1. J

    Can't Seem to get my Chemical Levels correct.

    Hey guys i'm brand new to these forums and need a bit of help. I starting up my first saltwater tank (Fish only) and I'm having a bit of trouble with my chemical levels. Just so you guys understand what i'm going though I'll give ya a run down of the setup. So I have a 55 gallon tank inside...
  2. Seahorsekelly69

    Algae scrubbers are awesome for seahorse tanks!

    I need to learn how to blog here directly, but for anyone's my scrubber set up and the reasons I love it!
  3. RickG

    Ge silicone

    hey I was wondering if this silicone I used to reseal my tank can't be used. My tank has been setup since December. I had a cyano issue because of some pukani I believe were leaching phosphates. Took them out and used chemi clean twice and so far so good. I have a couple of fish (pair of clowns...
  4. CaptianPaulie

    New to the forum

    I started my first saltwater fishtank and instantly got hooked :p. I did a fowlr setup in my small 20 gal tank just to see what is in store before I spent serious money on everything. Now that my girlfriend and I have completely fell in love with having a saltwater tank we are planning on...
  5. Seahorsekelly69

    Following the trail of seahorse tails: Why buying from a breeder is so important!

    This write up is about the difference in my experiences buying from a breeder and buying from a vendor. I'll be focusing on documented information in upcoming blogs...
  6. Tommy Weir

    Local Meetings

    I'm a 3 year reefer and fish keeper. I have a 90gal. reef tank and am working on a 55gal. predator tank. I'm wanting to join a local club that has meetings or frag/fish swaps. Does this group or any in the East Tn area function like that? Thanks for the help!
  7. Tommy Weir

    Local Meetings

    I'm a 3 year reefer and fish keeper. I have a 90gal. reef tank and am working on a 55gal. predator tank. I'm wanting to join a local club that has meetings or frag/fish swaps. Does this group or any in the East Tn area function like that? Thanks for the help!
  8. Luigi M. Scollo

    Hello Everyone

    My name is Luigi, from San Clemente, CA. I just set up a nano cube for my kids and I'm looking for the best price and most reliable frags supplier; your suggestions are much appreciated.
  9. money88

    Mike's 5 gallon Pico (1st SW/Reef)

    So I picked up a Fluval Evo 5 gallon while I was out picking up a Fluval Spec III for my girlfriend about a month ago. I have been keeping a small log so I will be posting what I have so far over a bit of time and then continued updates as I continue to progress. This is my first attempt at...
  10. TXReefer89

    Starting my reef life

    I'll start this off by saying I'm about a year into this hobby and I'm...hooked. First time poster to R2R. I need recommendations for a 220 gallon aquarium, see bottom for details. About a year ago I took an old 29 gallon tank off my dad's hands he had in some warehouse along with a few...
  11. RickG

    saltwater precipitation

    mixed a batch of 10 gal of Coral pro salt and it precipitated on me. I didnt have enough time to do the water change because I was a bit busy lol. Just wondering if I could still use this water or if I have to throw it out. Its going to my fish only tank. Lmk and thanks in advance
  12. Yaboyrizzo

    Should I Use My Carbon In My Filter Fish Only Tank

    Hey guys I wanted to know if I should use my carbon In my filter I now have x2 aquaclear 110 on my 75 gal tank Keep my tank clean so far I jus seen ppl who don't use it for certain reason but I wanted to know should I leave it or take it out I rather people who have fish only tanks or have had...
  13. kramerjusc

    Been in the Hobby and ready to start

    Hello everyone, I just joined R2R and this is my first post. I am sure I can find many answers in here but thought I would get right to the point. I have been in the aquarium hobby for a few years now have 2 very successful cichlid tanks but from the first day I started my end goal was a salt...
  14. NaClWater72756

    TWO Reefbrite Tech LEDs (read details)

    #1) $125 obo - Reefbrite Tech 30" 50/50 led. Used for one year. Mounting brackets on the unit. Only 2/3 of the lights work. The first segment will not work. I am sure it can be fixed, but I am not techy and I am getting out of the hobby and just want to make some money back on my...
  15. Joe Greene

    Rocket City Coral Expo September 17th

    Hello everyone it's that time of year again for the 2017 Rocket City Coral Expo. We will be hosting a coral show September 17th 2017 and the times are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. location will be at the Ninja Obstacle Academy ( ) in Huntsville Alabama. The location...
  16. Mpkid911

    Getting out of hobby sale high end equipment!

