1. Jaculus

    Ohio Millwaukee MC122 PH Controller AND New MA957 Regulator

    I bought a CA reactor setup locally with these but I do not need these. Selling both for $130 shipped. The controller was used by the person I bought it from for a couple months and he got out of the hobby. The MA957 regulator is new and not used.
  2. Taiko713

    Florida Lighting LED 3 Radion XR30 G1 & G2

    Selling 3 Radion XR30w 2 are G1 1 is G2 All come with cords and transformers. 1 Reeflink No known issues and work well. Package total: $375 Includes shipping and insurance within the continental US.
  3. R

    Rhode Island Aquarium Controller Ghl profilux mega set 6e

    thinking of selling my controller. Owned for two months purchased new . It’s in perfect condition. It’s just overkill for what I need looking to get 700$ plush shipping unless local . Everything works as it should . I have all the packages it came with
  4. thunderreefer

    Arizona Lighting Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, WiFi Dongle and reflector

    SOLD: Selling my Kessil A360X Tuna Blue, Wifi Dongle and Kessil 55 degree reflector. Original owner, had since 12/2019 and removed from my tank 4 months ago, so lots of life left. Pics included. Not willing to part out at this time. Update: Asking $425 $400 $380, which includes shipping. Price...
  5. Twisted1990s

    Apex DOS & DDR Dosing System Package - Neptune Systems

    Apex DOS & DDR Dosing System Package - Neptune Systems- used for less than one year. Like new condition- works perfectly- comes w everything pictured. -$375 shipped in cont US.
  6. Tmm87

    New Hampshire Synergy Shadow Overflow V2 16"

    Have a brand new Shadow overflow that was bought for a new tank that I no longer need. Box was only opened to verify contents and assure no damage in shipping. Comes with the overflow box, a set of internal pipes, two return line bulk heads, two 3/4" return lines, 63mm bit for the overflow...
  7. RMS18

    New Jersey AI Prime 16 HD / Gyre 1k / XP Aqua ATO

    Hey everyone, I have 2 AI Prime 16 HD with flex arm for sale - $160 each or $300 for both. Ice Cap Gyre 1k - $30 XP Aqua ATO - $80 All prices are shipped.
  8. M

    Ai hydra 52 hd

    I am selling two hydra 52hd for 600. They only are sold as a pair and have been working for growing all types of corals in my tank. For people near me I am located in Maryland if you want to pick up. If you want shipping you will have to pay for it.
  9. eaquintero

    California Powerheads Mp10 Mobius ready $150

    Used mp10 about 1 year old, Mobius ready. Without wet side assembly. Local pickup socal I needed to replace wet side but lfs where out of stock so I walked out with a Nero 3 instead.
  10. R

    Massachusetts Rhode Island Tunze 9004 skimmer

    I have an older model tunze skimmer will let it go for 75$ plus shipping
  11. rene9898

    California RSM 130

    Received my Red Sea 350 ! I’m selling my RSM 130 Tank, upgraded stand, upgraded pump, Tunze 9001 Protein Skimmer, new bulbs, plus added the two 12 Volt TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips, enough to mimic lunar light. $250 picked up
  12. pjr

    Apex cables: 15 foot AquaBus; ADC-1 Dimming cable

    Hello! i have a couple of Apex cables for sale.....a 15 foot long AquaBus cable, and an ADC-1 dimming cable. $10 ea delivered, both for $17 .
  13. T

    Vortech MP10

    HI! I have a MP10 purchased Sep 2020, but only used 3/6 months @ 40%. Like new w/ mobius and quiet drive. Comes w/ Nemguard. I do not have original box. $200 shipped.
  14. R

    Virginia Lighting Ai prime reef 16hd

    Selling my ai prime 16hd with 12in flex mount. It’s less then a year old, works great just changing over to Radion. $185 local pickup 20187. $200 shipped
  15. ForrestGump

    EB8 powerbar

    EB8 powerbar. Works perfect. 105 shipped.
  16. ForrestGump

    Two MP40WQDs

    I have two MP40s They are mobius ready. Used for about 9 months. Cleaned and ready to go. Selling for 275 each shipped. Or buy both for 525.
  17. Kryptonian

    Radion XR15 Blue Gen5 *LikeNew w/ RMS Tank Mount For Sale

    Hey everybody, Selling a Radion XR15 Blue Gen5 with the appropriate model RMS tank mount and accessories.. I am downsizing and just don't need the extra power. The light + mount is a $525 value, selling for $400 obo. Willing to ship within the US for a $10 flat rate shipping cost. Venmo or...
  18. E

    New Jersey Three Dispar Anthias for sale - Schooling & Happy!

    Friends, I purchased a tank that include three orange Anthias. They are healthy, feed well, playful and stick together in a school. It's a difficult decision to sell them, because they are very active and entertaining. But having a 50 gallon tank limits the number of fish and I would prefer...
  19. Cheeze

    New York Sand Selling unopened Tropic Eden 30lb bag Miniflakes dry sand

    Looking to sell: Unopened 30 lb. bag of Tropic Eden Miniflakes, dry sand (not "live"). Asking $30, preference is to meet in Manhattan for exchange. Selling because I bought too much, overestimated how much I needed.
  20. Frozen Tundra Reef Dreams

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Testing NEPTUNE TRIDENT used.great shape, some reagent left

    I picked up used from a fellow member, and came across another new one on facebook next day. Deal was too good to pass up so I chose to get new one for myself and just sell the used one. Just looking to get what I paid for it. I am told it was only used 6 months and there is some reagent left...
  21. tomek77pl

    Illinois Aquarium Controller Neptune Apex DDR

    I have 2 DDR's for sale, $130 each plus Shipping & paypal fees. used for about a year, freshly cleaned with rodi water.
  22. gosaints

    Lighting LED Package Deal Kessil A360X bundle

    Kessil a360x, spectral controller x, narrow lens, and modded a arm. $460 shipped. Send pm Everything except the a arm in like new condition. A arm was modded to fit around brace.
  23. M

    Michigan Male Lyretail Anthias and Nassarius Snails for sale (local pickup only)

    2 of my 9 Lyretail Anthias ended up turning male and I want to let one of them go before they start causing trouble. I also bought more Nassarius Snails than I need since my Anthias devour everything I feed them in a few seconds before it hits the sand and the snails have a chance to eat it. All...
  24. McPuff

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Apex class orange label; extra EB8

    Orange Label Apex classic comes with EB8 (1), display, head unit, bus cables (2), temp probe, and B.O.B. No pH probe. Just took down on Saturday. Everything works and is clean. $270 shipped to conterminous US Also have extra EB8 $80 shipped Text/call me at 81zero-8seven5-0001 to set up a sale.
  25. sgarron

    New Jersey Skimmers FS: Reef Octopus 150 Classic SSS 6"

    Picked this up last month to use as a backup. I have decided to go in a completely different direction. Skimmer is in excellent condition, has a couple scrathes from rock in original owners sump. Has about two months use on it. Asking $175 shipped...
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