1. SaltwaterGuruNeeded

    White film? Algae?

    This white film on the cord of my uv sterilizer and other cords in my fish tank, what is it? I'd assume it to be algae. I've had this in freshwater tanks before, I believe. It comes off very easily and feels slimy. Just want to know what it is, is it good or bad, and how to minimize it or get...
  2. MFear

    Is ocean water safe?

    I typically mix my own saltwater at home using Tropic Marin and RODI water and store it in brute containers so I can have some on hand and use some for auto-water changes. I live in Los Angeles though and we’re in a mega drought so I’ve been thinking I’ll start getting Catalina ocean water from...
  3. M

    How to store a used tank and filter

    Hello everyone hope that you are all well. I'm new to the fish keeping hobby. I've just bought a second hand 260 L fluval tank which has the following equipment Fluval 306 canister filter Fx4 filter UV water filter Im doing some renovation work on my property. So I won't be able to set up...
  4. H

    Saltwater Ick Treatment Safe For Corals

    I suspect my two clowns and Midas blenny have ick and I want to treat my whole tank. What are good ways/products to get rid of ick that is safe for coals? I have a dunkin and hammer. Thanks!
  5. Subnautica

    What's your Favorite Snail?

    My all time favorite is always Conch, Conch, and Conch. Such a fun, interesting little creature. Those long eyes that react to your action. A powerful leg that moves fast. A cute elephant nose that goes didadidadoo. A heavy body that can't climb glass. A long lived peaceful creature...
  6. Raven2010

    Hello 11 years coral addiction and counting

    Hello all! I’ve been a long time R2R follower, i have to thank this community for so many answers to problems or general interest I may have come across. I had made an account years ago but have since lost the info. So I decided to just make a new one. I’ve been addicted to corals since 2010. I...
  7. Noinoi24

    Connecticut Massachusetts New Jersey New York MOVING OUT OF STATE SALE- (POSTING FOR A FRIEND)

    Hello Reefers, My friend Bradley is moving in a few months and unfortunately need to sell his set-up and his pets. He has a freshwater set-up with Discus fishes and some tetras. He’ll be moving at at the end of July. He needs the sell the livestock first before he can sell the equipment. Tank...
  8. Herides

    Storing Saltwater for an extended period. Advice?

    Hey guys, So, to kind of up my reefing game a tad and to combat a cyano plague I'm dealing with, I want to start storing an amount of salt water. Right now I mix (for my 40 gallon tank) 5 gallons at a time (approximately a 10% change) every Saturday, and use another 5 to fill up my reservoir...
  9. R

    Clownfish white lips and tail

    Hello .. one of my clowns seems to have qn issue with her mouth and tale .. not white spots in the aquarium.. thay was developed last few days i beleive.. but its been there for 1 month no issues till today Lall wayer parameters are good
  10. V

    Smokin 3D Reefer LLC

    Calling out Local Reefers!! New Business in Kendallville, Indiana. Check us out. We will be posting new photos soon. At this current time we are by Appt Only. We are not shipping anything. At least not to start with. We have Coral and 3D Prints for...
  11. N

    New York Misc. Pumps Icecap 3K Gyre

    Icecap 3K Gyre Pump for sale that I was using until I upgraded. Overall awesome pump and worked very well for my tank. Comes with an extra pair of mesh guards to put over each side. Can be programmed and flow can be adjusted with multiple settings. $125 shipped
  12. P

    USA WTB Looking to buy Speckled kraks

    Looking for some polyps of this krakatoa let me know what u got will have to be shipped
  13. M

    Hanna Magnesium checker

    Just got a Hanna Magnesium Checker HI719. Is it working for saltwater?
  14. V

    Leather dying after dragging it

    Is my leather dying and if it is what can I do I dragged it for the first time and this is the next day it is defenetly shedding and it is completely lumped of never seen him like this
  15. V

    Is this a sundial snail or not

    Hi guys I found this snail under my coral drag of torch and really worried if this is a sundial snail or not
  16. J

    My Bachelor Thesis is based on creating a self-regulating Aquarium. Can you guys help me brainstorm a plan?

    Hey guys, I really need your help. I am a mechanical engineer tasked with designing and configuring a self-regulating Saltwater Aquarium but unfortunately I know nothing about aquariums (Well, not true, ive been reading up a bit, but id still consider myself completely ignorant on the subject)...
  17. yanni

    Is a saltwater aquarium right for me?

    Hey all, so I need a bit of advice. I’ve been on the fence for ages about setting up my own 30g clownfish and nem aquarium. I’m a huge lover of the ocean, and especially clownfish and this has always been a dream of mine to do!! however, I am quite scared. it sounds silly, but after reading...
  18. W

    DIY 3D printed Digital Color Analysis for Aquarium test tubes under $15 and no soldering required.

    I'm been working on this for while and i feel that it looks good enough to show.... i hope it helps others analysis digital color representation for people who are color blind like me, parts are pretty cheap possibly under $15 and no soldering required. DIY Digital 3D Color Analysis for...
  19. fox0521

    Why is my newly mixed saltwater dirty??

    I’ve noticed my newly mixed saltwater having some brown “stuff” in it lately. Tried rinsing and wiping away the brown build up on the walls of the container (nfs brute can), but it came back after a couple mixes. The last water change I did on my 55 g seemed to tick off my Duncan and hammer...
  20. M

    Question 300 Gallon Tank Evaporation

    Hello, Im want to purchase 300 Gallon Rimless Tank for Reef fish and Corals. I will put this Tank in the basement. Im worried about water Evaporation and getting mold on walls and ceiling. can anyone please tell me if there is possibly I will get Mold later in the furure because of so much water?
  21. G

    Cycling my 20g saltwater tank

    Hello everyone, after moving from a beach town to a valley with no ocean nearby, I decided to get a saltwater tank as I love being by the ocean. I started doing a fishless cycle 3 weeks ago using Dr. Tims ammonia and Microbacter 7. I measured my ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels every other...
  22. M

    New to lighting

    I just got my new 92g corner tank almost ready to go. All thats next is adding water. I am wanting to have a softie and lps filled tank. One major dilemma, the lighting. Its 18 inches deep, the straight side are about 34 inches and its bow front. I cant figure out what kind of light I need. I...
  23. 7777


    What type of RODI system do you use? I’m currently using RO Buddie and I feel like I’m wasting so much water to get a clean water. Also the resin filter is already discoloured more than halfway when I only used about 38 gallons of water out of it. The LFS that sold me it told me to run the...
  24. Q

    Florida Aquariums Selling entire setup Red Sea reefer 425xl

    $$4,000$$ For sale is a Red Sea reefer 425 xl. The tank and all the equipment was purchased April of this year, except for the skimmer return pump and R/O unit. Thinking of parting out the tank as it has been broken down I would prefer not to ship anything. Need to sell ASAP. X2 Ecotech radion...
  25. I

    Pennsylvania Filters Brand New Aqua UV Sterilizer 8 Watt HOB

    Brand New Aqua 8 Watt UV Sterilizer HOB for Tanks up to 70 Gallon. Never used, bought to remove Dinos $75
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