1. O

    Weird growth on trochus snail

    Hi all. I’ve noticed this design on my trochus snail since I’ve got him about 4 months ago. I’ve noticed this weird snake looking design on its shell has grown. Can someone please help me identify what’s going on? Thanks in advance
  2. GhostInTheShell

    Happy Birthday to Me! (Ghost the Baby Bonsai Giant)

    My name is Ghost. The video above features one clip or photo from all 365 days I have been imprisoned. Watch me grow! I was once a small crustacean larva living in the Yucatán Caribbean Sea. I found a tiny beautiful shell, but the next thing I know I was out of the sea. Looking around, I...
  3. M

    Crab & Snail shell question

    I currently have a couple of turbo snails and small blue leg hermit crabs in my tank. Im guessing that eventually they will outgrow their shells and need replacements. I found a set of cool looking shells on amazon but I’m not sure if theyre safe for aquariums. For example it doesnt specify if...
  4. sarinaruu

    what is this ? came with live rock and it keeps opening and closing

  5. Gyurooo

    What is this green thing on my snail?

    Hi, I tried to search and google but did not find any answer. I just noticed this green thing on my snail's shell. I tought its bubble algae but its string like almost like a small worm but solid not moving and forms an "arch". Also what are those red strings? Should I take out the snail and...
  6. A

    Seahare's shell exposed!

    Hello all! I have a fluval Evo 13.5 AIO. My seahare decided to squeeze through the tiny hole on the AIO divider. It was alive and immediately went back to eating when i put it back in the DT (and I closed that hole again. Sneaky little seahare). But I've noticed that its shell is exposed...
  7. S

    Conch shell looks like top layer is peeling off

    Hello, I am new to saltwater tanks, have had mine for about a year. I noticed today that my conch's shell looks like the top layer is peeling off. Is this normal?