1. amazongb

    Anyone else having Seneye web issues?

    I've add problems all day today.. getting a lot of 'Bad Gateway' messages, and when the web site finally loads, some widgets are missing data, such as PH.. I reported it to Seneye but haven't heard back..
  2. AquaNerd

    A Closer Look at the Seneye Reef Monitor

    Please click the link to learn more about the Seneye Reef monitor and how it can help you avoid problems before they occur.
  3. jason2459

    ROUND 2! PAR Shootout! Seneye Reef Monitor v2 VS. Apex PMK vs. Apogee MQ-510 Full

    So.... Round 2 has started! Skip to it here: Original Round 1 continue on below: Background: I bought this Seneye Reef Monitor off...
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