1. BloopFish

    Is hydrous sodium silicate fine to use for silicate dosing?

    I've been wanting to dose silicates in my reef tank and read Randy Holme-Farley's article about silicate dosing. I know that it mentions you can buy water glass solution to dose silicates, but I was wondering if I could purchase this hydrous sodium silicate powder I found online to dissolve in...
  2. T

    Amphidinium Dinoflagellate Treatment Methods

    This thread is a spin-off from the @mcarroll very successful Dino thread The purpose is to discuss methods for removal and fighting against a particular strain of dinoflagellate - Large Cell Amphidinium. It seems to make up about a third of the cases of dinos. The reason this strain gets its...
  3. pboutin

    Chrysophytes battle

    I'm currently battling what I thought was Dinoflagellates. @mcarroll has ID this for me as Chrysophytes. Here is a background on my tank and where I am now. My tank build thread Total water volume 160 gal. I...
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