1. glency

    California Powerheads Drygoods SOLD Ecotech Mp40 Brand New

    In box, sealed. Purchased a week ago. $375 shipped USA. Serial is intact; blurred out for privacy purposes.
  2. wildcrazyjoker81

    Virginia Powerheads Drygoods Ecotech MP10 Black chip on Mobius and new wetside -- SOLD

    Title says it all. Mp10 with the black chip for Mobius. Oct 2019 date, but only used for 8 months. Has a brand new wetside. $250 shipped or pickup in Northern Virginia. Pm with questions.
  3. I

    Missouri Filters Drygoods SOLD KLIR4 newest version with new sealed fleece

    This was used in my Reefer 250 for a while and worked flawless with my custom printed tray. I changed over to the RM 500 yesterday. It still works great. $125 obo shipped in US. Soaking now to clean it-may have some discoloration. KLIR4 and all that came with it plus half a fleece roll and a...
  4. Tandy

    California Live Goods Tsa holy grail

    Hello. i have a double head of Tsa holy grail for sale. $900 will shipped to you Standard DOA Third picture is the mother colony
  5. Poseidon9697

    Connecticut SOLD Taking Down Tank- Selling SPS + LPS (Monroe, CT) ALL SOLD

    I'm taking down my tank and getting rid of all of the corals. I'm located in Monroe, CT. Message me with questions. Here is a list of the corals and some pics of them: ALL CORALS HAVE BEEN SOLD
  6. Poseidon9697

    Taking Down Tank- Selling SPS + LPS

    I'm taking down my tank and getting rid of all of the corals. I'm located in Monroe, CT. Message me with questions. Here is a list of the corals and some pics of them: Coral Asking Price Purple Stylo- 6" x 5" $40 Ultra Leptoseris- 3" x 3" $80 Midnight Princess Favites - 3" x 2.5" $80...
  7. B

    California Eshopps Nano Skimmer $100

    Hi, Selling a eshopps nano skimmer for $90. It’s too big for my need and has been in the water for only a week. Location: Torrance, CA thanks for looking!
  8. K

    New Jersey New York 4" - 5" Porcupine Puffer

    Selling a Porcupine Puffer. Eats literally everything (frozen anything, large pellets etc..) super healthy. Currently in my father-in-laws tank which it has out grown. I already have a Porcupine in my 187g and can't take it on. $50 pickup in North Jersey or Staten Island.
  9. K

    New Jersey Softie Colonies (Entire Lot $500)

    Converting my Softie 103 gallon to a fowlr leaving me with two fowlr setups. Years of back and forth and I just like fish way more. Green Nepthea (colony and a frag) Green Sinularia, Kenya Tree, Cespitularia, Umbrella coral. Pics don't do the sizes justice. 7 total pieces. Selling together...
  10. plexx

    New York Reactors Santa Monica Surf 2 Algae Scrubber W/ Air Pump

    Selling a lightly used surf 2 algae scrubber in great condition. Used for a short while and works perfectly. 100.00 shipped SOLD
  11. cPr

    Texas Dry Good Trade Profilux for Apex

    I have the following available to trade and looking to trade for Apex setup. Everything works great. Profilux 4 Powerbar 5.1 Temp probe PH probe ORP probe Salinity probe Slave Doser 2.1 KH Director SA Doser 2.1 2 extra Salinity probes Doser head replacement parts Calibration liquid
  12. Juniorh2r

    Florida Neptune dos for sale

    $250.00 shipped i only used for about 4 months excellent conditions.
  13. unchaotic

    North Dakota ApexEL, EB832, and FMM

    I went overboard and bought too much Apex stuff off of here. So I've got an ApexEL with a EB832 and an FMM for sale. Only about 7 months of use on them. Looking for $400 shipped.
  14. Juniorh2r

    Red sea 600 skimmer

    I will be selling my red sea 600 skimmer in the next week just try to have it out there already 8 months old to be exact. Great condition. 325$ shipping included.
  15. tomek77pl

    Illinois Aquarium Controller FS: Apex ATK, VSM & MP10QD

    ATK v1 I think, comes with FS-100 1" flow meter, apex solenoid and FFM. $150 Shipped MP10QD (no box, not sure on manufacture date) $175 Shipped each Apex WXM w/aquabus $100 shipped
  16. __Jreef__

    Florida FS- 4 Sunkist Bounce Mushroom

    Hello guys, I have 4 Sunkist Mushrooms available for adoption, natural split and they're mounted on a 2x2" plate for size reference. They're nice size and I always get compliments about them. 1 is a little bigger then the other 3 but overall around 1.5" The big one is $150 the others are $125 -...
  17. JGT

    Lighting LED SOLD Ecotech Radion XR15w Pro Gen 4, RMS and Diffuser

    Light was used for about a month and a half over a QT tank. Mobius ready and used with the app. September 2019 manufactured date. Selling as a package, not parting out. Boxed up and ready for a new owner. $385 shipped.
  18. Jeff_H

    California Aquarium Controller Brand New Apex Controller System

    Hello Reefers, Some of you may remember me out there. I left the hobby last year and sold all my equipment for three different tank setups. I recently learned my Bulk Reef Supply (BRS) Reward Points would be expiring soon so I need to cash them in. Before I purchased this unit, I contacted...
  19. S

    Florida FS: RBTA in south FL

    Have a few really nice RBTAs, all split from the same mother. $50 each or trade. Local pickup in Miami FL. Thanks.
  20. arking_mark

    Maryland Skimmers FS/Trade: Brand new in box RSK 600 Skimmer

    Brand new in box Red Sea RSK 600 Skimmer. $400 shipped.
  21. L

    Florida ATO Reefbreeder's Prism ATO

    BNIB, I got this as a replacement for a defective unit, though I had already replaced it prior to arrival. 40$ +SH
  22. Juniorh2r

    Florida Aquariums Red sea max nano 170 local pick up homestead fl

    Selling a red sea nano max 20 gallon with built in skimmer and return pump ai prime light and an eco tech mp10 really good condition $500.00 use to be my daughters sea horse tank. Completely cycled or I can empty it for you.
  23. H

    Texas Return Pumps Jebao DC-9000 Return Pump

    Used Jebao DC-9000 Return Pump. Good condition. $75 shipped.
  24. H

    Texas Powerheads Ecotech MP40W

    Ecotech MP40W. One of the fins on the wetside is broken but works fine and not too noisy. $70 shipped.
  25. H

    Texas Testing 4 Hanna Checkers

    4 Hanna checkers. Alk, Cal, PH & Phosphate. The reagents are expired. $135 shipped for all 4.