1. F

    Not sure which pH reading to trust

    I've had my tank set up since October 10, 2020. It has a 90 gallon display, and about a 100 gallon sump setup in the basement with live rock, a refugium, and a deep sand bed. I have 12 very small fish in it, and two bubble tip anemones. Everything seems to be thriving, and despite having...
  2. W

    Seneye Web Server PAR Reef Monitor

    Seneye Web Server and Seneye Reef Monitor. These were being used on a tank I purchased as a package; however, I do not need this. I know nothing about the Seneye, but I've read a lot of good things. I've never used it or tested it, but I assume it works since it was connected to the tank...
  3. chefjpaul

    Florida RO/DI Suppliments OUT! Spectrapure, ATI, Triton, etc

    PLEASE READ THIS. PICK UP / MEET SO. FLORIDA. will ship smaller items marked shipped. **ATI & Triton supplements lot Large & small bottles. $75 / pick up **aqua forest KH, CA, MG - new $25 / pick up **Tropic marin carbo calcium & MGx2 - $45 - new / pick up Pick up get random stuff to...
  4. L

    New Jersey Pennsylvania Seneye Par Meter/ Reef Monitor

    Brand new seneye monitor new in box. It is unopened. Mainly used as a PAR meter but also measures temperature, PH, ammonia and water level if you decide to leave inside the tank. $160 shipped and includes PayPal fees.
  5. jcdeboe

    Arizona Aquarium Controller Reactors Miscellaneous Package Deal Seneye Reef Pack, New Korallin C1502 Calcium reactor with New CO2 solenoid

    Hi everyone, I have a couple of things from my new build that I ended up not needing. All prices negotiable and I am willing to ship. Thank you for your interest. Korallin C1502 brand new with John Guest fittings and original Korallin fittings and Eheim pump (never used): $350 Stainless...
  6. Herides

    My very first 1 week old tank. Can ya'll tell me how i'm doing and help out with water parameter problems?

    Hey guys, i'm going to tell you guys about my 1 week old reef tank and some of the concerns that i'm having that I don't know how to solve. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a population of just 2 Onyx (Sea Quest Line) Clownfish. It's filtration is an aquatop Forza canister filter (which...
  7. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB WTB: Seneye, Nuvoskim DC Skimmer, IceCap Gyre 2k, FMM, & More

    I recently started an IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 50 Lagoon build and I want to get a few more pieces of equipment for it. If I think of anything else I need/want, I will make an additional comment (look for bold title). For now though, I am looking for some of the following: Auqa Gadget Midsize...
  8. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts WTB Seneye / Kessil A Series Gooseneck / Kessil A Series Controller

    I'm looking for a Seneye Reef Monitor, Kessil A-Series Controller, & (2) Kessil A-Series Gooseneck Mounts. PM pics and prices. TIA.
  9. mario4933

    Seneye Connection Issues

    Hi everyone! i got a seneye from a friend and got it transferred to my account by seneye. The slide is old so that won’t work but I want it to get the par readings. when I connect it to the pc the software won’t read it... it stays like this I see on the browser the dashboard but no new...
  10. trmiv

    Seneye pH, ammonia, temp accuracy/reliability?

    So I've been tempted to purchase a Seneye reef for the PAR meter functionality, which it definitely seems worth it for. But honestly I'd probably only use the PAR meter every few months, so it's hard to justify spending $200 on something I'll use infrequently if I can just rent something from...
  11. MarineDepot

    Easter Baskets and Eggs for your Reef!

