTech MP-10

    For sale Tennessee EcoTech MP-10

    EcoTech MP-10 (Used) New WetSide & New DrySide QuietDrive & Mobius Ready Asking $250.00 Buyer pays for shipping
  8. Jdbrusseau

    New aquarium options

    I am looking to start back up in saltwater. I'm going to be building a 120 gallon mix tank. I have the tank set up using a fluval fx6 and using under gravel filtration with it. The discharge is into three one half inch pylons that I have loofah sponges around to disperse the flow. The goal being...
  9. O

    Build Thread 180G Custom Acrylic, I was out of the hobby 5yrs

    Long story short, I used to have a 265G reef that had a catastrophic ending when a seal failed on the front. I left the hobby heart broken. As my son aged (6yrs old) I began to tell my wife that I might be interested in getting back into the hobby if the right situation presented itself. She...
  10. Neptune Apex System Lot

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Apex System Lot

    I have a Massive Apex System Lot. It comes with a Apex System, Display, LDK Kit, FMK Kit, AFS, GRO Light, ATK Kit, extra Pmup V2 w/power supply, Trident Reagents 2 month supply, LSM w/ 5 strand of LEDs, VDM module, WXM Module, 2 1Link cables, 4 AquaBus cables, Probe Holder, Calibration Fluid...
  11. N

    Having fun in the grow flat

    Just messing around with the camera and loving the improvements in my photography!
  12. Absolutely Fish

    Check out some of our marine fish stock this week!!!

    Shop Marine Fish NOW!!!
  13. Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    For sale Tennessee Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand

    Neptune LSM Module w/ 5 LEDs strand. New in box. Asking $115.00 plus shipping Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  14. Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Apex Par Monitoring Kit

    I’ve got a Par Monitoring Kit for Apex for sale. It’s new in box. Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Asking $280.00 plus shipping
  15. CincyReefer07

    Anybody see any issues with modifying my sump?

    Hey guys.. so I have an IceCap 48xl sump for my 310 gallon display tank that I’m considering to modify to enlarge the return pump section of it. The sump comes with a 15 gallon ATO reservoir but I’m using my 130g total volume saltwater mixing station also for auto-top offs since it’s in the same...
  16. Neptune Trident

    For sale Tennessee Neptune Trident

    Neptune Trident. New in box. Never been used. Will throw in an extra box of reagents to go with it. Asking $500 firm Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  17. Apex Equipment

    For sale Tennessee Apex Equipment

    I’ve got multiple Apex gear for sale. 1-Par Monitoring Kit (New) $275 2-LSM Module w/ 5 LED strand (New) $125 3-VDM Module (New) $80 4-DDR-DOS combo (New/Used) $350 4 combo Will ship if buyer pays for shipping. Will also cut a deal to someone that buys everything 2gether in a package deal. DM...
  18. X

    Changed my mind from Freshwater tank to Salt water..need help!

    Hi everyone, I am very new to this aqua field and all of sudden, my wife and I decided to have fishes. At that time, we had no idea between freshwater vs salt water. The aquarium we went was freshwater main and convinced by easier maintnance and cheaper price than saltwater . So, we bought a 65...
  19. B

    Sand cleaning Help

    I used my city water to clean my 80 pounds of sand (Caribsea grade sand) I know this is frowned apon. My water has chloramine in it and I used the city water to clean it, I drained the water out as much as I could and put the wet sand in my 90 gallon aquarium. There was very little water in the...
  20. SDC - ERI

    What Cool fish are on your bucket list?

    Here at SDC - ERI, we have seen every fish that has been available in the hobby. From iconic fish to oddballs, what fish are on your bucket list?
  21. Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor

    For sale Tennessee Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor

    Innovative Marine Full Size Media Reactor for sale. $90.00 shipped! Just don’t need it. Great for carbon, gfo, and pellets! Compact style, in-sump reactor. Easy change of the media.
  22. Eshopps Doser & Slave w/ dosing line holder

    For sale Tennessee Eshopps Doser & Slave w/ dosing line holder

    Eshopps Doser & Slave Doser w/ line holder. Used, great working condition! All heads and pumps work. Just need new dosing line and you’re good to go! Asking $160.00. Will shipping if buyer pays for shipping.
  23. Innovative Marine Full Size Reactor

    For sale Tennessee Innovative Marine Full Size Reactor

    Innovative Marine Full Size media reactor for sale. Innovative Marine discontinued this size reactor. It goes in the sump. Too big for AIO tanks. I’ve got 1 I’m trying to sell. I have one that I’m using and it works great!! Great for carbon, GFO, or pellets!! These are getting a little bit hard...
  24. Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    For sale Tennessee Tunze EcoChic 8831 Refugium light

    Tunze EcoChic 8831 new in box for sale. It can be used above the water or even completely submerged in the water as well! Will ship if buyer pays for shipping.
  25. Viparspectra 165w  reef led fixture

    For sale Tennessee Viparspectra 165w reef led fixture

    New in Box Viparspectra 165w light for sale. Never been used. Just opened to inspect the light. In perfect shape! Also have a whole bag full of 120 degree lenses that I’ll throw in if you want to replace the 90 degree lenses that comes on the Viparspectra. Helps with the spread with those 120...