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  1. TerraCaelus

    Build Thread Shell's Reef

    Set up Waterbox Reef 100.3, 2x MP 40, 2x Kessil A360x Tuna Blue, Neptune Apex, Cor15 return pump, Tunze ATo and reef octopus essence s-130 skimmer.
  2. L

    Sea horse help!!! Fuge??

    Hello, so I’m setting up a seahorse tank but don’t have space in my sump for a fuge? Is there any alternatives ? Do I really need a fuge? Is there any other way to colonize pods with out it that’s sufficient for the sea horses ?
  3. Karebear

    Loving my horse tank! I wish I wouldnt have waited so long.

    Two pairs of sunburst erectus. They are addicting to watch! "Captain", has a dispute with his little lady and takes off with a chunk of macro. Can't handle the cuteness!
  4. C.Rayven

    Build Thread Seahorse Build: 80 Gallon

    Well its finally time - I bought an 80 Gallon SC Aquariums tank for this build. ....But there's a little back story and it wont get there immediately. This tank build was in the works but it was a slow in the works until two weeks ago when my main display, a 225 reef, split a seam and started...
  5. ericguzman49

    Seahorse Advice

    I have a pair of seahorse that have been doing really well in my tank swimming around and doing fine. They’ve been nipping at the live rock for copepods. But recently I started noticing that one of them will curl its tail up and seemingly scratch or pick at his head. I also watched him rub his...
  6. J

    Automated Dwarf Seahorse Aquarium

    For about 2 1/2 years I have been developing an automated Dwarf seahorse aquarium. I had quite a few failures but this version seems to work well. Everyone, please look it over and give me your comments. A presentation is available on the following link...
  7. multsh

    Duncans and Seahorses

    I recently came across Duncans and were interested in adding in the tank. I’ve read mixed reviews online with some people mentioning no issues and others cautioning against. From all I’ve read they are peaceful so was curious to understand if anyone kept or any info if they are compatible with...
  8. multsh

    ID needed for Mushroom Coral

    Hello all! I purchased a mushroom coral frag a few weeks ago, and they weren't sure of species but assured me mushrooms were safe with seahorses. Happened to find out that there's an elephant ear mushroom they could potentially eat a seahorse and fish. Looking online there were some that...
  9. R

    What is this?

    I’m having trouble figuring out what this thing is, a couple of them came on a clump of spaghetti algae I had purchased. I will post some pictures down below. Sometimes I will notice them swimming through the water column like a jelly fish when I shut off the pumps for couple minutes to feed my...
  10. SaltwaterTanks

    Seahorse care

    Planning on getting a pair of black seahorses I know about basic care but do you guys have any extra hacks or tips to keeping them ?
  11. coralfish12g


    An update on the fish tanks in my college dorm room!
  12. Seahorse man

    What tank type is your favorite?

    I am upgrading my tank, and am torn. I either want to get a bigger tank to do a more advanced reef, a large predator tank with few corals, or a tall tank with a few seahorse pairs and seahorse safe coral. What should I do? I currently have a 55 gal long mixed reef, I am able to redistribute...
  13. aquaman99

    Build Thread 65g Mixed Reef for Seahorses.

    I am just about ready to put this plan all together so I wanted to make a build thread for it. Just so everyone doesn’t freak out about the cycle, I have had my sand in one 5gal bucket and my dry rock in another with air pumps with ammonia doses for the past 4+ months so they are both properly...
  14. Seahorsekelly69

    Artificial Decorations in a Seahorse Tank?

    If you're considering artificial decorations in a seahorse tank, read Lucie's latest article on the Seahorse Whisperer Society! She describes her opinions, testing and review of the ROCKNREEFS brand pieces. If the images get skewed, please find the original post on SWS...
  15. Seahorsekelly69

    How to get new seahorses eating!

    Original post: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/how-to-get-new-seahorses-eating/ After taking so much time to research, plan and finally set up your first seahorse tank, “D” day finally arrives! In this case, I’m referring to DELIVERY day! The seahorses are finally here! Yay! But, after...
  16. Seahorsekelly69

    Feeding Seahorses - The why and How

    What do seahorses eat? How to feed seahorses in aquariums! Original post: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/what-do-seahorses-eat/ Simple enough question right? Or could nutrition be one of the reasons that people fail to keep them healthy in captivity? Seahorses might be fish, but they do not...
  17. Seahorsekelly69

    Proper Flow in a Seahorse System

    I see a lot of confusion about flow, so I thought I'd share a few of my articles from my own website here on reef2reef. Here's a link to the original: https://seahorsewhisperer.com/flow-in-a-seahorse-tank/ “Flow is one of the most important, and yet least understood aspects of a seahorse tank”...
  18. DRThompson

    FMAS August 28, 2018 Meeting

    FMAS is back at South Plantation High School. Date: August 28, 2018 @7pm Location: South Plantation High School Learn how to care for Seahorses from an expert breeder. Speaker: Dan Underwood, owner of Seahorse Sourse Speaker Bio: Commercial aquaculturist Dan Underwood is the co-founder and...
  19. coralfish12g


    I just got back home after a few months of travel. Special thanks to Tank It Easy for caring for the little guys while I was gone. Here is the video chronicling the reunion!
  20. Seahorsekelly69

    What do you feed seahorses?

    Thanks to captive breeding efforts, hobbyists can keep seahorses in aquariums much more easily these days. We have it so much easier than keepers 10 years ago, who had to struggle through "figuring things out", work with wild caught seahorses and learn mostly through mistakes. Today, we can...
  21. clownenthusiast2017

    Seahorse in a Reef tank?

    Let me start out by saying I AM NOT PLANNING ON DOING THIS... just thought I'd like to hear why this isn't done:) I'm guessing temperature is the main factor in this. Being that seahorses like it cooler than what reef tanks are normally kept at. But what about some of the ponies that come from...
  22. 0EEA7CB2-04BE-4F7B-97C0-2A436D7F1D5F


    Seahorse and clam
  23. 5187969A-3B3A-4D64-AE34-A2FF9BD68534


    Seahorse and zoa
  24. Seahorsekelly69

    Top 6 reasons Erectus are the best beginner seahorse!

  25. Seahorse man

    Adding seahorse, yay or nay?

    I have a 55 gallon FOWLR tank with two mated Occelaris clownfish and one extremely shy firefish goby, and it's been my dream to have a seahorse in there ever since. I'm getting some caulerpa prolifera Macro algae to put in there next week. I think I will have to feed a lot in order to give the...
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