    This is my getting out of hobby sale so everything must go. I have everything needed for atleast 2 maybe 3 setups. I have a 55 gallon, 40 breeder bottom drilled and a 29 gallon side drilled. All have stands. I have 2 protein skimmers, a reef octopus 150sss nrand new, and a euro reef rs80 used...
  17. Michael Sylvester

    Education in Marine Biology and Reefing

    Here is a video of my classroom working on a few reefing projects in our elementary school. Whats your thoughts?
  18. mrsann

    Ladies Frag Swapping 5th Bi-Annual Frag Party in Sturgis Michigan

    WE ARE CONFIRMED FOR JUNE 11TH :) THANK YOU SHANDRE DELLE :) ♥ EVERYONE'S welcome .. We Ladies and Infinity Corals are sponsoring the Party... ..Party will be from 12:00 pm (noon) until 5:00 pm.. Admission is $5.00 each (unless you are a member of the Ladies frag swapping club) kids 15 and...
  19. N

    220 gallon saltwater tank for sale

    220 gallon saltwater fish tank Comes with 1 shark and 1 eel and all accessories you could need! Comes with lights, and filters. Email for more information. [email protected]
  20. Mpkid911

    Selling some extra equipment/2 skimmers,2 koralia nano,

    Selling a remora aqua c hob skimmer with a maxijet 1200 pump=100 obo Euro reef rs80 selling with non working pump, the magnet is stuck in the pump body but needle wheel and ceramic shaft are still perfect.= 80 obo 2 koralia nano 12v pumps brand new in box, ppurchased not being told they...
  21. WebTechMiami

    Acrylic Tank Dimension Limitations

    Hello Reef2Reef! I have a great place in my home to put a fish tank, but the dimensions would have to be 17 1/2 inches wide x 74 1/2 inches long. Any wider and the tank goes out too far into a walkway in the house. I have two questions: (1) Is there a minimum width (I heard the guys from...
  22. Let’s Mix it Up! Designing and Using a Water Mixing Station

    Let’s Mix it Up! Designing and Using a Water Mixing Station

    Let’s Mix it Up! There is one undeniable fact in this hobby – WE ALL NEED WATER! In fact, two types of water. Clean fresh water (FW) run through a quality RODI system and the obvious saltwater (SW). Secondly, we all know what a water change is. This is not an article on whether or not water...
  23. C

    possible stocking list

    I have a 55 gallon tank and in it now I have a yellowtail damsel, a chrub angel, and a melanurus wrasse. my tank looks pretty empty right now but I have been looking at several different fish that would do good in my tank Fish list: Fathead Anthias (maybe 2) Yasha Goby Pinkbar Goby McCosker's...
  24. Sean Shimer

    Adding fish into standard 55 gallons reef tank.

    Looking at adding new fish into my 55 that are reef compatible. Currently have 4 saltwater mollies, hermit crabs, nassarius snails, cerith snails, peppermint shrimp, banded coral shrimp, emerald crabs, branded trochus snails, and a chalk bass. Looking at a clown or two, maybe an Ocellaris...
  25. Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Refractometers And Salinity Measurement

    Salinity is one of the most important parameters measured in reef aquaria. It controls not only the salt balance between an organism and its surrounding environment, but also the levels of a host of ions in seawater that aquarists neither measure nor control independently. Consequently...