softies corals

  1. ReefZ1lla84

    Washington Many Corals For Sale...

    Green Splatter Hammer two large head splitting $60 Large Kenya tree frag 4-5" in diameter-$20 Very Bright Green Lepto on 1 1/2" frag disk-$25 3-heads or green and purple Frammer -$45 Green and purple tipped Frammer (4 heads Splitting into 8) $85 Space Invader Pectina 2-3" (3-4 eyes each)...
  2. Jbyrd71

    ID Help. Thank you!

    Please help identify this soft coral.
  3. M



    Cooling a 6 gallon Nano???

    Hey there reefers - I'm in the planning stages of an Office Nano that will be rite on the desk. It will be as simple as possible. 2 Clowns, Goby and Pistol Shrimp pair for stocking. Corals will be GSP, Xenia, Clove polyps & Zoas if possible (based on solution to the cooling issues)...
  5. lazycouch

    is my sinularia ok?

    hey guys i’ve had this guy for about 3 weeks now and he popped out of the rock i glued him to 3 times and hasn’t popped out this last time i did it a week ago. he doesn’t really open upright(vertically) until the last couple hours of the day he’s recently been opening a little flat like this. is...
  6. BeagleBro52

    Need new light ASAP

    Hello, I have a 20H tank with a Green star polyp currently. Had a Fluval Marine 3.0 light with the Wifi adapter so I could preset time, intensity, and all normal needs. I recently ordered 2 corals (palys, and zoas) that will be here in about a week. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the light...
  7. Edward A Nasco

    AIO Build Present Look Of My Fusion - 40

    This is my Fusion 40 as of 09.02.2019. I'm focusing on mostly keeping LPS, SPS, including Acropora's, but don't mine a few softies. Eddie of Eddie's Reef Aquaria(My YouTube Channel)
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