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  1. WilyGuy

    What Do You Do With Your Styrofoam Boxes?

    What do you do with your empty boxes? I saved 2 for my car (one is larger than the other) but have several more. I absolutely hate the idea of landfilling the Styrofoam ones. The lady of the house doesn't like the stack of boxes (even in the shed) but abhors landfilling them more than I do...
  2. D

    UniHeat 40 hours heat pack was cold when the package arrived

    Happy New Years Eve guys! I recently shipped some corals to my friend as a Christmas gift using the UniHeat 40 hours pad and a styrofoam box. My friend told me that when he received the box. The water was ice cold and the heat pack was not working at all. Does it happen to you guys too? Is...
  3. Scp

    Michigan Miscellaneous Uniheat heat packs for shipping lifor sale 72 and 96 hr

    I have several of each available. Located in Waterford Michigan. 72 hour $3.50 each 97 hour $4.00 shipping available. Message if intereste
  4. isaacalves

    Anyone get supplies from

    I was listening to’s livestream and asked where he gets his foam liners. He mentioned It seems like a great deal on the USPS box liners, already cut. Because I seriously do not like cutting the liners, and I’m not sure I And this resource...
  5. F

    Michigan Insulated Shipping Boxes

    Reefers, I have a total of 36 boxes (28 are brand new) and the details are as follows. I am selling them as a package deal for $75. The large 19inch box alone costs 55 dollars so this a great deal for anyone who needs insulated boxes Details of the boxes , the dimensions are in inches . 9...
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