1. #15

    Leather coral

    Hows my toadstool dosent open much just symi extend in direct flow should be good lighting i only ha e the liquid test kits no hanna
  2. captpetefl

    SHED or DEAD?

    Today’s lucky contestant… It’s a blue leg hermit crab!!! Or is it? Ok folks… SHED or DEAD?!? *That is not/was not his shell.
  3. vienna

    Coral banded shrimp. Crustacean

    Hi. Totally in love with my pair of coral banded shrimp. Do they shed they’re shell or exterior anyone?! I could’ve sworn i seen 1 floating through the tank dead to my horror & surprise found it under the rock few days later back with its buddy.
  4. mangolove

    Sexy shrimp only pico feed

    Hey guys and girls! I was wondering: I have 6 sexy shrimp in a aquamedic armatus XS pico tank with a couple of mushrooms, sand and rocks. I am looking for pellets or other kind of food to feed the sexy shrimp but have not yet been succesfull. My problems: - If i feed, some pellets or mysis...
  5. Saskdevil

    Please Help! Is This Normal for a Toadstool??

    My Toadstool seems to contort a lot. It always seems to be dancing or in a weird position the last week's. I've only had it for about a month. Water parameters have been unchanged. Is this a natural thing when it's shedding ?
  6. C

    EMERGENCY Leather Toadstool Shedding or Dying?

    Hi all, Recently I’ve become concerned for my leather toadstool coral. It has been in my established tank for 2 weeks without issue. It began to look wrinkly and mucous-y a few days ago. I figured it was shedding. Then I had a new diatom outburst in my tank. I’ve managing the outburst, but now...
  7. fappingpanda

    Toadstool Leather Dead or Shed?

    Hello! I’m new to owning leather corals, and I’ve had this toadstool for a little over a week and it’s been droopy like this since I got it. It started getting algae on it and now I’m pretty sure it’s shedding even though I was pretty convinced it was dead. A few days ago I got another toadstool...
  8. E

    Red people eater palys shedding?

    I was wondering if there was any reason why my red people eater palys look like they are shedding? I had to frag them due to aptasia being on the coral plug that’s why they look so small because they shrunk from it but now it looks like skin is hanging off and now I’m worried because I dragged...
  9. J

    Toadstool’s Not opening Fully

    Hi everyone, So for the longest time now 3 of my toadstools have been in this repeated shedding cycle for over a month. It’ll open a tiny bit but then close hours if not a day later, and then stay closed for days and days. I thought it was too low of flow so I increased it, but that hasn’t...
  10. J

    Coral Adjustment to Flow

    Hey everyone, My toadstools have been in this repeated shedding stage where they open not all the way for about a day, and then go back to being closed up for 1-2 weeks. It’s been like this for a few weeks now. Anyways, I read threads of people saying to increase flow in the tank for the...
  11. Davar93

    Devils hand shedding?

    Hey everyone, just added my Devils hand to the tank yesterday after dipping it in revive. I haven’t seen full polyp extensions, most of the small polyps are still not open. It is now day two. Is it about to shed first since it’s in a new tank? He’s placed in medium flow and light. thanks!
  12. H

    Montipora is this normal?

    Is is this normal for a montipora? Is place on top par 240 Alk 9.5 Calcium 476 Salinity 35ppm Magnesium 1500 Temp 78 0 nitrates 10 phosphates Tank 6 months old Thanks
  13. Z

    Toadstool Leather Corals

    I recently got a toadstool leather coral on Friday and it has been doing great and opened all the way up within an hour of being in the tank. All day today it has been looking fantastic, with the polyps were fully open. I turn the lights off of the aquarium about 2 hours ago, and I looked into...