1. jrwoltman

    Shark spotting rescue drones

    Very cool >2 minute BBC video on drones in Australia that spot sharks for swimmers and snorkelers and deploy inflatables to help stranded swimmers. It was awesome.
  2. MSB123

    Sharks, Rays? What?

    Hey everyone! I just got a custom tank- 5x5x1.5 I really want a shark or ray, I dont have to worry about when the get bigger- my local aquarium will take it. I really want something that will move around. I will either have a small layer of sand or a bare bottom- its a frag tank. (Yes i know, a...
  3. D

    Lots of questions???? All help appreciated.

    Ok, so let me start this off on the right foot here. I'm going to be new to the SW side of things and have millions of questions, but there is no way to ask them all now. A little bit about myself before I start asking questions. I have had multiple FW aquariums (from 10gal to 120gal) and am...
  4. Angelo Fatica

    Anyone Have Shark Tanks?

    I had to recently break my tank down and restart with the sand and water. I still have my live rock though. Im thinking about what I wanted to do with it once it was started up again, and thought of something I havent seen yet. I was planning on making a couple pillars with live rock and adding...