    Easter Baskets and Eggs for your Reef! The Easter Bunny wants to $AVE you money! Ends TONIGHT @ Midnight!
  12. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts Cheap Aquarium Controller

    I'm looking for an aquarium controller for $150 or less. I know it's a limited budget but figured an old RKE, Archon, AquaController, or even an RKL if that's all I can get. May also consider a Seneye so I can test my PAR. I want to be able to monitor temp & salinity while able to control a few...
  13. grassy_noel

    Illinois Seneye Reef Monitor and PAR Meter (v2) with new testing slide

    $120 shipped to the contiguous United States. This Seneye is in perfect condition. I only used it twice to test the PAR of my lights. I never used the testing slide (pH, ammonia), which is included in its original sealed package. See photos, below. If you want to know more about what the...
  14. MarineDepot

    THE BEST YET ⚡ 10% off Reef Octopus ⚡ 10% off Klir Filters ⚡ 10% off Maxspect ⚡ 15% off Seneye

    THE BEST YET: 10% off Reef Octopus, 10% off Klir Filters, 10% off Maxspect, 15% off Seneye, and MORE! PLUS: Black Friday Doorbusters from Brightwell Aquatics - Get FREE Stuff!
  15. DSmithZ28

    ReefKeeper's Departure Hurts The Industry

    I have been stewing about this for weeks since I found out that Digital Aquatics aka ReekKeeper has finally closed it's doors. Even though it was no real shock because there was no service or updates for a very long time, the official word of their demise still has a significant impact. First...
  16. MarineDepot

    Something Special Is Happening Now In The Seneye Forum...

    Check it out! @AQD-Seneye
  17. sayitfast

    Playing with the Seneye API

    I have recently started playing with the Seneye API. Just tinkering, as their UI and dashboard are pretty good. The API can be found here: for those interested. Does anyone know if GHL or Neptune have an API available? Tinkering:
  18. MarineDepot

    TODAY: 10% off Seneye Reef Monitors and Accessories

    TODAY: 10% off Seneye Reef Monitors and Accessories Monitor parameters and check tank health from your smartphone!
  19. lbacha

    Nano Build Shallow 8g SPS Nano

    Howdy all I've been out of the reef hobby for about 10 years (high tech planted tanks have kept me busy and in touch with newer tech, I run Kessil tuna suns and vortechs). My fiancé saw a frag tank while we were getting Plants for one of my tanks and said we need one of those. Long story...
  20. Buckwilds

    Best tool to measure light for coral placement

    So I have a cheap (relative to other lights in this hobby) fluval reef 2.0 led and I've had a hard time keeping anything but softies and feel like I want to see about making a change to the lighting schedule or just swapping to a pair of used generic black boxes I got cheap. I really want to see...
  21. Buckwilds

    Best tool to measure light for coral placement

    So I have a cheap (relative to other lights in this hobby) fluval reef 2.0 led and I've had a hard time keeping anything but softies and feel like I want to see about making a change to the lighting schedule or just swapping to a pair of used generic black boxes I got cheap. I really want to see...
  22. PiscesPower

    Recent users of the basic Seneye Reef Monitor

    Has anyone used the Seneye Reef Monitor? I'd really like to get a par meter and BRS says this one is very accurate but I'd like the monitoring as well. Please let me know your experience. The only posts I can find are a few years old.
  23. MarineDepot

    Win a Seneye Reef Pack!

    Win a Seneye Reef Pack! We are giving away a Seneye Reef Pack to 1 lucky hobbyist—a $469.99 value! Monitor 5 parameters: temperature, Ammonia, pH, water level, and lighting (Par, LUX, and Kelvin) There is no purchase necessary to enter or win! ENTER NOW We will contact our winner via email...
  24. MarineDepot

    ʘ‿ʘ Look what just arrived!

    ʘ‿ʘ Look what just arrived! Seneye Monitors and Aqamai KPS Wavemakers are now in stock! PLUS: we just uploaded 4 new WYNTK videos (WATCH) Aqua Medic Refill System Pro Auto Top Off (ATO) - What YOU Need to Know Aquatic Life Reno Freshwater / Refugium Light - What YOU Need to Know...
  25. amazongb

    Anyone else having Seneye web issues?

    I've add problems all day today.. getting a lot of 'Bad Gateway' messages, and when the web site finally loads, some widgets are missing data, such as PH.. I reported it to Seneye but haven't heard back..
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